How You Can Prove that the Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real and True

Simply read Billy Meier’s corroborated, prophetically accurate scientific information, such as in WILL HUMANITY WAKE UP…IN TIME? and you will know that the Billy Meier UFO case is real,  factually true and accurate.

That’s it.

Prophetic Accuracy

If I said no more, and if you are an intelligent, reasonable person, a little effort on your part will reveal the inescapable truth to you. You will see that Meier’s remarkable prophetic accuracy has nothing to do with “lucky guesses”, nor does it rely on dubious interpretations of vague, mystical, symbolic texts. Instead, you will find example after example of specific, prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information that leaves only two possibilities. One is that Meier is indeed receiving his information from far more advanced beings. The other possibility is that he’s the most amazingly accurate psychic and/or prophet that ever lived.

Either possibility – or a combination of both – pose great challenges to our beliefs and demand the attention of intelligent people.

You should know that because there’s so much corroborated information, with more occurring all the time, most of it isn’t presented in chronological order. So you may have to do a little work and think your way through to your own conclusions.

It can be proved that most of the Meier information was published before “official discovery”, or the occurrence of the foretold events, etc.  Naturally, the question then is, what about things like the Henoch Prophecies, where Meier is allegedly forewarned about the destruction of the WTC but we can’t prove the 1987 publication date?

The answer is to see what other events verifiably occurred after the known online publishing date, in English, of 2006. A careful read of the article will reveal that some specific things are clearly underway, such as Russians Preparing Predicted Attacks on U.S., Canada and Scandinavia?, the dissension between France and the EU, the growing threat of radical Islamic fanaticism, etc. This same procedure applies to examining all of Meier’s prophetic and predictive information.

Provoking Controversy

Certainly there has been no shortage of skeptical challenges to Meier’s physical evidence that have resulted in some surprises…mainly for the skeptics.  But if you proceed to think critically you will also see that the presentation of Meier’s still irreproducible UFO photos, films, video, metal samples and sound recordings was simply the mechanism to provoke this great controversy worldwide.

The debate over the authenticity of Meier’s physical evidence will probably continue to rage, serving to introduce many more people worldwide to this remarkable case. However, one can focus on the above referred to prophetic and predictive information as a direct route to confirming the absolute authenticity of the matter. Then when one revisits all of the physical evidence, and the established circumstances under which Meier obtained and presented it, the full impact and magnitude of the reality of the case will likely be perceived.

Taking Action

Thoughtful people will want to review the warnings about events yet to come that can still be avoided, or mitigated, if enough conscious individuals start taking full self-responsibility for their own lives. One will also find clear and direct suggestions for how to avoid much unnecessary damage and how to conduct our lives so as to proceed on an orderly, positive path. Indeed, solutions to our most pressing problems, wars, terrorism, the energy crisis, overpopulation, environmental destruction, etc. are presented for our consideration and, hopefully, voluntary implementation.

There is also information about extricating oneself from the illogical, mind-enslaving, death-bringing religions, sects, cults, etc. Discovering and thinking through the spiritual teaching, which is completely devoid of beliefs, rituals, superstitions, gods, angels, saviors, saints, etc., will greatly help to liberate one from the unreal, cultic influences that have permeated every aspect of our world for millennia.

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  1. I would like to add…

    Some of what the case talks about may simply resonate with you…because you realized you came to those same conclusions independently. If you were allowed to be honest with yourself.

    Please, listen, not just to Meier, but listen to your own voices of reason. And ensure it is a voice of reason.

  2. Apparently Billy is a fake to all in the UFO community and they have proof that the “Aliens” are amongst us and were being abducted etc. The same people that believe there mumbo jumbo also believe in God and would Kill for Jesus tomorrow because he’s going to save them. The experts need to investigate this as much as i have to come to the same conclussion as you have done but they won’t because they would have to become just like you and i and loose there importance in a field that they actually know nothing about.
    Right again Micheal

    1. The “UFO Community”, to put things into perspective, have an important world revelation mission of making light shows in the sky interesting by self proclaimed ufologists that go so far as to give themselves diplomas on intergalactic relations. There is as much investigation and scientific inquiry done by the Community that they can
      “believe” a church in the DaVinci Code can be determined to have a possibility of being a trans-dimensional gateway. The UFO Community and assorted panel of exo-perts can talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

      I can say from my experience in talking about the points brought out by Billy like Cumbre De Viego, Nuclear Reactors, or even population, most folks I’ve come across are not at all concerned. Bringing up NASA, credible news sources, etc. it is still ignored without mentioning Billy. I do not know of any other supposed UFO Contactee that discusses such things as the three mentioned above without sounding like the space brothers on their flying dish washer rags is going to save a select few that wear Kleenex boxes on their feet. We unfortunately live in interesting times.

