More Corroboration of Billy Meier ‘s Information

There is yet more corroboration of scientific, and other, information published before “official discovery”, or occurrence, by Billy Meier. These “prophetically accurate” items, recently in the news, still post-date Meier’s original information.

Please note that it was said that it would be at the time that the prophecies begin to fulfill themselves that the authenticity of Meier’s contacts with extraterrestrials, and his unique role as prophet for humankind, would begin to be recognized.

Recognition of Meier’s amazing, authentic contacts with extraterrestrials may still be small, and efforts to suppress the information will still be in full swing, perhaps even more so, as the followers of delusional religions won’t be easily distracted from their hysterical machinations, nor will any of the other war-making parties that are bound and determined to bring their particular degenerate, apocalyptical visions into reality, at the price of all things made manifest on Earth by both man and nature.

Unfortunately, there’s a lack of serious scientific interest by many who are more concerned with their funding, celebrity status, etc., than with confronting the conclusive evidence in the Meier case that reduces their own level of expertise to irrelevancy in comparison.

Below you’ll find basic information, and links to where more may be found, so as to encourage you to do the research and come to your own conclusions.

Billions of Suns and Planets

Mahigitam compiled the following information, regarding the conclusions from a new scientific study:

228th Contact, Monday, May 1, 1989; Block 5, page 474:

Billy: Ptaah and you as well as Semjase have said that our Milky Way has around 587 billion suns and planets, but at the same time, there are only about 7 million smaller and larger solar systems with planets, on which higher life exists. Are planetary satellites, i.e. moons, also included therein?

264th Contact, Thursday, May 14, 1998; Block 8, page 21:

Billy: Then just not. – Here’s the last question for the time being: What do your calculations look like, with regard to the number of suns in our Milky Way?

Ptaah: 90. We do not have exact data but rather only estimated figures.

Billy: And, what does your science of astronomy estimate, or how many suns exist in the Milky Way?

Ptaah: 91. Our calculations amount to about 156 billion suns, 21 billion of which are medium and small.

467th Contact, Monday, June 28, 2008, Block 11, Page 372:

Billy: So no head-on collision takes place but rather a process of a slow pushing together. Quetzal told me recently that your newest calculations, in reference to the stars in our Milky Way, have yielded a number of around 431 billion. What, then, is the number of severity, with regard to the Andromeda Nebula?

Please also see Contact 512

Earthquakes Trigger Domino Effect

Scientists recently began to consider whether earthquakes could trigger a domino effect.

More than 15 years earlier, in Contact 241, Monday, Feb 3, 1992, Ptaah and Meier talked about underground explosions in Mexico that triggered an earthquake in Los Angeles (6.2, San Andreas fault) which, a few days later, triggered a chain reaction in China, Burma, Romania, Alaska…and again in California.

Shiite Dictatorship

A news report from 2007 and one from  2012 echo information that Meier was given in Contact 341,
in April 2003, by  Quetzal:

Iraq war – collapse of Saddam Hussein’s regime officially on April 9, 2003 when forces take control of Baghdad; unofficially the regime collapse has already taken place; Iraqi people will be glad for the fall of the regime but anxious over the American & British control; Shiite Muslims will want a religious state like Iran; a very large resistance will develop & terrorist liberation organizations; the Shiites will come to power with the Mullahs having power & authority, thus a dictatorship again
America will threaten Syria & other countries
American & British soldiers plundering Iraqi art & treasure covertly since the beginning of the war…could be unfolding:

Oil Wells and Earthquakes

As Meier was warned in Contact 45, in 1976, there’s a strong connection between oil well drilling and earthquakes, which was recently recognized in Ohio.


In regards to “new” information regarding the planet Mercury, in the earliest article and the most recent one, Mahigitam makes the following points:

1) An asteroid crash may have altered Mercury’s orbit

2) The hypothetical asteroid that would have impacted mercury would be 70 kilometers in diameter.

3) Impact crater might be Caloris Basin.

Billy Meier, in EXISTENTES LEBEN IM UNIVERSUM –1978/1993*,  published information mentioned in the above three points, i.e. that an asteroid altered Mercury’s orbit, causing an impact crater called known as Caloris Basin and that the asteroid’s diameter would be 107 kms ( close to 70 kms as mentioned by Meier) in diameter to cause Mercury to change its orbit.

