As the Time Fulfills (Part 5)

As the time fulfills, it becomes less and less necessary to try to prove anything to a world that has largely chosen to ignore the harsh truth. But a couple of items that find their way into the news will be noted here and there for those who may be interested and would benefit from the additional reminders. Most people will not draw the connections but for those who are willing to perceive them, perhaps there are still some things that can be prevented, mitigated, or minimized in impact and severity. Perhaps not.

NASA has now concluded that global warming is mostly manmade. This information – and much, much more – was first presented to humankind as early as the 1950s, by Billy Meier.

And in a stunning revelation, intelligence sources state that Iran appears to be prepared to launch terror attacks inside the U.S. My goodness, such acts would be outrageous not only because of the terrible damage that could be done within our country but also because we, and other countries, have presumed the sole right to launch unprovoked acts of aggression against numerous countries for many decades. Perhaps it’s also time to revisit the Henoch Prophecies* and the very specific events that will indeed befall our country, should we fail to heed the warnings.

How many times must we say that the laws of cause and effect cannot be trumped or circumvented?  Do we really need to keep a scorecard of Meier’s prophetic accuracy, so people can stand transfixed like deer in the headlights, as events bear down upon them, events made unstoppable solely through our ignorance and arrogance?

For those who truly have the will and cognition, this would be a good time to read the Goblet of Truth.


*Another example foretold in the Henoch Prophecies and fulfilling itself before our sleepy eyes:

Russians Preparing Predicted Attacks on U.S., Canada and Scandinavia?

Sweet dreams, humanity.

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  1. Michael,

    It seems the shit has hit the fan; and that “wrecking ball” pendulum of cause and effect of world events seems to fulfill the Henoch Prophecies unlike any of my many years of studying them. Like someone said recently on the Figu forum, maybe Billy’s 2011 prophecy, as a possible WWIII start date, might be coming true when you consider that the US is already engaged with at least drones in Iran — like the one that came down in Iran last year. I sure hope that the US has an agency that is responsible for monitoring the Meier case and can see this madness unfolding.

    I thought Billy said Obama was the safest President in keeping the prophecies from coming true? Or that he was a good man at least? I voted for Obama but now I really wonder if this man wants peace or has sided with the neo-con agenda of an indefinite war on terror to protect US hegemony, instead of ending the wars and taking responsibility for the financial mess that is destroying the dollar. I tend to think that since Billy made his statement about Obama, things have changed toward the worse. I hope that Obama has some masterful plan that is difficult to see that will bring peace to the middle east. But I doubt it. I’m really concerned now too. It may be a little too late for positive change, but I think I’m dumping Obama for Ron Paul 2012.

  2. What is also interesting is the fact that the next American Civil War could be caused because people have “woken up” to the Facts that there Government have lied to them and a “fight” to take over the Country has turned Countrymen against Countrymen, the “MOST FANATICAL COUNTRY” in the World doesn’t want any one to have Atomic Weapons because other Countries can’t be trusted?????? History will show how evil America is for sure and History will show how Stupid we are.

  3. just wanted to add, that I speak with people all over the US on a daily basis through my job. When it comes to the weather, everyone seems to notice how much warmer it has been, especially the older generation of people. Yet these are the ones that still say there is not such thing as man-induced global climate change. Well it’s janurary and people around the US are experiencing 50+ degree weather in the winter. The proof is right in front of us but we humans are the type to react after disaster than before. I meant to post this in this blog

    1. Gheezy: Have you noticed its been raining a lot more too? Or at least I’ve noticed that. More than other years. Whether its HAARP, or Climate change, either idea doesn’t seem particularly pleasant. But I’ll endure, I hope.

      1. it has been raining a lot more than snow, is it due to the warmer weather all around, i’m not sure. I’m not sure how to approach this but just to accept is at it comes, and continuing to learn as much as possible in this lifetime. There’s too many things in the world that forces us to focus less on the truth and more about materialism, and how to survive in a world that developed and forced currency upon the world’s population. I accept it however, we just got to stay focused on the truth and the spiritual teaching (on top off all other things lol).

