Everything Happens for a Reason

Well, yes and…no.

We do frequently hear that “everything happens for a reason”. This is usually expressed with the implication that no matter how difficult the situation, the outcome is practically preordained to be a positive one. So the focus is on the event as an opportunity, or even evidence, that the “universe” is somehow bringing us a blessing in disguise.

While this perspective, a form of positive thinking, isn’t the worst attitude that we can have when faced with unexpected difficulties, it unfortunately misses the mark in terms of accuracy. In fact, everything does happen for a reason, i.e. that there is an actual cause that has resulted in the event, that is rarely perceived or understood.

The positive thinking paradigm is extended to include the idea that the “universe has provided this opportunity”, or that it “wants us to learn this lesson”, etc. The obvious mistake here is that the universe doesn’t have any personal investment in, or intention towards, any of us. The universe is neutral. It has already established its laws of operation in this Creation, which govern everything in it, with cause and effect being one of the central, immutable laws. Of course not only has everything come into existence through the miracle of the Creation but its laws also govern the duration of existence of its various elements…and so many other things.

While we may not be cognizant of exactly what we, and others know and/or don’t know, may have done that have resulted in a bite-your-tongue “opportunity”, we can be sure that there is indeed a causal trail leading to the event. Contributing factors could include unconscious, conscious, correct and mistaken thoughts, feelings and actions, which have led to the event.

We should understand that our admirable optimism, expressed as “everything happens for a reason” is not to be taken as a guarantee that the positive resolution of the situation is a foregone conclusion. The situation should be seen as an opportunity to reflect on the possible causative actions and to perceive, and learn from, them as best as possible.

The intention to see things as they are, even in a reflective mode, also known as neutral-positive thinking, can be helpful to strengthen our attentiveness and understanding, determine what corrective actions need to be taken and perform them. It can also lead us out of the overly positive, New Age, mystical type of thinking that reinforces the idea that outside forces are responsible for these so-called lessons in life and that they are administered by “God”, “spirit”, “the universe”, etc., for our personal benefit.

Depending on the level of confusion about this in one’s mind, one may feel that they are “blessed”, or especially “worthy”, because what amounts to some imaginary god or tin god has “chosen to bestow” this “cloud with a silver lining” on us in the guise of an otherwise challenging or unpleasant situation.

Of course the aforementioned reflection on the actual causes of the situation is to be done as soon as possible without diverting one’s attention from the task at hand. Sometimes we will find that our intention to do so causes such perceptions and insights to occur spontaneously, sporadically and intermittently with and/or during our corrective work. This can occur more easily if we are approaching our task with a relaxed, as well as attentive, state of mind, thereby assisting rather than impeding our progress.

Depending on the actual complexity of the causal circumstances we may or may not be able to get a complete picture that immediately allows us to understand all that brought the situation about.

So it isn’t in itself either positive or negative that “things happen”. Nor is it some hide-the-candy trick by a universe that in any way “intends” for us to find the candy. The universe didn’t “do” anything to, for, or against us. The immutable laws of cause and effect are unfailingly at work and there has been no magical, mystical, capricious – personal – positive or negative intercession by the Creation.

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  1. What is this ? cells make up a world ; cells are biological , it would safer to say all stuff is atomic and sub quantum particles and of course all is of the universe / creational .Everything evolves from energy , fine matter , course matter and back out to where it began ( The cycle of life ) and on and on until the universe sleeps .

  2. “everything may be cause and effect”…but… here’s some of my personal experience with all this:

    I already have seen a couple of different types of UFOs “up close” … Also, I actually had an “abduction type experience” …might have been your Pleiadians (they were beautiful human types)…I could tell they were shocked that I was “awake, and aware of them, etc.” I don’t think they expected that… I got sent back “rather abruptly with no communication…got a brief look at some of the interior of their ship, though.” (I think this was either 4th/5th dimensional body…etheric or astral, I was in, etc….for those of you who know about such things…which body I was in was not “very important to me” at the time, in view of the “surprise of the whole experience,” etc.) I was in the “what the hell is this” thinking mode. I usually just go along with experiences like this…when I “roam” in the other “states of conciousness,” etc.

