Tugging at Our Heart Strings…Or How to Feel Better While Things Get Worse

Perhaps the second part of the title should read, “Or How to Feel Better While Helping to Make Things Worse”.

Well, prepare yourself to be offended, or to at least find what I’m about to say “insensitive”. Once again the world is awakened to news of drought and disaster, of a truly desperate situation now faced by some 18 million people in Africa.

And the UN Secretary-General advises us that there are more than 42 million refugees worldwide, forced from their homes by wars and famines, etc.

Naturally, pleas for donations and all sorts of help are called for. But the one thing that absolutely isn’t even mentioned is the underlying cause, not only for these situations but also for most of the problems that we face…and that we will continue to increasingly face from here on: overpopulation. Of course nothing is also mentioned about how overpopulation directly leads to disappearing resources and desperate measures human beings take to cut down trees for firewood, etc., in the process of overusing their land, which further accelerate the droughts and dessert-like conditions.

Why isn’t…birth control being provided – and its use required – as part of the conditions of “rescuing” people who, as history has repeatedly shown, revive themselves enough to continue procreating…only to create yet another generation of starving, emaciated babies, whose photographs are then used to tug at our heart strings?

Beginning to see the cold, hard reality yet – and the way that common sense and logic are overridden by those who manipulate through guilt?

Indeed, we are, as my corrected title suggests, helping to make things worse when we ignore the actual underlying cause, whether we donate to some assistance organization out of compassion or guilt, or don’t give anything at all.

Certainly, there will be accusations of racism and knee-jerk liberals will be offended, as will dopey conspiracy theorists who assume that anyone calling out for attaining and maintaining a sensible population level must be in league with the mysterious “elite” who supposedly want to exterminate most of the world’s population. (Don’t they realize that these so-called “elite” are also dependent on having as many people to exploit as possible to keep supplying all of the products and services that they themselves desire and require?)

The plain fact is that the Earth is a closed system, with finite space and resources, with limited means of accommodating the waste products and pollution from exponentially increasing numbers of human beings, and the various animals raised for food, let alone as pets.

For those who really want some in-depth information on overpopulation and its real, undeniable consequences – as well as suggestions as to how we could help to reduce and rebalance the population in a natural, non-sinister way –  please read this article.

And see this article for a glimpse at the even larger scope of the refugee problem.


7 Replies to “Tugging at Our Heart Strings…Or How to Feel Better While Things Get Worse”

  1. It’s really a vicious circle. On the one hand, the majority of people don’t know (or wish to know) about the ever-increasing threat of overpopulation. And on the other, those who are aware of the problem, especially those in positions of power, choose to remain silent lest they lose popularity or hurt their political careers. Shame on the human race.

  2. Okay, Mikey:

    Unfortunately, the Christians don’t want to believe that because “God” says to “go forth and multiply”. Some of these folks are in the Patriot Movement. Also, they feel that there is plenty of empty land. Totally illogical. See what I have to put up with, but I am where I need to be because it is best to plant the seeds then to talk to people who agree with you.

  3. Great article, and as someone who has read many of Billy’s books I agree with you 100% about over population, I’m just surprised the earth hasn’t fully cracked in half from all the abuse we have given it. But I guess it’s already happening on a world wide scale. People should really read Billy’s books in order to make sense of these things. They will learn so many things that people on this little blue planet can’t teach. Speaking of teaching I have a few questions which have been bothering me. Maybe this is not the place or time but I’m going to say it because I don’t know where to get more information about this and maybe you can help me Michael. My question is about Angels, what are biblical angels? Do they have wings? Are they like the gods of ancient time (Extraterrestrial in nature) Does a Satan really exist? And if so is it an extraterrestrial or is it something created by Christianity to control humanity. I have many other questions but these are constantly running through my mind after reading the Talmud Jmmanuel. Please help. I want to expand my spiritual knowledge but I have been stuck on this for some time now.