The Plejaren didn’t name the impact crater as Caloris Basin but they referred to it as “Ringgebirge”, meaning “ring of mountains”, which obviously is Caloris Basin due to geophysical formations, as stated in Wikipedia:

“The crater, discovered in 1974, is surrounded by a ring of mountains approximately 2 km (1.2 mi) tall.”



pg 84-86

Dies bedeutet jedoch noch keine Sicherheit für den Kleinplaneten, denn nicht sehr lange dauerte es, ehe ein anderes und sehr grosses Planetesimal mit ihm auf Kollisionskurs kam und Merkur zu zerstören drohte. Durch die ungeheure Wucht des Zusammenstosses wurden einige der äusseren Schichten des Merkur weggerissen und der Kleinplanet aus seiner Entstehungsbahn hinausgeschleudert, um regelrecht in eine neue Umlaufbahn katapultiert zu werden zwischen Vulcano, dem sonnennächsten Planeten, und jenem Sonnentrabanten, der früher an der Stelle der Venus seine Bahn um die Sonne zog, ehe dieser vor einigen Jahrtausenden durch die Venus verdrängt wurde, als diese, im Schlepp des Wanderplaneten ‘Zerstörer’, der sie aus der Umlaufbahn des Uranus riss, in ihre heutige Bahn transportiert wurde. Das Geschehen um den Merkur, als er nächst die Sonne katapultiert wurde, trug sich vor rund 4 Milliarden Jahren zu….Als der Merkur auf seiner neuen Umlaufbahn um die Sonne war, zog er durch seine Schwerkraft alle die im inneren Sonnensystem vorhandenen Planetesimale an und ‘frass’ sie auf.

“…Dies bedeutet jedoch noch keine Sicherheit für den Kleinplaneten, denn nicht sehr lange dauerte es, ehe ein anderes und sehr grosses Planetesimal mit ihm auf Kollisionskurs kam und Merkur zu zerstören drohte. Durch die ungeheure Wucht des Zusammenstosses wurden einige der äusseren Schichten des Merkur weggerissen und der Kleinplanet aus seiner Entstehungsbahn hinausgeschleudert, um regelrecht in eine neue Umlaufbahn katapultiert zu werden……

……Der grösste Meteorit, von dem der Merkur getroffen wurde und der das Ringgebirge bildete, soll, gemäss den Angaben der Plejadier, 107 Kilometer Durchmesser aufgewiesen haben, was auch den Kraterdurchmesser von rund 1250  Kilometer erklärt….”

Special thanks to Mahigitam, Bruce Lulla & David Bax


5 Replies to “More Corroboration of Billy Meier ‘s Information”

  1. I commend them on great work! They forgot one thing as of recently though: The cooberation of the Moringa tree and it’s excellent properties and uses! Here is the info just published:, and here is the contact report in which the Moringa Tree was mentioned:

    Contact Report 221; Date/time of contact: Wednesday, December 30, 1987, 1:04 PM

    Billy: The Kalach tree, which is, indeed, extinct, was an enormous acacia tree, under which a small village found a good place. What, however, is the so-called Moringa tree, of which you once spoke and of which you said that it would one day become of great importance for the Earth person? To this day, I still haven’t heard or read anything about this tree or its fruits and seeds being used in some way.

    Quetzal: 51. With the Moringa tree, it concerns a so-called medicinal tree, which grows extremely quickly, about three (3) meters in height per year. 52. The tree mainly grows in South Asia and in North Africa and contains active ingredients that can be used by the Earth people against anemia as well as against hypertension and diabetes. 53. The various active ingredients, however, can also be used for the building and strengthening of the immune system. 54. The related building of the immune defense-strengthening can also provide, among many other possibilities, a successful means against AIDS. 55. The varieties of the tree also provide further food for humans and animals, whereby the nutrients are extremely rich in vitamin C and calcium. 56. In addition, the seeds of the Moringa trees are extremely oily, whereby the oil can be used, among various other possibilities, as a lubricant and as fuel for machinery. 57. Furthermore, dirty water can also be cleaned with the seeds of the tree, and indeed, very much better than what any chemical can do. 58. All of these things, nevertheless, aren’t the only possibilities and benefits that this tree and its seeds and fruits provide, for there are still several more.

    Billy: That is interesting; then one can also hope that a certain progress develops from this in some way for the Earth people.

    Quetzal: 59. As our probability calculations yield, that will actually be the case.

    Thank Goodness the Science Community has done some good in this case!

    Peace to All on Earth and in the Universe!

    Amanda Cogswell, Massachusetts

  2. Latest BBC News: 3 Sep. 2016, Plastic microbeads to be banned by 2017, UK government pledges.

    Article quote: The small pieces of plastic commonly found in toothpaste, exfoliating body scrubs and other household products and are thought to damage the environment.

    Environmentalists fear they are building up in oceans and potentially entering the food chain.

    I’ve searched every where but to no avail, does anyone remember the Contact Report discussing micro-particles and health risks as they penetrate the brain-blood barrier?

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