The Bain of Our Existence?

The following blog was prompted by an email from a friend who seems to think that the actions ascribed to George Romney and his company in this film may be justifiable as an exercise of true “free market capitalism”. He raised points about the rights of corporate owners to sell, along with the rights of those who want to acquire, etc., and questioned if owners “owe” their employees a “job for life”, etc. So he seemed to reduce the argument to the “rights” of the owners of the companies and those of the buyers; perhaps inserting the word “raiders” is not inappropriate.

Along with “rights” come responsibilities. The underlying materialism, plainly spoken greed, is a mental illness. The presumed “need” to amass the unnecessarily excessive and excessively unnecessary is absolutely counter to the laws of Creation and the laws of nature. The old “when is enough, enough?” comes to mind.

Unless and until human beings have true values there will be every “system” and excuse under the sun for ruthless acquisition and exploitation under the name of “free market”, “capitalism”, etc.  Repetitively, systematically exploiting other people for the sake of amassing, for the sake of edifying oneself, is anti-life. If what is portrayed as true in the film is indeed true, then it’s a crime against their fellow humans that is a moral, ethical crime. And how about knowing the simple, apparently long forgotten, intrinsic difference between…right and wrong?

If we do not self-regulate our lowest urges, which is exactly what we’re talking about, pretending that one’s actions are right because they’re not illegal, or because actual or presumed expectations about an owner owing workers a “job for life”, etc. are wrong and thereby excuse such actions, we will surely end up the worse for it. It should be seen that these kinds of actions, the climbing over fellow humans at whatever cost to get what one wants, bespeak an underlying inner fear and emptiness, perhaps some form of sociopathic and/or narcissistic behaviors.

If it’s true that these actions have cost thousands of jobs for one’s fellow human beings who were being productive, thereby benefiting themselves and others, taking care of their own families, etc., then it is indeed sociopathic to put one’s own acquisitiveness, greed and false needs about those of others, to rob them of their own opportunities and well-being. Plainly, why does one’s desire to amass wealth trump the rights, and the value, of those who are being productive, being self-responsible? Is that simply the “law” of free market capitalism, a form of survival of the greediest, not the neediest?

The consequences of such behaviors, and the diseased minds that they stem from, don’t only affect “someone else”. We are all ultimately affected and afflicted by these degeneracies. That they come from religious people with huge political aspirations is neither surprising nor promising of anything good, despite any attempts at spin and rationalization.

Perhaps the real meaning of the company’s name is not to be found in the spelling, Bain, but in the definition of the same sounding word.

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  1. If it weren’t for the interactions of certain people with a certain Swiss man I would happily say that being human is a form of mental illness. Hopefully by their interactions and the work done by everyone concerned we may just get out of this eventually. Hard times ahead though.

    1. While I’m tempted to say “hear, hear”, this sort of mentality goes over the boundary Michael tells us we are crossing…we seek redemption from the skies and “certain” people.

      Practically what Michael has to say is true. It does not depend on the existence of aliens, so it is no use debunking/proving the existence of aliens. We ARE ultimately responsible. Michael may well be a complete fraud for all we know (if you don’t bother to check any of his “facts” and simply leave them be), but we are certainly effectively alone; if there are aliens, great, there are aliens, but given that they are unwilling to interfere, there are effectively not aliens. All Michael is, then, is some individual spouting off on the internet (at face value at least). Whether there actually is anyone else on another planet has no bearing on our own problems if they can or will not interfere. Even traditional “religion” which Michael seems to direct his own emotions against as one the things he blames things on (from what I can extract from text) doesn’t absolve us of responsibility…not if you actually are religious, and not simply a believer in cheap salvation.

      So, no, its up to us to fix our own mental illness, if we can.

      I used to come here because this site was a good place to catch breaking news, etc. But I come here for another reason. I don’t know that I necessarily am a Plejaren believer, but I think if you think you need to be a Plejaren believer, you’ve missed the point of this site. I come here, because for being a crazy loon (assuming none of the Billy Meier stuff is real), most of the crazy loonery makes a lot of good sense.

      Truth doesn’t depend on the existence of aliens.

  2. bane
    noun \ˈbān\
    Definition of BANE
    a obsolete : killer, slayer b : poison c : death, destruction d : woe
    : a source of harm or ruin : curse
    Origin of BANE
    Middle English, from Old English bana; akin to Old High German bano death
    First Known Use: before 12th centur


      “King of Bain” has come under intense media scrutiny for advancing what fact-checkers describe as either misleading charges or outright falsehoods. The Washington Post gave the film four “Pinocchios” for including manipulative interviewing and out-of-context material. The most prominent of the complaints was that in three of the four instances that Winning Our Future highlighted as case studies of Bain Capital’s predatory practices, Romney had not been directly involved.

      Bloomberg News, meanwhile, reported that the film “stretches the truth and takes some reports out of context or selectively edits them.”

      Politico reported that two of the four companies featured in the film — KB Toys and UniMac — cut jobs, per Bain management directive, only after Romney had left the firm.

      Finally, the Wall Street Journal did its own bit of fact-checking, tracking down the people who were interviewed for the documentary. The paper found out that at least three former factory workers featured in the film say they weren’t laid off by Bain, but they were given promotions instead. It was a different private equity firm that was responsible for their company’s closure.

