I recently saw the trailer for a movie called Thrive. I want to emphasize that I have only seen the trailer and not the film itself, so I am not commenting on the film’s contents. And yes, I will explain the connection to the title of this article.

While watching the trailer for the film, the host introduces himself and explains that he has “spent nearly a lifetime trying to figure out what happened that could account for the staggering agony and deprivation on this planet.” There are then various clips of people, including those who are suffering in extreme poverty and starvation, quite possibly in India, Africa, etc. The trailer goes on to speak about a “code” for finding free energy, solving the problems with the energy crisis, which they tie in with UFOs, crop circles and finger pointing at “an elite group of people and the corporations they run that have gained control of…virtually every aspect of our lives, etc”.

Various experts speak about the control by greedy corporations and suggest that we can indeed solve these problems, perhaps by some form of positive thinking, etc.

I joined the group on the Facebook site connected to the film and posted comments there, noting that there was nothing in the trailer about the underlying condition that was the causal factor, the core of the problems that the film apparently deals with: overpopulation.

So far, the responses from those who have seen it indicate that the film doesn’t focus on overpopulation and the opinions voiced by some on the forum reflect the common views that overpopulation isn’t any real concern, that it’s an agenda promoted by the so-called “elite”, etc. In others words, the responses were predictably naïve and not at all well thought out.

The popular tendency to search for a quick fix and to simply blame the obvious parties for our downward spiral is also part of the problem. Today many people tend to think that momentary enthusiasm for “let’s hurry up and do something, anything” movements (yes, like Occupy) absolve us of the real responsibility that we all share for the problems we are increasingly facing.

Popular but false humaneness leads to such things as “rescuing” and artificially supporting a dying social entity (group, segment of the population, etc.) that then enables it to continue to reproduce irresponsibly. True humaneness, though difficult for us to comprehend, should be centered around relieving pain and suffering as best as possible for those who have put themselves at the brink of death (possibly illustrated at 0:17), especially when such situations are the direct result of overpopulation and the consequent exhaustion of all available, life-sustaining resources in their own environment.

To try to resuscitate expiring populations, without any chance of meaningful education, by bringing in outside sources of food only temporarily staves off a repeat of the situation until the next crisis. If we really can’t fathom denying such help to the needy, then all educational efforts must be made – long before such troubles manifest – to break through the suicidal tendencies to over breed that predominate over reason. This certainly means confronting the false teachings of the destructive, profit motivated religions, sects and political interests, which effectively become unconsciously, uncritically accepted and institutionalized.

Those people who dismiss overpopulation don’t understand that we live in a closed system where the exponential increase in population (we are now over eight billion people on the planet) has already outstripped the planet’s ability to produce and provide sufficient clean food and water, as well as to manage the waste and increasingly toxic byproducts. (The widespread social and environmental consequences and ramifications are explained in the freely available documentary The Silent Revolution of Truth.) Scale model experiments in terrariums could provide a more comprehensive understanding of what occurs when rapidly increasing demands are made in a closed natural system.

Perhaps we could at least approach this energy situation with some useful, realistic thinking that doesn’t have us salivating over the dangling carrot of “free energy” and various “codes” for our salvation. Free energy is certainly the “answer”…eventually. In the Billy Meier material the Plejaren speak of extracting all the energy we could ever possibly want from the vast, ever-present sea of electrons. In time we will surely do this.

However, they also speak about the enormous solution that deep geothermal energy offers on a worldwide basis, one that is merely waiting for us to tap into it (as some countries are apparently exploring now). So, as the title of my article suggests, why not encourage companies such as Shell, BP, etc., which already have vast experience in drilling deep into the earth (we’ll leave the obvious horror stories alone for now, many things are a double-edged sword) to redirect their major efforts in this direction?

Not only do they have the experience and equipment, both of which could be amplified and modified tangentially so as to hit the ground running but they also could probably provide additional employment for many people in this new pursuit, even those who may otherwise have moral objections to working for such corporations.

Like it or not, we are all in this together. Even the villainous corporations are comprised of…human beings, many of whom have families to feed and care for, and who now find themselves in bed with the proverbial devil, if they didn’t see it that way before. Of course it will take a radical reevaluation by the corporate entities to stop plunging headlong even deeper to disaster and to feverishly get about the business of really solving the greater part of the energy problem.

