In a rare and very specific commentary on the Republican candidate for the U.S presidency, Mitt Romney, Ptaah, the leader of the human extraterrestrial Plejaren race, described Romney as a classic psychopath, providing a detailed list of the characteristics for determining psychopathic individuals.

The Plejaren don’t insert themselves into our politics and Meier and the FIGU group are non-political. As you will see, the comments by Ptaah were in response to a question posed to Billy Meier by a U.S. citizen.


The NEW film on the Billy Meier case – as the time fulfills – is now available on DVD and instant download.

And our classic documentary, The Silent Revolution of Truth, is now available with Spanish subtitles as La Revolución Silenciosa de la Verdad.






8 comments on “Extraterrestrials Say Romney a Classic ‘Psychopath’

  • We are not getting this psychopath at the rudder!!! My brothers and sisters, our future survival depends on EACH AND EVERYONE of us taking responsibility and doing our part to inform the public about this horrible man. Blog, comment, shout-out(!) in the various opportunities for public comment to expose this psychopath and help President Obama get reelected, period. CHARGE!!! Now is the time to wield your pen in this fight….

  • I’ve actually been blogging that Romney is a psychopath. Even though I’m being personally attacked, no one is willing to claim that he’s not, LOL.

    • Hi Sheila,

      Don’t call Romney a psychopath. We are not qualified to make this claim. And quoting the Plejaren to the masses is useless.

      1. Demonstrate the Romney will likely side with Netanyahu and attack Iran if elected. Appeal to people with peace; and show that President Obama does not want to cooperate with ‘yahoo’ in a war and wants to seek a peaceful approach with Iran. There are lots of articles to link to.
      2. Demonstrate that Romney will side with Wall Street and only benefit the rich. His policies would likely hurt the poor and the middle class. President Obama is much more committed to the common man rather than the super rich.
      3. Expose Romney’s horrible religion. All religion is bad, but Mormonism is very scary. Show the people what Mormonism is about and the quacky things they are strict about. This even scares the religious. Demonstrate that a Mormon President could send us back 50 years with their strict views.

      • I agree Anthony, and have being doing exactly that for a while now. I recently messaged WeAreChange on youtube and asked if they would focus less on Obama and the “evil” references and focus on the disasterous effects the worldover if Mitt Romney gets elected. Obama is willing to work with Russia and Iran If he only gets the chance.. so I agree we need to encourage people to vote Obama.

      • First off Anthony, did you notice our posts were at the exact same time? Sorry hon, no one has the monopoly on the truth. I don’t think we would have access to that psychopath information unless it was for a reason. The fact the Plejaren offered the chart so we could determine ourselves whether he is a psychopath, speaks volumes. But I do agree that your three points need to be spread far and wide and as quickly as possible. November is just around the corner.

        • Hi Sheila,

          Thanks for pointing out the time thing about our posts; this is kinda funny.

          All I saying is that you can call Romney a ‘psychopath’ without actually calling him a psychopath. I agree, I think the Ps released this info about Romney for a reason. And that we have this info translated into English so quick.

          Hopefully the people in charge who secretly monitor the Meier case get the picture and inform the right people. And I think the ‘top’ at the military industrial complex know that the Billy Meier case is real. For all we know they may want the psychopath. Hopefully they see the Prophecies as real and happening before their eyes; and the right people in charge want greater humanity to survive, rather than a few elites in underground bunkers.

          Also, I think the Ps list is for people striving for the Spirit Teaching, to recognize traits of a psychopath in others and themselves.

  • Hmm.

    I spent the first debate watching the two of them, along with many others.
    I could suspect that Romney is a bit of an egotistical person, other words that come to mind, boredom, and a little bit of a lack of self control.

    But, I am no expert. The three points Anthony brought up seem to be a solid place to start.

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