I tuned in to the Republican debate Monday night (January 16) right at the point that Ron Paul was answering questions, making statements about, U.S. foreign policy and how attacking people all over the world in their own countries, especially those who hadn’t attacked us, was not only the wrong thing to do but led to great dangers for us. He actually mentioned the Golden Rule, aka the law of cause and effect.

Interestingly, at the point that he did, he was actually booed by many in the audience, presumably a number of who consider themselves to be “good Christians”. Further, his assessment that somehow U.S. foreign policy just may be at the root of our problems, and that we have no right to act as the world’s policeman, etc., to invade and bomb people at will was met with sound disapproval from the other candidates, all of whom seemed to think that the best policy was to annihilate whoever we choose, where and whenever we choose. Please note that all of the candidates profess great religious convictions, etc. connected to some form of Christianity…of course.

Unfortunately, it seems that the possibility of rewriting our future history, which I first wrote about in 2006, is as dead as the consciousness of the bobble heads in the debate who stand proudly as cult believers in their imaginary God, “Jesus Christ”, etc. Of course this god favors the U.S. in all matters and has even suspended the laws of cause and effect so that we can do, and try to take possession of, whatever we want with impunity. We’re “forgiven because we believe”, because we mutter meaningless illogical, manmade magic words that somehow wipe away any real, moral responsibility for the damage that our policies of unprovoked aggression have visited upon millions of people, mostly innocent people who had never attacked us.

There’s not much more to say that hasn’t been said, or that isn’t apparent to anyone who hasn’t completely lost their mind and succumbed to the toxic political and religious rhetoric the practice of which virtually guarantees the fulfillment of the Henoch Prophecies and which will affect the people of the U.S. in unimaginably large measure…perhaps about equal to that which we have long visited upon others.

Are we alone in our ignorance and abuse, in our foolishly sending forth the pendulum that returns as the wrecking ball of utter destruction? No. But really, what excuse is that?




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  • Michael, I couldn’t agree with you more on this one. I have been closely following this dog and pony show and repeatedly watch Dr. Paul ridiculed and slandered by his opponents and the media. But it is very refreshing to watch his followers enthusiasm, which I myself share for these basic ideas of individual liberty and respect for others. But I know what you mean…the cards are stacked the wrong way and the critical mass of people needed…well, I can’t say it isn’t going to manifest, but it’s going to take a miracle.

  • nail on the head michael it just boggles my mind how people ignore the golden rule just because “we believe whats in this book is true because the book says it true” this is nonsense, humanity wake the f*** up! pardon my french but this is absolutly ridiculous

  • Great blog Michael. The people who booed Ron Paul are also the people who take information from the Fox News Channel seriously.

  • Quote of the Day

    18. “Those who have acquired sufficient wisdom and live according to the laws, permit not even the slightest harming of creatures, when they are without fault.

  • Well said, Michael. And let us not forget the people who in their criminal obliviousness allow zealots and power-hungry fools to act in their name. A failing that, sadly, plagues every nation in the world.

  • I had the same thoughts in my head while watching the same debate,and have gone as far as e-mailing Dr. Paul and ask if he has read any of the Meier information. I have not recieved a response yet and probably wont,but my curiosity had to be acted upon.

  • Ron Paul has a nice Q/A session with Larry King for those interested:

    Of course, this makes sense if someone understands the scope of the responsibility needed in what Ron is explaining.

    The idea of having something for “free” has ends up comforting folks to not make the effort to do something. So idea of “free” energy, etc. lends into some hope someone else will solve the world’s problems.