    I am “a potent psychic”…travel “out of body” in other dimensions…Astral Plane (and much more…many times and levels)…

    I don’t doubt that “some of the Meier stuff” is authentic… I pretty much know that there exists “all kinds of stuff” out there/in there…but “I’m not necessarily buying that “they are good!”

    I’ve had experiences “with very powerful negative entity types” who can MAKE YOU EXPERIENCE ANYTHING THEY WANT…so I keep an “open mind” as to “who’s who and what their agenda might be.” (the Satan stuff…I think that’s “true,” and some if not much of the UFO stuff “is them!”) (after-all they are supposed to be “not too far below God in knowledge and power”)

    I believe in “good and evil” and “angels”…Jesus got me out of a “terrible state of a “horrible and terrifying “out of body-travel experience jam,”” I once found myself in …just called HIM and “from horror into heaven-like” in the “blink of an eye,” so-to-speak…also, have met “my angel and other angels” on several occasions…(with the “good,” it has been my experience, that there is a “good certainty feel to the contact,”…this is “rather straight-forward and conclusive”…so, I don’t doubt it’s “my angel” who I’m in contact with, etc…. With the “negative entities” I’ve encountered (even more contacts)…THEYoften have the “opposite effect,” – SO, I DON’T DOUBT THEY ARE NEGATIVE…(it’s pretty easy for me to tell good from bad out there/in there, especially…it’s a good bad feeling/vibration kind of thing!)

    so, I HEAVILY TAKE ISSUE WITH YOU ABOUT “non spiritual” states being the “only level of existence” …you may have “advanced technology UFO’s”… but EXXON can impress the “ignorant remote (up a remote backwater in the Amazon type) tribes,” because they “want to build a refinery in that part of the jungle”…BUT IT DON’T MAKE THEM GOOD!
    (meaning…just because someone is more technologically advanced than you doesn’t “make them good!” THERE ARE LOTS OF “PEOPLE WHO ARE MORE ADVANCED SPIRITUALLY”…in that jungle… “than many in Exxon/and the United States” (who are greatly more advanced them those “technologically primitive jungle natives!”)

    you have “to be careful” in all this New Age stuff…I explore “almost all of it” from “every slant”…I get “useful stuff” from “all systems” even “though I may “not subscribe” to their MAIN THEMES, etc.

    see my “New Age” Page on my website: dimestop.com

    for more info…will be posting much on “psychic stuff…later on”


    PS. I did like the Maier “stuff on lower-density” material reality… it cleared up some issues for me about the “Astral realm”…you don’t call it that…you characterize this level of experience as… “something to the effect” of being a “sub-perceivable level” of the physical realm”… and that it is not perceivable by “our normal physical sensory equipment”…

    AT THE LEVELS you are speaking of…it’s mostly “just semantics” to me, FOR ALL PRACTICAL PURPOSES…so, some of your take was “very useful” to me…but THAT STILL DOESN’T MEAN I SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR “NOTHING SPIRITUAL EXISTS” OVERALL THEME…

    THAT TO ME IS A LOT OF “HOKUM” and “you are suspect to me” of being aligned with “dark forces…” WHETHER YOU HAVE “LIGHT-SHIPS” OR NOT…

      1. Well, now that you ask…yes and no. The no part is that it’s not a problem for me. The yes part is that it seems to me to be indicative of some form of delusion and mental illness, if you’re really serious about your claims. If you could establish the reality of any and all of the stuff (such as you put in quotation marks) – or perhaps if you told us you were joking – it would be another matter worthy of discussion.

        Perhaps meditating on one of my little songs from 1987 would help clear your psychic sinuses:

        New Age Blues

        You got affirmations you practice patience
        you visualize and you chant
        but down beneath like a little thief
        the belief still says I can’t
        so you blame reality ’cause duality’s
        always got somethin’ up it’s sleeve
        well the joke’s on you your aura too
        better take your karma and leave

        New age blues someone dropped your crystal
        new age blues better get a metaphysical
        new age blues new age blues
        I don’t wanna hear ‘bout your energy

        While you seek enlightenment your uptightenment’s
        drivin’ your friends away
        in your search for meanin’ your cosmic schemin’
        you’ve forgotten how to play
        there’s so much anxiety to your piety
        you’re givin’ love a bad name
        may I suggest lower consciousness
        and give us all a break

        New age blues your ‘theric bod won’t travel
        new age blues it’s ‘cause you’re stuck up in your astral
        new age blues new age blues
        I don’t wanna hear ‘bout your energy

