While the latest concern about President Obama’s birthplace has his foes all up in arms, perhaps we should contemplate a few questions that don’t get much public scrutiny:

How many American jobs have been shipped to India, the Philippines, South America, Mexico and other countries? How much of America is now owned by the…Chinese?

How many U.S. corporations – and politicians – have sold out their country (including military technology) for profit?

How many small and even large businesses have been plundered by good ol’, native born Americans with their compulsively insatiable greed?

So, was Barack Obama born in Kenya or Hawaii? I don’t know. But I do know that we had better learn to judge a person on their character, merits and accomplishments. While we are always faced with choosing between imperfect human beings – since we are all imperfect ourselves – the choice in the coming election will be between a man who has tried his best to do the things he thought would help all of the people, and who has of course also made bad and/or unpopular decisions, and someone who will do the bidding of those who are salivating to have more, larger and ultimately apocalyptic wars.

So choose carefully between a man who may or may not have been born here and one who may well assure that many, many of us get buried here, en masse and quite prematurely.


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20 comments on “Well I Don’t Know about Kenya But…

  • oh remember guys obama is the reason why the US debt is 14 trillion (sarcasm). Obama is clearly the better choice. Who cares where he is from because that does not influence his character. He was the man that sent a team to attack Bin Laden rather than start wars looking for him. I’m sure Bush could have done the same but chose to drag US and other countries into a War over religions rather than targeting one man.

  • Earth humans have a lot to learn about praxeology, i.e. human action, which is the basis and study of true free market economics. Where somebody was born is not the issue, although if true that Obama was born in Kenya, then it is a reflection of the extent that politicians and others have gone to break the rules and, therefore, what other rules and laws have they broken?

    Read Frederic Bastiat or Ludwig von Mises or other Austrian free market economists to find out why it doesn’t matter in which country jobs or commodities are freely produced. Trade protectionism is not the answer.

    Read F.A. Hayek to understand what money really is, and thus why the basis for today’s recession is due to the actions of the world’s central bankers. It is not a virus from Mars. If you cannot define money, you do not know what you are talking about.

    Even the Plejaren understand that the Middle East War, for example, has nothing to do with enmity or religion. The basis for that war, as it has been for the last 100 years, has more to do with central banking intrusions into various nations than anything else.

    As far as Obama or Bush and their moral philosophies are concerned, let’s just say that both are different forms of altruistic state collectivism and both will/would have caused us to end up in the very same position. Those of you who understand what Ayn Rand is saying in her Objectivist philosophy will note that she is saying the very same thing that the Plejaren are stating, especially as they keep referring to individualism vs. the collective state or church. There are still too many individuals who are state collectivists and are trying to fit their left Liberal ideology into Billy Meier and the Plejaren’s messeage to everybody on this planet. Rand, Meier, and the Plejaren may be using different terminology, but I assure you they are stating the same objectivist facts, laws, and moral philosophy of the universe.

    So you can argue all day long about Obama this and Bush that, but until you have read and studied the referenced material above, most of you are simply uttering disconnected thought globs. Sorry to be so straight forward, but I’m getting really tired of having to continually explain why today’s main issue is individual freedom vs. the collectivist state. Too many people know zip zero nada about real economics, which is praxeology, not number crunching in differential calculus.

    Good luck. Think big. No, even bigger than that.


    • Thats a very good assumption you made there. Except I actually read the material. And I certainly don’t have to prove it to anyone either.

    • Harry, I have to disagree with you about the reason for the war in the middle east. I would like to know if you have ever had a conversation with a citizen of Iran, Iraq, Afganistan, Saudi Arabia, or any other citizen of any nearby country in that area ? Because if you had, you might just do more than THINK, you might just do a little research into what the citizens of those countries had to tell you about their FIRST HAND knowledge of what they have EXPERIENCED in their lifetimes, or maybe better yet, what their fathers, and grandfathers have experienced living there. Politics and the liars and deceivers that make up the whole system, from greedy corporate leaders, to bankster gangsters, to the backdoor deals with representatives of the various countries political systems, including every president of the USA and his administration since George Washington (there may have been 4 or 5 honest ones that had some ability to lead by example) are all responsible for their part in what has manifest to create what we are living through today. As long as there is a monetary system, or a system that relies on politics to perform acts of diplomacy, there will be greed and coruption, and someone will always be taking advantage of someone else somewhere in the world. Because we are to stupid to realize that placing value in material things creates animosity between people, and perpetuates a system that promotes un-equality between people, we will continue to have fear, and hatred instead of love, and respect for each other in the truest sense of these words. The bottom line is, was, and always will be each and every individual must take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions, and until that day when this is realized and accepted by EVERYONE, we will be reaping what we sow.

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