  • The Sermon on the Mount
    1. When Jmmanuel saw the people following him, he went up a hill and sat down; and his disciples came to him.
    2. And he taught them, saying:
    3. “Blessed are those who are rich in spirit and recognize the truth, for life is theirs.
    4. “Blessed are those who endure hardship, for they shall thus recognize truth and be comforted.
    5. “Blessed are the spiritually balanced, for they shall possess knowledge.
    6. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for truth and knowledge, for they shall be satisfied.
    7. “Blessed are those who live according to the laws of nature, for they live according to the plan of Creation.
    8. “Blessed are those who have a clear conscience, for they need not fear.
    9. “Blessed are those who know about Creation, for they are not enslaved by false teachings.
    10. “Blessed are the righteous, for nature is subject to them.
    11. “Blessed are you if, on my account and because of our teachings, people revile and persecute you and speak all manner of evil against you; thus they lie about the teachings.
    12. “Be of good cheer and take comfort; this life and the next life will reward you. For so have the belittlers of the truth persecuted the prophets who were before you, and so will they also persecute you.
    13. “You are the salt of the Earth, and if the salt loses its flavor with what would one salt? It is useless henceforth, except it be thrown out and stepped on by the people.
    14. “You are the light of the world, and consider: The city that lies on top of a mountain cannot be hidden.
    15. “One does not light a candle and place it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; thus it shines for all those who are in the house.
    16. “Likewise your light shall shine before the people, so they see your good deeds and recognize the truth of your knowledge.
    17. “Do not think that I have come to do away with the law or the prophet; I have come not to undo, but to fulfill and to reveal the knowledge.
    18. “Truly, I say to you: Until the heavens and the Earth vanish, neither a letter nor a dot of the law of Creation and the laws of nature will vanish, until all is fulfilled.
    19. “Whosoever violates one of the smallest of the laws or directives and teaches the people falsely, will be called the smallest; but whosoever spreads the teachings truthfully will be called great and will receive the reward of the spirit.
    20. “I tell you: If your righteousness does not exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not receive the reward of the spirit and of life.
    21. “You have heard that it was said to your ancestors:’ You shall not kill; but whosoever kills shall be found guilty by the courts.’
    22. “However, I say to you: Exercise justice according to the natural laws of Creation, so that you find the judgment in logic.
    23. “Guilty are all those who kill when not acting in self-defense or according to legal verdict based on self-defense. Likewise, guilty are all those who engage in evil speech and actions.
    24. “Only justice according to the natural laws of Creation produces a logical judgment.
    25. “Do not accommodate your adversaries if you are in the right, and the judge will probably have to decide in your favor.
    26. “Truly, I say to you: You will attain justice only when you find it yourself and can make your fellow humans understand it.
    27. “You have heard that it was said:’ You shall not commit adultery.’
    28. “But I say to you: Whosoever has sexual intercourse with someone other than their spouse shall be delivered to the courts, for it is an act unworthy of humans, contemptible and an offense against the laws of nature.
    29. “If, however, your right or left eye causes annoyance, tear it out and throw it away, because it is better for you that just one of your members be destroyed than your whole body.
    30. “If a thought causes you annoyance, eradicate it and ban it from your brain. It is better to destroy a thought that incites annoyance than to bring the whole world of thought into an uproar.
    31. “It has also been said, ‘Whosoever divorces his spouse shall hand over a certificate of divorce.
    32. “However, I say to you: Whosoever separates from their spouse, except in response to adultery, commits adultery; whosoever marries a person who is guilty in a divorce also commits adultery.
    33. “You have further heard it said to your ancestors: ‘You shall take no false oath, and you shall keep your oath to god.’
    34. “However, I say to you that you shall not swear at all; do not swear by the heavens, because they are infinite and immeasurable.
    35. “Neither swear by the Earth, because it is impermanent, nor swear by Jerusalem, because it is an impermanent city built by human hands.
    36. “You shall also not swear by your head, because you cannot change the color of a single hair.
    37. “Also do not swear by the memory of a person or a thing, for they are all impermanent.
    38. “Let your speech at all times simply be:’ Yes, yes’ or’ no, no.’ Anything beyond that goes against the laws.
    39. “You have heard it said: ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.
    40. “But I say to you, exercise justice according to the natural laws of Creation, so that you find the verdict in logic.
    41. “Offer your love wherever it is warranted, and punish wherever the law of nature demands punishment.
    42. “Give to them who ask of you, if they make their requests in honesty, and turn away from them who want to borrow from you in a dishonest way.
    43. “You have heard it said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.
    44. “However, I say to you: Practice love and understanding according to the natural laws of Creation, so that through logic you find the right action and perception.
    45. “Offer your love where it is warranted, and despise where the law of nature demands it.
    46. “You shall be wise and acquire knowledge, because you shall become perfect in spirit as the Creation which created you.
    47. “Over the course of incarnations you shall train your spirit and your consciousness and allow them to develop to perfection, so that you become one with Creation.

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