Remember, It Isn’t Happening if You Don’t Know about It!

It was shortly after the Fukushima tsunami and nuclear plant disaster occurred that Billy Meier was told by the Plejaren extraterrestrials that the super worst-possible case-scenario had already occurred.

Now, new detailed information surfaces that isn’t being reported in the mainstream media, which in our peculiar world means that it isn’t happening, right? After all, if you don’t know about it, it can’t be happening, it can’t be real.

However, it was already real enough to the Plejaren who accessed all of the correct information about the about the actual magnitude of the disaster and foretold other “manifold deadly consequences”, right down to details about cooling related problems such as are now reported in the April 7th article.

But none of this can actually be happening so, back to our regularly scheduled avoidance and denial.


Thanks to Chris Lock for bringing this information to our attention.

4 Replies to “Remember, It Isn’t Happening if You Don’t Know about It!”

  1. Hi, I just listened to the Coast To Coast AM podcast and my interest in Billy Meier info has been piqued. However, I had two years of German in college and would like to see the original material in German. I looked around and only found the website so far and would appreciate a link to the most comprehensive Billy Meier material available in German.

    Also, I still have a lot of German to learn and am looking for some kind of browser add-on that will translate words or phrases that the cursor is over, or perhaps has highlighted. If you have any pointers there, I’d appreciate them, too.

  2. Also, I’ll donate whatever I can for that new movie. If by change my friend wasnt lying, and you wanting to make a new one. My finances have been tight, but I’ll give whatever I can.^^

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