        You got some real bad news heard that your guru’s
        tryin’ to get in everyone’s pants
        now what do you do you’re still stuck with you 
        well that’s the name of this dance
        but if you let love speak you won’t need technique
        ‘cause love always knows the way
        stop tryin’ to be happy you won’t feel so crappy
        everything will be okay

        New age blues hey babe you celibate still
        new age blues no wonder you’re so m’sble
        new age blues anybody wanna network
        new age blues sure beats tryin’ to get work
        new age blues new age blues I don’t wanna hear ‘bout your new age blues

      1. Hi, Michael (heard you on “c to c.” recently)

        thought you were “nixing my post” (because of the length of time it took in getting posted, etc.) or thought “it could have been someone from “my connections” preventing” it…I get stopped sometimes, when I try to do stuff…)

        anyway, years, ago, I looked at some of Billy Meier’s stuff on the web. The UFO photos, closeups were the “best I have ever seen.” …this was with the exception of 3 actual close up experiences I’ve had… same boomerang type flew right over my house (about 2 years apart)…was a bit startled…but with all the stuff I have experienced…I wasn’t too surprised…(kind of got the impression that they “somehow telepathically let me know they were maybe surveying” and swung by to show me, etc.” like I had a “terrific urge to go out and have a cigarette” right in the middle of doing the dishes…which I usually wouldn’t do until I finished the dishes first…(not aware of any msg or anything…just, I wouldn’t have seen the craft if I hadn’t been outside “at the moment it was passing” (haven’t a clue as to who/what it might have been…was “pretty neat” though…can go into detail narrative “some other time.”)

        first other close up “gigantic (block-sized) dull black egg shaped”…decades ago that happened …way before I became psychic or interested in any of this stuff…(colored lights rotating…thought it was a “blimp” going to crash….) …had binoculars…in open convertible with buddy…going out to car hop to check out babes, etc. (not interested in ufo or psychic stuff back then… didn’t know or care anything about the subject…hardly ever even heard anything about stuff like that then …about 40 years ago…)

        (one other was the abduction experience I described…and that one I was never sure about…saw those same people in an “ancient Atlantis type “out of body experience” (they came for me when I was in trouble (no ship that time…just floated down to me thru ceiling)…don’t know what that was “all about” either…)

        on the “spiritual” …it wasn’t from you’re article …but from this: which appears to be a “major post” of Meier philosophy…clearing stating “no supernatural” which I take to mean “psychic and or spiritual also”…and since I frequently – or used to – travel “out of my body” and “personally knew others” who taught me some advanced stuff…and were “way beyond me in capability” …in fact one showed up, upon merely saying she was in response to my telepathic request for help (with a real human being, for a change). (I never expected that would happen, was just kind of muttering “under my breath” (had requested it because the supernatural contacts were “too awing and intimidating.”) She told me, they were keeping “an eye on me” …but never explained why me, and who “they were”…other than to say…had something to do a lot with “one of my past lives.” …and told me “don’t go looking into that… even if you figure out how… would cause me “big problems” she said…

        anyway, here’s the link to the “Meier blog philosophy” about “no supernatural” (maybe we’re just talking semantics here) …but “out of body” and some of the other stuff (like angels)… …I basically “define that as supernatural and or spiritual!” so I was kind of surprised that the “Meier philosophy seemed to be calling “all this” just “kind of super-material”…

        I know it’s “fine matter” in the 4th dim (NDE, etheric, earthlike)…5th dim (astral plane…and dream state for typical non-psychic human)…but, my take is, that there is like a “spiritual barrier” quite a bit above that…

        …anyway some of the “beings I encounter” well, they are “very powerful” and “do stuff” with me/to me…that goes “off the scale”…(example: waking visions…they seem to know what they are doing…and give me this “subtle look” like: “do I get who/what I am dealing with” …I think I amuse them somewhat…

        look at this link from my webpage…give you some idea of what I been into for many years…


        I’m writing quickly, and not in a “polished style” so that varies with me…just saw your response here, and wanted to get something out to you…

        so, thanks Michael…



        1. Michael…one last point…I never “had a guru…” was never interested in the “new age.”…Never belonged to any movement or group…

