Yet Another Prophecy Being Fulfilled before Our Sleepy Eyes?

The 30-year anniversary of the war between Argentina and Great Britain over the Falkland Islands was recently noted, as well as the growing dispute regarding oil rights in the area.

If one was cynical they might think that British Prime Minister David Cameron’s claim that they were only concerned with upholding the rights of the Falkland Islanders to “determine their own future” was simply diplomatic/political doubletalk, i.e. lying.

Whatever one may think, a careful read of Quetzal’s unambiguous, prophetic words to Billy Meier – 31 years ago – about the long range ramifications of the (then coming) war between the two countries may be of interest, especially as it relates to the prospects of a Third World War.

Contact #150 October 10, 1981*


154. Your words are correct point-blank, but this Pope will not carry on his evil doings much longer.

155. Due to his criminal actions, namely, he also has already pre-determined his end, about which I presently do not wish to state any data.

156. It is rather appropriate that I tell you, that this deceitful man has up his sleeve to also visit your homeland, Switzerland, where he will present himself and continue to carry on his showy acts.

157. Besides that, he will also try to get to Argentina, in order to instigate the people there in his dirty way and manner, in regard to the war between Argentina and England.

181. During the month of April 1982, namely, the Argentinians will militaristically occupy the Falkland Islands, which are a British colony, whereupon England will send out a fleet of warships, due to which an actual small war begins between two nations, which will claim many human lives and war materials.

182. But this war will be an additional sign for the Third World War, moving closer and closer.

183. Besides, this will also be the actual fundamental reason for the fact that, during the approaching Third World War, England will be attacked from the East by great force.

184. This however, still lies further into the future, and whenever the time arrives, no one will search for the reason for this attack on England in this approaching Falkland conflict, breaking out during the month of April 1982, although in truth the cause for it will be there.

Billy:   For this conflict, the snotty girl Thatcher and the Argentine army-rogues should be held accountable or?  They should all be led to a public place, before a TV-camera of worldwide scope, to roll down their pants, put them over the knee and give them a thrashing according to the ‘book’.


185. You amuse me, but this would truly be an effective solution, because thereby they would become impossible to occupy their positions, for which they have no ability anyway.

Billy:   In truth they altogether have not grown up yet, but are actual rogue-boys and rogue-girls, yet even snot-boys and snot-girls.


186. The expressions in your dialect fit exactly, and not one person among them has grown up, like most of those in other governments of the Earth.

Billy:   Finally, I hear an open word in this regard and those, who actually would be somewhat suitable for leading positions, they are not man enough in order to carry out what is right, because they do not dare to stand up against their party members – perhaps because they fear to lose their position.


187. That is correct, but we should not talk about these matters, because they reach into politics.

Billy:   Despite that it is so, and I think that we are not politicizing, if we point out the erroneous actions of the governments.


188. Although this is correct, but Earth Man tends to misunderstand these matters despite the fact.

189. Therefore, let us turn to other matters. . .


*NOTE: I first read the original document in 1986 and have had a copy of the 1982/1996 edition since 1996.

4 Replies to “Yet Another Prophecy Being Fulfilled before Our Sleepy Eyes?”

  1. We as a pe0ple do not listen, business as usual. Problem is while we talk on our smart phones and play our video games,power hungry money grubbing human maggots,convince them selves that they have a mandate too rule te rest of us. Their game is a lot more deadly than video games. Seems to me that the only smart thing in this mix are the phones.

  2. Dear Michael, and Friends:

    Thank you so much for sharing with us so amazing and top-important information and knowledge for all terrestrial humankind.

    Human-mass will not change. The real task and effort in order to change for the good these evil course of events over this planet, There are upon to each real and responsible terrestrial human.

    The one who can be able to recognize the true truth on Amazing and Wonderful writings from the 7th Great Prophet of Truth on Earth planet: Mr. “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier,,

    Every time we rise our eyes and hands to wonderful stars cluster and appreciate beautiful Universe, please pray, pray to our Might-Powerful Spirit of Creation, which part of it enlives in our true BEING.

    Live and think your human-live experience according your conscience and wise Universal Laws and Directives of Creation, then you will appreciate a real and good changes and achivements in our lives.

    Namaste! Dear terrestrial human fellows,

    Lima, Peru

  3. Michael,

    I had some differences with you in the past…and you rightly pointed out to me…that I was not “really” much familiar with the “Meier material”…

    I have since and still continue to read the “contact info” and AM GREATLY SURPRISED…I originally was a “bit sceptical” because of being “heavily spiritually oriented.” After reading the “spiritual stance” of the Meier material…I am ceasing to have “concern about this” and find myself “rapidly swinging in “full support” of the Plejaren Mission.

    I have previously indicated in my posts…that since I have had some UFO type sightings and one contact, and was a heavy-duty psychic…so that I had NO DOUBT about the fact that the Meier contact WAS GENUINE…I WAS JUST NOT SURE AT THE TIME…about the “spiritual orientation”…now I AM NO LONGER CONCERNED ABOUT THAT…AND EXPECT TO BE “IN YOUR CORNER” so to speak…

    again, my apologies for “prejudging without” first…becoming more familiar with the Meier material…

    by the way…my one major contact (the people on the ship looked beautiful human…in military type blue uniform…the “main distinction” was they had “very black eyes”…in all other respects human…they were surprised I was conscious…and terminated the contact, and sent me back immediately…this one experience was in the “seventies”…and I don’t know for sure who this was…but it was radically different from most of my other many paranormal experiences, etc.

    any comment on “black eyes” etc…I’m just curious (this isn’t the Zeta types with the big eyes and non-human bodies…whom I have never knowlingly had contact with, other than reading about them in other material, etc. (but I have no doubt that variations of them…probably both good and bad frequently are involved here on earth in the physical)


    I will probably be a “strong advocate” of the Meier Material…going forward…
    just had to clear up “some of my Vatican/Christian type programming, etc.”


    flashrob (website …have a New Age page there….

    I think some of our “differences” are just semantic…as I see how many of my paranormal experiences fit in – within a different way of encompassing things within the structure of the Meier material paradigms – (in the past… I accelerated my consciousness and probably altered my physical brain dna because of excessive meditation years ago…although much has seemingly reverted as over the last decades I once again embraced the “lower vibrational” paradigms of the existing mostly physical patterns of “current physical earth” and the existing largely negatively controlled agendas of those negative human leaders who mostly set the tone of things here, etc.

    anyway, I think I am making progress…it’s all quite complicated… there is just so much to work on… to get “it right” and in accordance with “the overall “Creative” elucidated in the Meier material…

    regards again,


    1. Hi Robert,

      I just want to say thanks for your openness and self-honesty. I have no comment on your experiences simply because they are subjective and I have no credible way to address them, they are yours. But your overall comments, and recognition of there being more to the Meier case than you first perceived, are gratifying and hopeful elements showing that many intelligent people may yet come to realize the value here in their own time, through their own initiative.

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