        1. I’d agree that the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

          Weather has just been plain weird these past couple years.

          And yes, it is quite nice out. At 41° 38′ 5.1814″. In a region where the average mean temperature goes from 17-35 Deg F during winter, its a balmy 39 deg F outside… while this could be within statistical variations (its surprising that finding std deviation information by region is difficult), the following monthly average is quite illustrative of the higher-than-normal temperatures:

          Meanwhile, I add 400+ pages of book to my reading list, in the (what seems hopeless) hope that it does me some good to read about it instead of be out there doing something about it.

  4. My feelings regarding your comments on minimizing or mitigating not only the possibilty of a third world fire but of natural disasters directly brought on by man as well as a host of other preventable horrors are such that I have for the first time in a long while felt like we are approaching a mild victory milestone, and mild it will be. I am feeling more hopeful and optimistic than I have felt in years. I just wanted to share that my heart, hopes and aspirations still thrive intensly as I am reminded of a feeling I had 10 years ago when realizing the importance of deflecting and neutralizing as much negativity around myself as possible so that one day we may look back and say “We did it. We actually did it”. While we are not completely there yet, I would like to appreciate how far we have come, thank Michael Horn, and take a deep breath with all of you here and observe the fact that we made our mild stone (yes mild).


    1. You said, “…I am reminded of a feeling I had 10 years ago when realizing the importance of deflecting and neutralizing as much negativity around myself as possible so that one day we may look back and say “We did it. We actually did it”.

      Don’t you mean that “you did it?” It was your feeling and your self doing the neutralizing that got you to it. Please Tim point out the the people, events or conditions on this planet that will create “a mild victory” right now?

      The sole victory one can make right now is to learn the truth and endeavor to become more spiritual everyday… to gradually shed materialism. I really think that is the not too distant future, given the irrationality of the earth humans, the material comforts that we all take for granted, will be stripped away. The prophecies speak of world wars, civil wars, economic collapse, disease, contamination and total destruction, among other things. In my view all of these things seem right around the corner, or happening right now, when you examine current events. The best thing a person can do in all this chaos and suffering is to become very independent to material things. A person who is strong spiritually (consciousness-related growth) can have personal milestones in the middle of mad max.

      1. You are so right Anthony! It begins with each individual. The power is in the present. The sooner we all realize that we form our own reality through our ideas, thoughts, beliefs and expectations, the better.

  5. As Billy and the Plejarens have stated time and again it starts with overpopulation. But because we are too “Touchy Feely” and not enough “thinky reasony”. You can’t just tap your regular American Christian Super freak on the shoulder and address it. Their meaning of self accomplishment intales having a small basket ball team sized family or even worse having so many kids they can be candidate for a TLC series. There’s only so many ways to cut the pie on earth. I don’t have a PHD or even a bachelors degree for that matter but I am not so stupid that I can’t relize what’s going on. The elephant in the room is named Too “Many” Humans and I think it’s time we say hello. There’s no need to create more “Mini Me’s” there’s enough Hue of men walking around now. As you may aready not know I live in California were have a car for nearly every person in the state you do the’s five O’clock and there are millions of people trying play “Shimmy Shimmy” on the freeways it gets annoying. Can you Imagine what The P’s and Other humans think when they are flying over cities with building stacked sky high…made of glass …..In Earthquake Zones. It’s like a five year decided to play legos around the world…”Daddy Can I build Cities made out of glass and stack humans on top of each others like pancakes. While Im giving my rant for many of you that think “Ron Paul” is …”The One”. He’s not sorry to burst you delusional bubble. The fact of the matter is The Goverement is like the mob , Ronny can’t even infultrate in Texas, What on UR makes you think that he will Infultrate on Federal Level and say “Okay guys time to do think my way” for centuries its been the same think over and over again Ceaser Didn’t it, Alexander Didn’t do it and Hilter certainly didn’t do it and neither did Kennedy and when you try… you die.

