Debunkers Debunked, Again

Once again the ever resourceful Mahigitam has shown that the so-called “fake” UFO film by Billy Meier, where the UFO disappears in one frame of film and then reappears also in one frame, is not faked at all.

Mahigitam’s conclusions corroborate what examination by Nippon TV revealed, as Wendelle Stevens reported, and show the attempts by disgruntled skeptics to be exercises in both denial and futility.


5 Replies to “Debunkers Debunked, Again”

  1. I wonder what the skeptics will do when they arrive in Hell and all the demonic spirits that they “debunked” here on earth are surrounding them and tormenting them until Jesus throws them all in the Lake of Fire? Bet there won’t be much inclination for “debunking” anymore…….I would really hate to be so spiritually numb as these pathetic mouthpieces of “skepticism” who refuse to see the Truth even when it is right before their eyes!

  2. Just a quick note to say that the following don’t exist and are simply the creation of people’s disturbed minds and fantasies:

    Demonic spirits
    Lake of fire

  3. demonic/”et” attacks and protection by the name of Yeshuah is reality …

    mere words cannot convey either

    the fool says in his heart “there is no God/Trinity”

    1. Okay, you get your one delusional religious comment. All others must be really related to the topic.

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