Regarding the Aliens that Observe Us

A recently published contact conversation between Billy Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrials shed some light on(and possibly raises some questions about) an alien race that is observing the Earth and events on it.

Apparently, for some time the Plejaren have known about this race, which is divided into three groups, each of which only monitors and moves over certain areas of the Earth.

Naturally, despite any evidence, one can expect various individuals to come out of the proverbial woodwork claiming to channel, meet with, be married to, be carrying the babies of, these beings whose ships are occasionally seen and perhaps photographed. Nonetheless, the vast majority of UFO sightings are still attributed to secret terrestrial technologies.


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  1. HI Sheila , With respect ..How do you know that black opps are laughing there ass`s off when viewing certain vids ??? thats presumtious.

    My brother also seen one of the best sightings with me, and after telling my mother of my sightings, she also had a daytime sighting of a gold type of sphere pulsing orange light, which I seen days before.

    I also feel a little silly repeating myself again and again but I DO know the difference between a jet engine and a still/silent craft
    Do you doubt the Meier reports , describing Extraterrestrial demonstrations worldwide ?

    I dont think governments have much of a choice when it comes to disclosure, It seems many would prefare not to disclose.. but with these groups demonstrating ultimately governments wont have much of a choice, unless thier religous delusion wins out, which will be suicide and a declaration of war against these Extraterrestrial groups
    Disclosure may not come in the way we expect Sheila.. especially if the world powers dont work out thier differences , It will be as Jmmanuel & Henoch foretold.. when describing Extraterrestrial forces on the earth giving up their annonimty to help the poorer nations if war gets too out of control.
    One prophecy foretold that Extraterrestrial landings were supposed to take place in 1998.. Billy then in the 251st report described these events as doubtful and near the end of the report these remarks were made..

    Unfortunately this remains impossible. Nonetheless, I am, or rather you are, permitted to reveal that new events will soon occur.


    You mean the fact that time is fast approaching when official contacts with extraterrestrials will take place?


    Of course. I have told you about them. In times to come, many things will occur and changes ensue with regard to extraterrestrial aircraft, their crews as well as terrestrial, mysterious and exotic-looking flying craft. Extraterrestrial contacts may be expected, but they will be completely different from the current contacts that these many lying, deceitful and fraudulent would-be contactees have portrayed them to be through their religious-sectarian absurdities and other things. Immensely significant new discoveries are also forthcoming that will take place on Earth, on the Moon, Mars and beyond, as you have previously stated and extensively revealed in your 23page report without mentioning the specific dates for particular events.

  2. I’ve been thinking, imagine if we were on a sitcom television. I wonder how the ets that observe us would feel.<_< Hey first grade teachers, can you go with us how to calculate 2 squared again? Because sometimes it seems like we are back to square one.D:

    Oh also, I hope the video came along. I think it would be interesting to know if there is information on people still distorting his teachings.D:

  3. Hello, I keep looking online for someone else who has only seen the bright light, no time difference. I am positive because both times it happened, I t felt like my heart would tear through my chest, but I stared at my digital clock both times, the light only lasted almost exactly one minute each time. My mother has had the same thing happen to her, after both of my experiences. Do they sometimes just observe?

    1. Hi Molly,

      I’ll encourage others to answer of course but just let me say that such phenomena are not connected to the Plejaren but can have other reasons, mainly due to one’s own consciousness, unconscious desires, self-generated psychic energies, etc.

  4. Molly , I will agree with Michael , by stating that we All have a psyche which can create hallucinations through our consciousness forces. These halluconations can come about because of great fear, or our desires to witness certain events. So do take care in your thoughts and feelings (as we all must) when thinking of Extraterrestrial matters, because it could be the case that your through your constant thinking of these matters, your unconscious thoughts could be creating these effects , which could also then have a negative effect on those around you , including your own mother.. so do take care. So it may be a good idea to stay away from storys of abduction, and movies like “the fourth kind” because they are designed to spread mass fear against extraterrestrials, which can ultimatly lead to sleep apnia and delusion.

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