  3. A couple thoughts:

    I agree with MH’s assessment on greed…

    If the film is actually fabricated, shouldn’t there be libel/slander claims against those involved? Especially given that it seems (at least one) of the followup articles seems to say that these are just actors performing an act they did a while back…

    The “rebuttals” to the film seem to say that it was “taken out of context”, but have as yet to be really clear exactly how. Or maybe its just too late for my brain to process them…or maybe someone forgot to remind them that you’re supposed to write introductions and conclusions when writing arguments (even in articles).

    The articles themselves admit that there are sketchy bits to mitt romney that the video, true or otherwise, DOESN’T address.

    I don’t trust an equity firm leader to do any better with an economy than a Roosevelt-economics believer…both are flawed views of an economy, wall street can’t be fixed by the one, and won’t be made any better by one of its pundits.

    As for Gingrich…*sigh*. If this is not an endorsed film, why does the next page ask people to donate to Gingrich?

    Pick your poison. 😛

  4. It really amazes me that the more we rely on the works of men the more corrupt and out control everything is. But yet God is forbid now too. I am not referring man made religion that is just as corrupt and evil as the works of man. God has been kicked out of everything and yet people wonder why the corruption and crazy actions of people. Billy Meier may have predicted many things going on right now. So did the Bible 2000 years ago. Many of the writings of the Bible were done my people that had no concept of today, so to even write anything that made any sense whatsoever had to come from something other then the men writing it. And again men corrupted much of it over the years to fit man. The more I have read recently MANY people and groups of people predicted much of what is going on now. So has Meier researched all of the past peoples to make his predictions today?
    Every system of govt. will have corruption and evil. Stalin, Hitler, ETC ETC killed millions of their own countrymen to keep control of people.
    I remember reading about Henry Ford and the fact he paid his workers more wages then any company at that time. Many of the first real capitalist paid good wages and took care of their workers. Men had a least some resemblance of a conscience. Most people do not today because it is dog eat dog much if it perpetuated by govt corruption and interference in the real free market. The LAWS that would govern much of this and put people in jail both in and our of govt are ignored. Again no conscience or belief in anything other then their own greed. So go ahead and blame capitalism and free enterprise like this fool in the White House now.

    1. Hi Terry,

      Let me address some of the points you raised.

      Whenever the term “God” is brought up it helps to remember that this entity didn’t exist until the time of the Old Testament (OT). Far more advanced, and equally or more ancient, cultures like the Indian and Chinese had attained pretty high levels of development and, somehow, got along just fine without this God, who never seemed to know that they existed. They even had their own gods at times, which were ALSO just more highly advanced, space traveling human beings who interacted with more primitive human beings on Earth at times.

      The Israelites/Hebrews, in contrast, were wandering bands of gypsies, outcasts, thieves, etc. who came together under the “encouragement” of this God and their main contribution to the world, as recorded in the OT appeared to have been their willing, successful genocides against other people, such as the Canaanites whose land they stole to create Israel.

      God reappears in the New Testament (NT) with a new scheme pertaining to the equally imaginary “Jesus Christ”, for whom no actual historical record exists. The bottom line is that the entire foundation of the OT’s and NT’s God, Jesus, etc. rests on the completely inadmissible, completely childish premise, “What’s in this book is true…because this book says it’s true.”

      To better comprehend the lunacy of the matter, substitute the words Thor, Zeus, Diana, Pan, Ra, etc. in place of God where it appears and you’ll see just how insane a fairy tale people take for granted as the truth. I guarantee that if you do say things like, “Zeus bless you”, “Pray to Thor that we win this battle, etc.” a lot of otherwise very nice people will think you’re nuts at best and some form of blasphemer at worse…which can have some pretty bad consequences.

      So, unless anyone actually has real EVIDENCE to the contrary…God doesn’t exist and, of course, neither did Jesus. Therefore, to “kick God out of everything” would be entirely logical It also could clean up a whole lot of hatred, delusion, war, etc., i.e. some of the things that this creature definitely specialized in, as is clear in the completely MANMADE books where he first found existence. Let’s also add that nice people who think that they have a “personal relationship” with an imaginary being and/or someone who (even if they had lived) has been stone cold dead for 2,000+ years, are usually treated as schizophrenic nut cases everywhere…unless there’s a strong religious influence, government, etc. nearby.

      As for Meier, he began publishing prophetic information in 1951 and there is no comparable body of work that has the abundance of SPECIFIC, prophetically accurate information anywhere on Earth.

      The plain truth is that the human beings of today are by and large not capable of having a “free market” BECA– — — USE of their greed, ethical and moral shortcomings, etc. Further, very few people have the faintest idea what their real needs are, and even less recognition of, and appreciation for, having them fulfilled, so polluted by the greedy mindset of relentless consumerism for the sake of just having things and/or distraction from the inner pollution that is the state of human consciousness, especially in the U.S., today.

  5. This may be off topic but that’s not at all unusual for me , so here we go again . I would like to say WATCH OUT FOR THE SOPA BILL . It’s not the initial part of this bill which looks to me like shop front dressing , but what I feel that this bill will be really used for and that’s the gagging of information deemed to be the property of or too sensitive for the eyes of the world at large . I’m sorry to see that this may end up as another American foot on the necks of the people of this planet who want to see the end of all this unnecessary secrecy . In other words the potential for misuse is possibly built in to that bill to control the flow of information and keep the people ignorant ; therefore keeping all power in ” their hands ” . I’m sure many other power groups will be just salivating at the prospect of gaining another hammer to secure their foothold on power .

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