Apparently not content to have made utter fools out of themselves with their inept, inaccurate attacks on the Billy Meier UFO case and its evidence and information, noted pseudo-scientific skeptical poseurs and wannabes, Stuart Robbins and Derek Bartholomaus, seem to have self-administerd their own coup de grace.

Since, as this blog states, Bartholomaus has had 11 years in which to perfect his bumbling incompetence, which he indeed has honed and polished to a “T”, his confused, meandering musings are both comic relief and an indictment of the inane skeptical movement itself.

While there actually are skeptics who are infinitely smarter than either of the two rubes above, even the best of them flounder badly and get in over their heads when they venture into waters far too deep for them, as Tom Quinn found out himself.

35 comments on “Numb-Nut Skeptics Stumble Again

  • Hi Anon, let’s not forget we live on a planet that booes anyone that mentions the Golden Rule. Here a frame of reference to consider:

  • i must say first of all, stunned and baffled as to why anyone with such thoughts as ‘gheezy’ would even care to read anything here.

    Mr Quinn’s words are so familiar, i’d say clever rhetoric but its not clever, seems intellectual cynics are all wired the same, its really funny to me because its like they understand everything like it originated in the 20th century e.g e.t abductions, eco warriors, new age thinking and the idea that this race (plejaren) just evolved then discovered us in the 1970s. its selective critical thinking for sure, hes aware of ancient history but somehow blocks it out in this regard.

    What i noted from the passage was his reference to meier losing his arm and making a joke of how that would have been convenient if he had of been warned(he was of course)that made me lol sitting here, these people learn really really slow. For sure they will never contemplate spiritual matters in this life time, they are like religious minded people, better left alone with their ideas and not subjected to anything profound or threatening.

    Also this idea(that he also alluded to) about people of seemingly no consequence, that is to say judging them by their profession like meier(and myself for that matter)should not have this privalege of stating such information really sums up the jealous, antagonistic ,egotistic, irrational thinking thats prevelant among these(there is no other way to say it for me anymore) not so evolved spirit forms.

  • i only posted that above because this is what some people tend to believe in strongly. If you read the post completely, or have been on this site for a while, i usually post different things. I am a firm believer in what Mr. Meier is presenting to us. I only posted the above statement because this is the type of response i get when questioning those who are religious. They never have a logical answer just statements like the ones above, which i find pretty ridiculous because in other subjects outside of religion people can think logically. When it comes to religions, the religious lose all logical thoughts as long as they can attempt to prove that their religion is the real religion above all others etc. I am not atheist since I do have a belief, which most of us on this blog can agree upon 🙂

    • I think the joke goes, athiests tend to rely on the material, religion on pseudo philosophy. So what does it mean for us who actually think?

      • I don’t think its a mystery at all. Those of us who think rely on material philosophy. Also known as logic.

        • Yea i don’t think you got the joke. But thats ok. You know Billy talks about the spirit right? Not just material.

  • I love your blog, Mike,,you are so funny, witty, and intelligent!

    Thanks so much from everyone, for helping Billy so much!!

    I like the line,,”its like watching a movie after reading the script”, from another entry,,,lol.

    Yes,,it is.

  • sorry, put the things so primarily “godism or atheism”… atheism can be a inverse form of “religion”… if no religion, no beliefs… no atheism also… terms are relative. is much difficult consider the things in other way if no “godism versus atheism? it is bored and improdutive.

  • One thing to always remember, stupidity and block headedness is always surprising, shocking and so on. I must put that out there. It’s so easy to spend time wracking my brain trying to spell it out for numbskulls who are suffering not from blindness, but from the refusal to see. Can’t wake somebody up who is pretending to sleep. So I say yes it’s good to expose these shites out for what they are, but to not get myself too wound up about their actively disinterest in truth. They are brain and emotional vacuums and will suck you dry if they can. It seem to be their only goal in life. I remember reading in the Goblet of Truth something to the effect of “Don’t concern yourself with fools for they themselves do not know that they are fools.” and the next part goes on about how doing so only wastes and robs you of your peace of mind. I have found so much comfort in taking that in. It’s absolutely true. Having had a father like that and having met others like that, it’s not about you or about them because in reality, they aren’t actually even present. So just take it with a grain of salt. You won’t get through to them because they don’t want it, not because they don’t understand.

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