As the Time Fulfills (Part 6)

Very little has to be said about this automotive development and its indication of the direction that technology is taking, as well as how it shows the kind of cars described by Wendelle Stevens when he viewed the photographs of the…coming San Francisco earthquake.

The reason that no more needs to be said is that even after this mega-disaster – and others – occur, people will still be in denial of Billy Meier’s prophetic accuracy, even though they’ll be able to verify that he predicted the specific events long in advance.

Who will prove me wrong?

See also: A regulation is set to require rearview cameras in cars

Special thanks to Tony Sokolski and Darcy Carlile

16 Replies to “As the Time Fulfills (Part 6)”

  1. Here, here…I say the best thing to do in the everlasting present time is to listen and learn from what your True Prophet and guardian of the treasure heralds/announces in great amounts of spiritual intelligence contact reports from higher evolved/evolved human beings whom live in space/outer space and time/everlasting time.

  2. l read in a contact that Billy would re incarnate in 2075. l think it was with Semjase who told Billy he would be born only a few years after his death from this life. This would indicate the SF quake could be a very long time out. l dont have the contact number, however a ‘few years’ in her speak could mean decades given these peoples life spans.

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