    1. As I understand it. angels referred to some extraterrestrials that had certain functions, perhaps as guards, messengers, etc. They were not winged beings necessarily, although the info says there were winged beings in the past. Anyway, the point is that the kind of depictions of angels in religious work is, just like, Satan and all that, imaginary nonsense, something that the religions seem to specialize in. I think you answer it well yourself, for indeed Christianity and the other religions are designed to control people, make them fearful, subservient, etc.

      1. Thank you Michael, in a strange way I had known all along. Thanks to Billy’s information I freed myself from these false ideas and concentrated on more important factual, logical things. I used to believe and waste a lot of time on following conspiracy theories and stories of abductions and crazy non sense until Billy shared his knowledge of these things with me. I think it is important that Billy speaks about these things even though he might not think they are of importance, a lot of people have a normal curiosity for these unknown things and get trapped in the occult studies trying to find something to prove the answer every individual seeks. What ever that may be. But people have the natural urge to search. Billy pointed me in the right direction by separating truth from fiction and told me what I needed to know and what was more important than following occult legends. I thank Billy, the Plejaren, you, and the whole FIGU team for helping me de-clutter my curiosity.

    2. Hi Camda1

      I’d like to answer with my limited savvy and (not set in stone) conclusions gleaned. 

      “My question is about Angels, what are biblical angels? Do they have wings? Are they like the gods of ancient time (Extraterrestrial in nature)”

      The genesis account of angels attempted to describe beings who fly. How they perceived that was using their limited references at that time when technology on earth hardly existed. The gods and angels had this technology but those enslaved to mine their gold and other minerals did not make much sense of it. There are flying vehicle artifacts dated to that time. Birds Wings were its only reference to explain its means of flight. And god was an appellation expressed in humility by earth because they could not compare their intelligence with those who traversed the lands, let alone try to explain the heavens and firmaments being visited. The Book of Enoch make much clear on the realities existing in galaxy. Of-course in his limited understanding though. He also names these beings. Angels equate to Aliens. Gods are the ranked ones and in some authors views are basically the same as angels but referred to in their understanding. 

      The bible offers many accounts of character types regarding these angels. Some benevolent and some malevolent in nature and deeds. This is where we will find stories on gods having disputes with others in Hindu text and in OT Bible it always shows how on messenger for a different group of angels sent them to appose the kings following other gods. Interesting references to stars are in these texts as in that which they worshiped. My understanding is, after much research, that these gods ruled various areas in the globe, similar to multinationals today, mining minerals for intergalactic trading. Wars and belief systems and many other issues derived from this and on many occasions mankind was ALL destroyed and restarted again. 

      Way before this adamic cycle their we’re other people’s who were giants 
      because they were off springs of Gods and daughters of man.

      These gods manipulated genetics, such with Adam and wanted no other race interfering with their intended slave race. The Satan, a group from Sirius, found it necessary to intervene and plot against this plan. They succeeded in that Eve became pregnant by of the members. At the same time she expected Adams son. Cain and Abel are bi-paternal twins therefore no matter how good Cain was and attempted to please YHWH, the god then, he was denied. Abel was accepted unconditionally – why? After the murder the off spring of Cain flourished – because – genetically they were more advanced. Because of this genetic mix and intervention the benevolent guys decided to destroy and wage wars and belief systems against these bad guys so to speak. 

      “Does a Satan really exist?And if so is it an extraterrestrial or is it something created by Christianity to control humanity.” 

      Yes The Satan is a GROUP of ET’s and my search points me to Sirius star system more, however lately I am researching Barnard Star as it is a runaway sun that might be referencing planet x theories. Still in search though trying to find references to our sun is being binary system and perhaps if these beings – early Sumerians are from that system. Anyway THE SATAN is an appellation which is Ha Satan meaning a group rather than an individual.

      With regards to Christianity installing fear, I think they really didn’t know how else to depict this group or persona and did as best they feared and understood. 

      Again this is all just my theory and limited research…


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