    1. Hi Luis,

      While no one here on this planet is perfect, Ron Paul does advocate folks simply be responsible for themselves. Ron Paul does NOT in any sense attempt to be “the One” person to save everybody. He quite clearly does not advocate such in any of the debates, interviews, or speeches he gives. It may sound tragic to most people that have lived lives in the belief something out there will save you or act in this manner but that is what really sums up his philosophy whether someone is aware of it or not. The media does not get this and repeatedly tries to stymie the Congressman.

      He is very popular among young voters most probably because they are going to fit the bill for ‘saving’ everyone while being unable to hold a job themselves.

      The best outcome is merely to push people to simply be responsible for themselves or as Mike will say ‘be their own heroes’.

      Hope this helps.

    2. “… many of you that think “Ron Paul” is …”The One”. He’s not sorry to burst you delusional bubble.”

      WTF are you talking about? How dare you call Ron Paul supporters “delusional?” Taking self responsibility it one of the foundations to the Spiritual Teaching. Ron Paul is asking Americans to take self responsibility for their own lives instead of getting a “free lunch” or getting babysat by the government! Paul is asking government to take self responsibility too. This means shoring up the currency with sound economic principles — instead of warmongering to keep the US dollar the reserve currency of the world. I admire Ron Paul greatly for getting the self responsibility thing right. Also, Ron Paul is against wars of aggression. I think he understands the concept of self defense. He understands ’cause and effect’ and “blow back,” a Creational law. I really think the American people are sick and tired of these wars; and if President Paul looked to the people and Congress he would get a lot of support for peace. If Paul got elected, the financial situation would change overnight. Some corporation/stock price would go up, others, particularly establishment corporations, would drop like a rock. The whole financial landscape would be redistributed the first Monday after election night if Paul was elected president. Why do you think the media is running a PSY OP against Paul, saying “he can’t win?” These people know that real change would happen if Paul got elected. Part of me thinks that a President Paul might create too much change and send things out of control.

      I just hope Obama can get Isreal to calm down and allow the world community to solve these differences with peaceful negotiations. If we can get to the 2012 election without a major war with Iran, I’d probably vote for Obama again. But if WWIII is happening — I’d vote for Paul and then duck.

  6. “If Paul got elected, the financial situation would change overnight” Anthony do you really think Uncle Ronny is stronger then 21/1 leaveraged fractional banking Federal Reserve..No Shot. Yes He sides with reason and logic with regards to taking responsibility for your own life….However you just might have to take “extra” responsiblity for you own life if what meier and the P’s and even michael happens in regards to the “Lights Off” (solar flares then grid going down). Were I can see Uncle Ronny’s shrewd form of leadership coming in handy because then things become localized and not “globalized”. Therefore is Uncle Ronny Just a “Set Up” underdog Bishop chess piece on the board for a key move because he would suit the best for the kind of leadership Needed … is this a freaking set up Cinderella Story? Just like Obama was made the fall guy for basically for everthing that has gone wrong in the world, ” I know lets blame everything on the black guy that always works. Then Things become localized and everyone can blame Obama ……wait a second I smell something …….wait a second….then they can start blaming all the minorites and we can have a …..hold on a second…a civil war ( as billy has stated).I mean it’s not like Ron paul is saying speeches in front of a old southern rebel flags right!!! no of course not! he didn’t know it was there he would never make a mistake like that because Ron Paul is always Consistant right?…. like a monthly letter …wink wink. Guess what!!!!…This country has been “Occupying” this land they took through mass murder , stealing robbing and rapping , is attempting to spread it tenticles around the world and destroy and steal whatever it wants…and it needs another leader….you really think they are going to put a leader that has the best intentions of the country in mind at the helm in it’s darkest hour. When the world hates us for all the wrongs we have committed? I beg to difer they’re only going put a colder, harsher hand of “care” to govern it’s madness. The GOLD standered is not going to clean the slate of cause and effect monoply money and harsher illegal Imigration is not going to fix the cause and effect some of your “four fathers” committed on this land against it’s proper owners..Perhaps all the pain we are feeling as nation is just a little slice of heaven we’ve been able to twinkle around the world.

