For those who may care about such matters as today’s news:

“Vladimir Zhirinovsky has labeled calls by US senators demanding Barack Obama directly support the Syrian opposition ‘absolutely unacceptable,’ saying his party would demand a Russian response.”

…continues to corroborate Meier’s prophetic information and confirm his status as the prophet of the new time:

“31. On the one hand, the prophecy of the Vatican-Israel alliance has become a reality, which actually speaks as a bad omen for the beginning of the Third World War, and on the other hand, the extremist Zhirinovsky really is an unusually nasty warmonger and tyrant, through whom not only a forced Third World War is to be expected, but who is actually working towards it in this respect.” – Contact Note Report 248

Predictions From Semjase

(December 9, 1977)

 9)   Israel together with Arabia climb the barricades, to be independent of each other, but in common objective to create an even greater unsolvable problem between themselves, while Israel’s leadership half-officially allies itself with the leadership of the Vatican, by which it prepares the beginning of the terror without recognizable end, although the life of the Israeli president already hovers on the shovel of death.


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  • Sep 08, 2013 And now we see that Prez Barack obama is the one who is trying to lead the Strike (mentioned in the Henoch Prophecies) with Sec of State John Kerry against Syria’s Assad. While Assad is a bad guy and may or may not have launched gas against his own people, it is the Muslim Brotherhood (and Al Qaeda) who Prez Obama supports and they may have launched the chemical attack on their own people themselves to draw the US into the conflict. Obama is not only the Pied Piper in the US leading all the left Liberal youth down the path of economic disaster, he may well be the guy who starts WW III by initiating the Strike vs. Syria. The real culprits, however, are the central bankers who created this mess in the first place by forming the Petrol Dollar Deal and the OPEC monopoly in which all parties must trade oil using the US Dollar. Follow the money. And perhaps Barack Obama is not the saint that many followers of the Plejaren think he is. Good intentions by B.O. maybe. Bad domestic and foreign results… definitely. The Plejaren need to learn more about basic free market econ to understand the real causes of the Earth’s current conflict. Hopefully they will. Time will tell.

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