  3. It would be very easy to write off billy and his claims as lies. But the fact is many of the claims he has stated have unfortunately transpired… and some have yet to come about thankfuly… for now. Because The “UFO” community is more of a “Pseudo Science” and is driven by profits and disinformation led by various goverments any person with a “sincere” and honest desire for the truth can not and should not go by the reason of ignoring the case because “The Goverment Doesn’t Disclose” or ” Sorry The Mighty Morphon Mufon Rangers are busy out in the field hunting fake Bug Eyed ET the US goverment made by surgically altering humans ( Contact 251 ,February 3, 1995, Billy Meier) leave a message after the creep). Truth is a hard pill to swallow, it takes time to digest…Do I mean just only watching “The Silent Revolution Of Truth” and doing a AhHa Walla wiki search on Billy Meier. Negative Ghost Rider, If you want the truth your going to have to earn it…Yes earn it. You will have to put in brain racking time to THINK and Read . And THINK some more. No, your not going to hear about this on Larry King Live or better yet…Later on the news at 5!

    Why not your thinking? well to put simply..btw ”
    “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein
    (SOME OF YOU SHOULD REALLY THINK ABOUT THAT QUOTE) I mean that in the nicest way possible ..seriously I really mean that…be yourself…anyways

    So to but simply as I was saying. “Our world leaders would rather be at the helm of everthing and drive earth into the ground because there ego have the peddle to the floor with everything, then to step aside and let people with logic and reason and love find solutions to our problems…it’s just that simple

    Now I know, I know some of you long winded “audiences watching from the bench” will try to complicate my statement but “they would rather let there ego stay in the drivers seat and let all the people pass by and watch them drive and control earth like a drunk mad man , then to pass the keys to a sober person with wisdom and knowledge…because they don’t want to let go the the wheel this a freaken joy ride for them and the cost of human life and earth as well.

  4. It’s not going to be too much longer before nasa finally comes clean that the moon is not a circular globe shape but the dark side has a huge hump on it. Also arch nemesis Phil Plait recently came out with a video of the libration of the moon which proves (as Billy has told us) that the moon does not revolve. When both of these issues become common knowledge it will be another notch in Billy’s belt and what will the skeptics have to say about that?
    If you are reading this webfulfill (and I’m sure you are) these are just two examples of Billy’s predictions that will come true in our lifetimes. But I’m sure you’re going to try and make them your own predictions and collect another $100,000. Just wanted to out you before it happens.

  5. You really can’t get mad at humanity for not waking up. Our whole system from the top down is based on keeping people from seeing the truth; and not just the Meier contact truths, but truth in general. The government is notorious for keeping the truth from the people. In many cases today in America, if a person is telling the truth about a hot topic or sensitive subject, they are considered an enemy of state.
    The public is bombarded by untruth everyday through media advertising — is all about getting you to forget about your real needs while they sell you something you don’t need. From an early age, children are subjected to a variety of confusing and conflicting explanations (from parents, teachers, priests, etc.) when it comes to topics such religion. The point is, people have been intentionally taught how to avoid seeing the truth!!!

    So you got people generally who don’t know what to ‘believe’ and can’t see the truth as it is staring them in the face; then you want them to see the truth in an outlandish, deep and complicated story about space travel, and time travel, religion vs spirituality, a different earth history, a prophet, let alone prophesies, beamships, laser guns, and dinosaur pictures. Do you see where I’m going? I can totally see why Billy says it is going to take 800 years before humanity sees the truth. Until then, we should just do our best, the rare group who can recognize truth, like this blog and other Billy Meier supporters, to show people how to prove things for themselves rather than criticizing them for being lost.

  6. What about that time Billy went into the past and took pictures of dinosaurs(eventhoughtheywereprovedtobephotosofillustrations)?!? That was awesome, and totally shows his credibility! Man, you guys are just the smartest people. Ignoring scientific evidence and all.
    That should hopefully help you a bit, so you can comprehend your ignorance, as you obviously need something that basic.

    1. Hi Kayla,

      Thnaks for writing and of course for validating exactly what I’ve said, i.e. that skeptics rush to try to disprove the Meier case…instead of trying to learn the truth, disturbing as it is to them.

      Since I haven’t heard from you before, I’ll just start with a few basic points:

      1. 22 attempts to kill Meier failed, so trying to assassinate his character by inserting manipulated photos was the next tactic. Yes, I know, the skeptics like to tell us how a competent assassin could’ve killed him. Please spare us that one, okay?

      2. Meier’s physical UFO evidence was not only authenticated by some pretty smart folks – like Michael Malin (NASA Mars Mission) – but was also recently again authenticated. See:

      And of course there’s so much ongoing corroboration of Meier’s prophetic scientific information that it rivals the heights of the rising sea waters:

      You can find tons more on this blog as well as here:

      So, if you’re serious about learning something, you’ve come to the right place. We’re glad to answer questions here as best we can, that is if the questioner is sincere. And that certainly doesn’t preclude disagreement.

      Oh yeah, for the record, I’ll be glad to take on ANY scientists, skeptics, etc., in a live, public debate. If you’d like to assist please let me know. The more skeptical the better. And they’d better bring napkins and antacids, since I’ll feed them their lunch. Kinda like I did for someone who shares the same last name as you do:

      …so say hello to Ryan for me if you’re related.

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