    1. “… do you really think Uncle Ronny is stronger then 21/1 leaveraged fractional banking Federal Reserve.”

      Absolutely YES. My friend, you obviously don’t know how financial markets work; and how just one word or phrase from a Fed chairman for example, can move markets drastically. Forget what Paul’s policies would do to markets over the long-run, the morning after election night, if Paul got in, my prophecy would be that Goldman Sachs would open up at least 20% lower. Other investment banks who have abused the system would also take a major “haircuts” that morning and trending. Banks would evolve under a Paul presidency; it is just hard to figure if the effect will be good or bad in the short-run.

      “… Uncle Ronny Just a “Set Up” underdog Bishop chess piece on the board for a key move because he would suit the best for the kind of leadership Needed … is this a freaking set up…”

      Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous. Ron Paul is the REAL DEAL. I would bet that Ron Paul, is at least as spiritually competent as any Figu member on a number of topics — through his understanding of the US Constitution. You would have to have been born yesterday to think that Ron Paul is a “set-up.” Ron Paul has been the outcast, the black sheep, the anti-establishment, the consistent, and truthful human being for years. Who are you kidding?

      “I mean it’s not like Ron paul is saying speeches in front of a old southern rebel flags right!!!”

      Why have you disrespected Ron Paul by calling him “Uncle Ronny” and now bringing up creepy imagery? Are you an establishment troll on the net to smear Ron Paul, honestly?

      The GOLD standered is not going to clean the slate of cause and effect monoply money…”

      The gold standard is the antithesis of fractional reserve banking, you maroon. Ron Paul is talking about allowing competing currencies; United States notes, for example, could be easily backed by a basket of commodities or properties for example. This would bring a sound alternative to hyper-inflated, derivative laden, debt ridden, corrupt US Federal Reserve notes.

      My friend Sanchez, honestly you need to calm down from your nonsensical rants and re-read what I wrote. A true human being approaches things from a balanced footing. Not only have you disregarded everything that I was saying, by covering your ‘ears’ it seems, you are now blasting me with half-truth at best. We are all teachers… as well as STUDENTS every time.

  7. Anthony,

    He’s not going to win. You are under the assumption that American Politics are not staged. It’s a act like sports the powerful elite that own the resources are hedged on all sides of the spectrum. You think your average bloated six pack joe is left to Vote for the leader of free world and he decides. Ron Paul doesn’t have the vitality to run this nation. He only one man, history has shown time and time again it takes more then one man, when people understand this things can begin to change. We have let the free markets decide the fate of this country and the world for quite some now….they have only led to business cycles of boom and bust, polution, disease and a society hell bent on amassing crap..including gold and silver. Ron Paul is not the change this isn’t the begining of “Revolution”. No my friend we crossing unchartered waters all around us. Country going into bankcrupt, volitility is everywere…hate is growing at a rapid rate. Who ever is next will have to the one who has to heard the sheep to skinned harder then ever due to many of circumstances that will be happening in the near future. I sense it will be romney Unfortunatly. I would like to have wishful thinking and “BELIEVE” that if nation came together under a leader like Paul that it would work even against the odds , but that is only a fantasy because the reality is …things are only getting worse. If it was was the year 2700 and Ron Paul wanted to become president….he would have my vote. But the truth is all of this is a “dry Run” a “false Flag”. Because the real revoltion …won’t be in this lifetime.

  8. Man made global warming is a myth! Earth have went through periodsof global cooling and warming, our sun is responsible for global cooling and warming.

    1. This is another mentally lazy example. We are not in a natural cycle because the natural cycle adds and removes CO2 to keep a balance; humans add copious amounts of CO2 without removing any. The climate reacts to whatever forces it to change at the time. Human CO2, fossil fuels, and the depletion of Earth’s resources is causing global warming and is known with high certainty & confirmed by observations. The monstrously increasing overpopulation will continue to warm the planet and make life unbearable for many in the coming decades.

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