Yes, we still have to deal with the mentality of runaway greed that attaches itself to far too many people and infects their collective efforts such as in corporations, conglomerates, etc. But this isn’t going to be accomplished by simply name calling, occupying city streets, distracting ourselves with magic codes, magic imaginary connections between UFOs and the immediate answer to our problems, etc., etc.

It certainly also won’t be accomplished by ignoring the underlying, non-conspiratorial truth that overpopulation is the root cause of our problems. All of this begs for an evolution in our consciousness, where self-responsibility, logic, clear thinking and real compassion and humaneness are the rule.

I would suggest that the seemingly elusive answer the maker of the film, and many others, have been searching for is accessible to each and every one of us, if we will only begin to think clearly, see things as they are and take complete self-responsibility for our lives, succumbing neither to impatience nor emotionality. While it took us a long time, full of unconsciousness and irresponsibility, to get ourselves in this mess, we certainly can extricate ourselves when we consciously decide to get about the unglamorous, step-by-step work necessary to not only survive but also to to…thrive.

Perhaps even with the help of Shell Oil and BP .

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  • I had a little thought when I woke up this morning and it went along the line of what ” if ” the claims made by the inventors of those energy machines are true , and I feel reasonably confident that these high output energy generators are a reality .

    Then as most of us have heard of the idea of having solar panels on our houses and selling back any spare electrical energy to the grid power supplier and receiving a credit from the supplier ; I think you’ve already caught on to the idea . Then I would think for most average households , a machine of 160 kilowatts would certainly have a rather large portion of excess electrical energy to sell back to the grid supplier . Oh yippee we are all going to become power companies , well perhaps not . I’m sure they would just love that idea , a slow demise of company profits due to an ever increasing group of household back sellers of excess electrical energy .

    I guess I found the idea amusing ; but in theory it could be done and just think of the environmental benefits . Oh wow I’m feeling a little dizzy just thinking about it . I think I’ll just fall of my chair for awhile .

  • A few quick comments:

    1. The channeling of “Kryon” is a lot of New Age mumbo-jumbo – sometimes enhanced by the channel’s admitted knowledge of, and familiarity with, the Meier material. No highly evolved, intelligent being talks like that, using such silly, falsely flattering, flowery language. Compare it with the Meier material and one should be embarrassed to have ever accepted that it came from any advanced, highly spiritual, let alone non-existent “discarnate” being”.

    2. There are no “Indigos”. There are, always have been and always will be highly sensitive and/or gifted children that are born into many societies. Likewise, there are, always have been and – unfortunately – probably always will be those insensitive, opportunistic, greedy parents who would push, expose and exploit their children when they really should be protecting and nurturing them. When the “Indigos” hit puberty, or before, they will have the same issues and problems to deal with as those kids who can’t float an elephant through the living room wall. Instead of all of this unwarranted and invasive attention, how’s about the ADULTS of the world getting about the business of cleaning up all the crap that they think their brilliant little darlings will and should be handling for them in some New Age wet dream?

    3. …which leads us to the notion that some “higher beings” are going to straighten out the mess because we who’ve made it are presumably not “capable of bringing this planet into any sustainable order.” This is also utter nonsense..because it isn’t true.

    No one is responsible for us.
    No one but we made the mess.
    No one is coming to save us.

    No matter what fancy words and false reasoning is applied, either we do it or it doesn’t get done…and the inevitable effects from manmade causes take their inevitable toll on us. It’s that true and simple.

    And let us not forget that the Plejaren and Meier – over a 70 year period! – have given us every warning, piece of advice and even proposed solutions to help us assure our own future survival. Along with all the obvious official forces that have opposed and suppressed the information, the greatest enemy of the truth has been the UFO community and the New Age nonsense movement that has spun its fanciful tales through the bottomless barrel of false teachers, channels and other charlatans, all of which has been inhaled by nice, non-thinking, gullible people who, for one reason or another, didn’t noticed how empty and fruitless the content was.

    Seeing things AS THEY ARE and SELF-RESPONSIBILITY are the core of the spiritual teaching…fantasies and wishful thinking have no place here.

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