As the Time Fulfills (Part4)

Russia’s recent warning that an attack on Iran is an attack on her, by the West (U.S.) and/or Israel, echoes what Billy Meier told me in May of 2006.

The subject of Israel and its self-determined fate was explained to Meier, as far back as 1981, “His land, Israel, as is said in a prophecy, will be annihilated by the countries from the East in the far future by war and death, when the warriors from the East will knee-deep wade in the blood of the human beings of Israel.

And as recently as July 2006, Meier was told, “Also the hate of Israel by the Arabs of all Arabic and other Islamic countries grows naturally without bounds, which ultimately can lead to Israel yet still being attacked by united Arabic armed forces and razed to the ground.”

Israel’s problems are rooted in the distant past and in what seems to be a deeply rigid, institutionalized belief in their “specialness”, a presumed superiority that to others who don’t subscribe to their particular religious delusions is just a tad irritating. While there is zero evidence for the existence of any “God” that can grant special rights, lands, favors, etc., to anyone, logic and reasonableness are not the first things that comes to mind when one ponders human behavior throughout history, especially as connected to all religions.

Of course there are other religious believers who have their own toxic delusions about their “divine” rights, etc. and, as we can see, they are bound and determined to not be left out of the party, i.e. participating in such utter destruction and annihilation as has never been previously seen on this planet. They all must believe in that old saying, “The third time’s a charm.”

In leaving behind the Age of Beliefs for the Age of Truth and Knowledge, it will be up to Israel, and some of her neighbors, if they also get left behind…in the form of blood soaked, nuclear waste lands. Of course no one would have anything to gloat about should any of the lunatics indeed ignite such a world fire. Once again, referring to the Henoch Prophecies, in which the U.S. and Russia figure quite prominently, Russia’s latest warning can be viewed as particularly ominous.

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  1. been searching 4 the truth 4 a long time finally some info that adds up,,,the volumes of historical contact notes has a wisdom and rythym that is undeniable if you take the time to process it all,,its time consuming but worth the effort,,,,fascinating!

  2. and michael i knew this was going to come up with the recent plans about attacking iran you know whats a good idea why dont we just bomb iran off the face of the earth and start ww3 so that all of humaniy can be wiped of the face of the earth! why is it that humanity wont wake up and relize the golden rule cause and effect.

  3. I was wondering Michael, in relating to world war III (if it happens), what are your thought on people like Alex Jones, Dr. Webster Tarpley, and others like that who believe world war III has already been planned ten years ago, and will be brought about by a false flag event?

    I don’t agree with them that global warming is a bildgerburg created hoax, and that overpopulation is a hoax as well, however with America being how they are, it doesnt seem like such a stretch that these warmongers might try to use some form of mind control, maybe on the scale of a false flag event.

    I’ve been reading info on this new world order stuff, even if you can’t believe all of it (I certainly need evidence to support their views), that it seems the situation is a bit more complicated then just the Meier situation, or Just the Illuminate situation.

    In short, it wouldnt surprise me anymore if in a country where politics is a scam, that they could use a false flag event, to provoke their own citizens to attack another country.

    Just wondered what your thought on it were.^^ I want to make sure all my facts are correct.

    1. Hello Sarah,

      I have been studying the Figu material, as well as the spiritual teaching, for many years now. I also like to listen to Alex Jones and his many guests. I see a lot of similarities that Jones is reporting that runs along what Billy Meier is saying about the US war machine, and US economy, for instance. In my opinion, Jones, for the most part, has one of the best grasps on what is really going on in the world today concerning US politics and economy, and geo political events when compared to what Billy Meier is also saying.

      The thing to keep in mind here is that Alex Jones is also a religious man. The problem he has with ‘overpopulation’ issue, for example, is that he sees the very real elitist plan to exterminate humans through war and plagues, which of course is a disastrous way to deal with the overpopulation problem. Figu’s plan of dealing with overpopulation is of course far, far different. But IMO, it is Jone’s Christian ideals that are keeping him from seeing the whole truth about human overpopulation; because he subscribes to the idea of “go forth and multiply” and that man has “dominion” over the earth. Obviously, and according to the spiritual teaching, it much better to live in harmony with the earth rather than assume it belongs to the human beings. Therefore Jones fails to see, because he believes that ‘God’ is taking care of business; instead of seeing the overabundant animal extinctions, habitat and environmental destruction, the contamination of our air, water and land, as well as the social, health and economic problems that can be traced back to having an oversupply, and increasing, number of humans competing on a finite world.

      So one has to be attentive to Creational-natural laws and directives when listening to Alex Jones, and his guests; because he is far from perfect like the rest of the earth people, save that he tries to find the truth — unlike the corporate agenda driven mainstream media.

  4. Hi Sahah , I could not resist adding to the last part of your comment ; that is , in the case of America manipulating it’s people to be involved in bellicose actions ; one outstanding event would have to be the allowing of the Japanese fleet to bomb Pearl Harbor and therefore provide the reason to drag America into the war . It’s the method I detest , self defense is ok . So does America use false flag to manipulate their people to take up arms , yes it does and there are other events that have the same stench . I suspect America is not the only nation do try a bit of this sort of thing .

  5. Perhaps the government officials are not so dumb, they can’t be complete idiots and assume that these aggressive actions will not come with severe consequences right?. Who needs a planet without radiation, we might as well bump and pump it up another notch throw around few nukes and really “light up the word like ET’s chest”…I mean we have so many planets we can live on around us in our solar system… we can just pick and choose…it’s not like we have examples of dead planets within our own solar system to serve as a examples of dead red planets right!!!!!!..No of course not!!!. we can just act like a cancer just jump from one place to another just bam bam..were the freaken Universal Flinstones here baby! yeah….that’s the ticket.

  6. Of all the folks that remotely mention population in any significance on their radio programs, I only find Alex Jones makes any direct reference to it all the time. While obviously his case is different than Figu’s position on it, it does raise awareness that there is an issue regarding population that should be looked at regardless of being for or against it. Also, he does bring on guests to the show that disagree. This issue is not on people’s radar nor is it even remotely presented as such. The population issue is normally danced around using different terminology and phrases that makes the average person not feel the need to be responsible.

    As Mike mentions in his Time Fulfills series of posts here, it does not appear Earth humanity as a whole will summon up the necessary responsibility to fix these outstanding issues, especially if they are not presented with any real responsibilities or role models that can transfer responsibility quite easily. Mike not to long ago does a nice explanation for the English speaking folks like me that do not know German all that much:

    If fact, we may repeat history and make the Bronze Age collapse look benign.

  7. Allow a problem to happen, use that as an excuse to advance over security measures blindly approved by the public, and then attack a foreign oil reserve as the solution to the previous problem. Yet, when Iran tries defending themselves, our public goes, “Iran, how dare you try defending yourself. You should allow us to beat the snot out of you with climate weapons!”

    Because when your the US, you immune to laws of cause and effect right? NO! You attack a country, a country defends themselves.

    1. Sarah I believe you are describing American Patriotism, one of the most hypocritical things to believe as an American, when you walk over countries that have not done anything to US.

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