          My experiences, when they started, WERE MASSIVE …all of a sudden…multidimensional, repetitive, varying, started getting “contacts” that I took to be both dark, light…SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK…

          before this happened… I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE “NEW AGE”…it didn’t “even exist” back in the “late sixties/early seventies” when all this started for me, and continued for years…

          until I PRAYED for “it to stop”…I was a guy “chasing girls” in bars…riding a motorcycle and sports-cars were “my thing”…NOT UFOS AND NEW AGE…didn’t interest me in the slightest…

          so, I wasn’t someone “in wishful thinking” …and some of the “possession stuff” was “really intimidating and frightening”…I REALLY DIDN’T WANT ANY PART OF THIS…when I found out “some of the things/entities/beings” that seemed to be “NOTICING ME” in my fledgling amateur “initial” explorations into “out of body travel”…(this was just “cool stuff” like riding a motorcycle…of having “hot sex” on the astral plane…some nice babes there…if that’s what they are…)

          so, I WAS NOT SOME “NEW AGE WANNABE”….which you seem to think or “assume” is “par for the course.”

          all thru this for forty years I worked in “management, customer service, engineering, hi-tech computing…

          take a look at “my general website” and what I’m into…besides my “single new age page.”

          does that look like someone having delusions…

          …”what’s your level of experience…by-the-way?” is it more than…seeing a few ufo’s …is it more than: “you have just bought into an “intellectual” only concept…

          I did “direct experience” …not just bought into someone else’s convincing theory or movement…I just use reason “to explain it here”…



          1. Strange, phenomenalistic stuff going on does nothing “spiritual” make. Throwing terms like “multidimensonal”, “out of body travel”, “4th dim”, “astral plane”, etc. establishes nothing, since these are completely SUBJECTIVE, vague descriptions…accompanied by NOTHING of substance, usefulness, or value to anyone and certainly not to humanity as a whole.

            Because you are completely unfamiliar with the unique, highly specific, intelligent, thought provoking information and teaching in the Meier case you can’t see the qualitative difference between psychobabble and supreme substance.

            If you’d like the last word you can have it but sorry, I won’t be posting any more rambling irrelevancies, since you’ve had the chance to post more than your fair share. However, if at any time you can provide actual, verifiable, substantiated evidence for your particular dream feel free to submit it.

  3. Michael,
    It looks like the subject of discussion has sparked quite some interest and controversy. It’s good to see intelligent dialog on a blog.

    1. Andre,

      Thanks, although you may have…spoken too soon! However, i hope that the balance will remain in favor of intelligent dialog, so feel free to continue to contribute your thought provoking comments and challenges.

  4. try this on for size… if you want to use logic…only

    (my take is that: you want to dismiss almost everything you can’t explore with ONLY “logic/reason”…my take is that some people have “SUPER direct experience,” (the person with an IQ over 200 obviously has a different experience of many things in life, etc.

    also, …living or visiting “some remote area” in the Amazon… which “can never be proven” to someone…”who refuses to get “in the canoe…” (I got “dragged into the canoe” …but just at first…then they showed me “what I didn’t know…and could never have “found out about” using reason… I KNOW THESE PEOPLE (well, I don’t know you could call them people, etc.)…but THEY HAD ABILITIES…no version of my “puny subconsciousness” could have “fantasized”…

    …just like Meier asks “us to believe” things that “are beyond human technology”…that could “all be fantasy, too”…though I “know” it’s not… because I have had “direct encounters also,”
    so you view “Meier as if “he is the only one” with the only “true knowledge”… (not necessarily true)…

    so YOU expect us to take MEIERS stuff on faith… yeah, I know he’s got photos…and me personally (I more than know we are being visited “both physically” and “higher material dimensions (if you like)…so that’s not the issue WITH ME…but it “should be” for “most” who are “only taking your Meier’s System on the BASIS OF FAITH…like any other “religion,” etc…

    anyway, “try your logic on this!” …by the way…I “know” the answer to this “apparent conundrum” which “still confounds” western scientists and philosophers… and I didn’t get it by “using reason!!!”

    Now to begin…

    The next time you want to “confound a scientist…” ask him this about the mechanics of “visual perception.” (this ALSO applies to your other senses.)

