as the time fulfills

The brand new film on the Billy Meier UFO contacts is now available!

Now learn more about this ordinary man on an extraordinary mission. With more than 70 years of proven contacts with extraterrestrials, and volumes of the most prophetically accurate information in human history, there is no reasonable doubt left about Meier’s authenticity.

The only question is if we will heed the warnings…as the time fulfills.

Coming soon on DVD!

7 comments on “as the time fulfills – the New Film!

  • What a wonderful surprise! Thank you MH for another awesome Billy Meier film. It is always great to see Billy in interviews. THANK YOU!!!

    • Hi Anthony,

      We are so glad you enjoyed the film. And the credit is shared with my wife, Amy, without whom I could not have made it. I know you’re a tough critic so we doubly appreciate your comments.

  • Thanks too, Amy. You two did a great job differentiating this from the other Billy Meier movies. I liked all the examples of predictions from the Contact notes that have been proven in the news. I did not know that you had found so many; and there are probably a lot more that people can dig up. I am glad you asked Billy about Obama. I know I asked about it here. I have been a harsh critic of Obama, but now I see where Billy is coming from. Obama is our only chance at peace in these shark infested waters that our leaders swim. I sure hope that Romney does not win.

    It was neat to see other things like Billy’s arm pillow. If I had anything to criticize it would be that you guys didn’t put name subtitles for the Figu people you interviewed. And I would have loved to have seen an interview with Christian Frehner and other Figu core group members. And I wish the Plejaren would give us some new pictures and video. But nothing is perfect. I hope you continue to make more Billy Meier films.

    • Hi Anthony,

      You’re welcome, from Amy!

      Actually I think there about…150 corroborated items, not all of which are in the Corroboration & Evidence of my site.

      Here are a couple that were just forwarded to me:

      From Mahigitam:

      CR 221, Wednesday, December 30, 1987

      With the different epidemics and diseases appearing in the coming time, the immune system in humans, however, will often or even completely fail, as you already explained before, like the epidemic that’s been known by America as AIDS since 1981 and the resulting varieties….

      47. Nevertheless, many other diseases and epidemics will still appear all over the world, and indeed, even those which have been regarded as eradicated up to now, as I have actually explained.
      48. Certain names and designations for diseases and epidemics will first be created, however, in the coming time, and to be sure, when these appear.
      49. At later times, diseases and epidemics from outer space and from other planets and moons will also be introduced on the Earth through the Earth people.

      ” Browne’s study of more than 200 people in Taiwan and Thailand found that most of those with the disease make substances called autoantibodies that block interferon-gamma, a chemical signal that helps the body clear infections.”

      Gamma Interferon

      May be some related information possibly exist in this german booklet. FIGU might help us out here.
      German FIGU forum on Gamma Interferon :

      Interferons (IFNs) are proteins made and released by host cells in response to the presence of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites or tumor cells. They allow for communication between cells to trigger the protective defenses of the immune system that eradicate pathogens or tumors.

      Also, consider human behavior now, with the great increase inactions by disturbed people, as Meier spoke about here:

      We do hope to do more interviews with FIGU people. Yes, while we didn’t identify the people speaking, we listed their names at the end of the film so people can…figure out who’s who!

  • Thank you Michael (and Amy) for your resolve in producing this invaluable documentary and for bringing this information to the masses, I sincerely hope to see more of this type of content, as I fear it is sorely needed in these times. I have watched your documentary and am deeply thankful for the wisdom it imparts with regards to the spirit teaching as well as the direction it has given me concerning our current situation and future probabilities. It is truly enlightening and immensely helpful. Thank you Micheal! and keep up the GREAT work!

    Kind Regards

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