A so-called new “startling revelation” by scientists that the melting of the ice taking place in Greenland, that they attribute to global warming, is leading to a rise in land there confirms information published two years earlier by Swiss prophet Billy Meier.

The information discussed by Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings on February 3, 2009, also indicates that not only a rise in the sea level is resulting from the melting but also that this will precipitate volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Meier’s information is once again not only accurate but published more than two years in advance of “official discovery”.

Only the most intransigent truth deniers, such as the self-described skeptics, bought off “scientists” and delusional political panderers could remain willingly blind to the authenticity of Meier’s extraterrestrial contacts…and the increasingly catastrophic cost to humanity for denying them.

Human beings of Earth, wake the hell up.




Special thanks to Bruce Lulla for bringing this to my attention.

9 comments on “New Scientific Discovery about Greenland Ice Melt…Published by Billy Meier Two Years Ago!

  • Oh well, we really need a scientist thats actually willing to investigate the material, using the scientific method. I honestly don’t see how debunker his case is using the scientific method. D:

  • It’s an established fact that when ice melts, land rises. That’s what’s been going on with a decent chunk of North America. It’s called isostasy. Or in the case of glaciers, post-glacial rebound. The wiki article I linked to even has a lovely map that shows the rebound in mm/yr due to this effect. It’s been known about for decades, and it’s talked about in the article you linked to. The “startling revelation” is obligatory editorial input from a staff writer that doesn’t really know the state of the science.

    • Yes, of course, sure, obviously, just what should we call it – “obvious”? And – funny thing – Meier “just happened” to describe Greenland and the situation indeed referred to, deservedly, as a “startling revelation”.

      So, once again, a know-it-all can’t perceive the forest for the trees. Heaven forbid that Meier actually is the most prolific, specific, prophetically accurate source of vitally important information in human history!

      After all, what would that also make of all the pseudo-scientists, the Stuart Robbins and Phil Plaits of this world…other than pathetic, shallow, self-seeking, celebrity-craving wannabes who are willfully ignorant of the source of immensely valuable SCIENTIFIC information…largely because they mistakenly believe themselves to be “more worthy” than a “simple, one-armed Swiss man”.

      The boundless arrogance and egocentric defensiveness of such people is – in light of the squandered opportunity for true discovery and benefit to humanity that they defile – a crime against us all.

  • Hi Michael , cause and effect again , you say that the land mass is rising and the melt water is adding to the rise in sea level ; well I would also presume that the rising in the land mass due to less weight of the ice-pack would also play a part in the displacement of water to some degree and add to the rise in sea level as well .

  • Indeed correct sir, I quote from contact 476: “Billy: … However, what is not heeded with the necessary care is the fact that through the melting of the inland-glaciers of all countries, as well as the melting of the glaciers of Greenland, the Antarctica and Arctic, the sea level rises, which finally leads to catastrophic geological consequences. The gigantic ice sheets of Greenland, the two poles and the inland-glaciers of all countries with many billions of tons of weight on the underground, which is pressed deep into the Earth’s crust, in which great depressions have been formed. If the gigantic masses of ice now melt, the pressure on the underground diminishes and, as a result, it moves very quickly upwards, and the removal of pressure leads to the disappearance of the depression.” http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_476

  • This is all sounding pretty good except I see a possible fork in the road that will lead to some wrong prophecies IF what follows this warming ocean trend reverses as the Kryon channellings have been predicting for years. Kryon predicted the warming ocean and melting of the poles leading to greater weight of water in oceans leading to volcanoes and earthquakes just as Meier’s information. It departs from his predictions of manmade global warming however by saying that this is a natural cycle which last happened in the 1400’s and the trend is a short period of warming followed by about 50 years of significant cooling. It describes it as a natural event and serving a positive purpose. And nothing about people being mentally messed up by it all. My gut says Kryon is right, only because I find myself getting skeptical about the tone of Meier’s interchanges about humanity and the future. Very negative overall and never really getting at the deeper relevance and wholeness that is always there if someone has a high enough consciousness to look for it. The tone of Meier’s own long speeches to the Plejarans in conversation and some of their answers speaks of some kind of a narrow perspective is about the only way I can express it.
    So much of the spiritual information does sound very good however, so I find myself very split about this source. I would appreciate feedback if it helps resolve some of these little red flags I keep getting.

  • Thank you very much for posting. Let’s show it to some Geologists, at least those of us who know some and make this amazing news (Billy’s prediction) available to the public!

  • Hello Michael,

    I learned of glacial rebound during my high school years (that was in the late 1960d to early 1970s in London, Ontario) as it related to Finnoscandia and the British Isles. So, as the ice on Greenland melts, the rebound there sounds perfectly logical, and that water has to go somewhere.

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