    (I like to “do a number” on scientists and their so-called scientific method, because they like to sweep inconvenient issues, like this, “under the rug” so-to-speak. They don’t like to discuss issues that “threaten” the underpinnings of just about all of their science, their credentials, and the bucks, attention, and authority they get by claiming to be experts, etc.)

    so here goes: “the mechanics of visual perception!”

    1. you look out at the world… and we all take for granted that pretty much what we see is what most other people see if they are standing near us.

    2. an optical physicist would probably say something like this:

    a. light bouncing off objects enters your eye, hits the back of your retina – IS CONVERTED INTO NERVOUS SYSTEM ELECTRICAL IMPULSES that then travel along pathways in your nervous system, and end up somewhere in your brain where an image of the external world is produced…

    b. Now, if you think carefully about this, a PARADOX becomes apparent. Go back to the ‘CONVERTED TO NERVOUS SYSTEM ELECTRICAL IMPULSES’… and ponder this point a moment.

    Isn’t this saying that the “supposedly real external light rays” that entered your eye… end their journey at the back of your retina, and ARE NOW CONVERTED INTO some kind of “nervous energy pulses,” and THAT THEY ARE NO LONGER THE “ACTUAL EXTERNAL LIGHT RAYS” that originally entered, but some kind of substitute.

    this would mean: that you are NOT REALLY EXPERIENCING “the supposed external reality” DIRECTLY, but rather an “artificial replication” of it.

    Kind of like WATCHING A BALLGAME ON TV. You are not REALLY VIEWING A LIVE REALITY, but a replication produced on the “screen of the TV,” with electromagnetic energy pulses being transmitted through the airwaves, into your TV circuitry, and thence to phosphor activation on the screen of your TV, and there producing a replication of the ballgame.

    It is, to be sure, a very good representation/replication of the actual live game being played at a distant location from you… BUT NONE THE LESS… this is a REPLICATION and YOU ARE NOT DIRECTLY EXPERIENCING THE GAME!

    The ultimate conclusion this should lead you to, is that:

    ALL OF WHAT YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT OF AS “YOUR EXPERIENCE OF EXTERNAL REALITY” is a REPLICATION…(because of the step where the external light rays are converted to “internal nervous energy pulses,” means YOU ARE NOT EXPERIENCING the actual reality.)

    Think a little more about this, and you should realize that, based on this concept, what you think of as THE EXTERNAL UNIVERSE IS SOMEHOW “INSIDE OF YOU!”

    that means, that: the “farthest stars,” the telescope, too… EVERYTHING YOU PERCEIVE WITH YOUR SENSES is a FACSIMILE /REPLICATION, and somehow “IS ALL INSIDE OF YOU!” You, must be PRETTY BIG, if the “whole universe” is inside of you… including the whole world… and all those other people (6 billion, or so)… AND ALL THIS IS INSIDE YOU… THE SUN, MOON, STARS, AND GALAXIES…”and ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE…UFO’S, …EVERYTHING “IN ANY/ALL SYSTEMS!”

    …and especially, in ones which posit that things are “mostly just subtler levels of matter/energy!” …that are products of mind/brain manipulation and fantasy…


    …something to think about, huh!

    PS. I’m familiar with a lot of the Maier stuff…and I am also familiar with the “theory” that much, if not all of the “angelic, alien, demonic stuff, etc.” could all JUST be “a product” of the “physical brain” – including the “physical brains of more advanced beings out there in the universe – CREATING A KIND OF “thought form super collective dream” by “the collective thoughts “of all beings in the universe” affecting varying subtler states of physical matter…”

    So, the Maier stuff seems “to be of this persuasion,” and since a “lot of this may be the case” (a lot, but perhaps not all) is why I’m interested in the Maier material…

    1. Just two questions Robert, are you an American living near a military base? Did either of your parents work for the government?

  5. I allowed the above post because it is a text book example of several things, all of which have in common the complete lack of familiarity and understanding of the Meier material…and other aspects of reality.

    There are ZERO beliefs in the Meier case. Both belief and faith are two things that are diametrically opposite to truth and knowledge. But people who are lost in hallucinations and delusions, who have been affected by religious and/or New Age confusion and disinformation, can make no such clear distinctions.

    So we get a glimpse of the the above kind of scatter-gun, incoherent, rambling that is evidence of what goes on in the minds of people where the confusion has clearly overwhelmed rationality.

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