Billy Meier’s Information Regarding Life on Mars now Corroborated

As we first reported in August of 2008, Billy Meier’s information – from 1976 -about the discovery of evidence of life on Mars has received further corroboration in recent analysis of 36-year-old data from NASA. As more information becomes available, the authenticity of Meier’s extraterrestrial contacts, and the prophetic accuracy of his information, cannot be questioned by rational, thinking people.


Highly suggested viewing for in-depth background on the Meier UFO contact cases and the machinations of the CIA, etc., in trying to prevent it from being made widely known.


Special thanks to Mahigitam for the information alert.

18 Replies to “Billy Meier’s Information Regarding Life on Mars now Corroborated”

  1. Where are the Martian ruins, Mr. Horn ?
    They destroyed them inhabitants of Sirius ?
    You really believe in it ?

    1. I simply don’t know. There’s information in the Meier case that I simply refer to as “speculative” until such time as I, you, we, etc., can prove or disprove it.

      Interesting reading:

      …though the scenario with the Martian ruins has apparently changed.

  2. Thank you for translating this latest information for us Michael.

    I want to explain something to anyone who may be concerned. in places such as here on michaels blog, all the answers often I imagine causes discomfort, let’s make an example: during a major natural disaster we cannot rely on public services, there’s no god and community is often worn thin – this can make us feel uncomfortable, I want to explain something about terrorism.

    Many governments have various agencies and everyone has heard of James bond. Their powers are limited to the natural laws. I hind the scenes there is a widespread coverup fudging of facts and concealment which is absolutely necessary to ensure calm and tranquility can continue, we’re the calm to fail then we could even do much less than what were doing behind the scenes already. We track several thousand of these individuals across Europe, which is already very many, not as many granted as the 17 thousand explained here by ptaah. If we were to track any more than this already we would need much larger teams, and in reality we already struggle to recruit individuals with the necessary skillet to carry out this monitoring type work. So we rely on vast computers to collect all kinds of key data for us, using algorithms, so that the available human resources can comb through a much finer band of data. There is only around 8-10 hours a day for employment purposes and we simply cannot monitor that volume of individuals. we rely on the signing in to work, to their phone, to their tax, paying bills, registering to vote, we use all that data to register the humans existence. Our technology is incapable of detecting individuals who drown on an overcrowded boat, or live in a tent in a park, we can only assess terrorism by extremist behavioural characteristics, and then we can move closer to the individual, and we can arrest under the terrorism legislations that are new.

    Your all alone and I love you.

    And that is ok, and that is good.

    It is interesting when we look back at history with all this data, how we thought we much more powerful than we were, and how we complimented ourselves on how much we knew about humans and consciousness, the laws and trends we adopted as well as many other social traditions which were wrong but felt so right, and how today we think we really know and are aware of something.

    The situation may become a self fulfilling prophecy, that we may bio chip human beings, just like we have made in films and images and stories already.

    Thank you.

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