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  1. This is the LOGIC.
    The Dark Cabal is controlling US foreign policy.
    After the fall of the Wall, You have the same scenario, one after another.
    1. Yugoslavia
    2. Iraq
    3. Afghanistan
    4. Libya
    5. Today Syria
    6. Tomorrow Iran

    The whole world is watching one invasion after another.
    The strategy of the Dark Cabal is simple.
    Problem, Reaction, Solution.
    1. Problem
    Give NATO weapons and infiltrate rebels in some country. They kill, plunder innocent people of that country. NATO is Helping the weaker, in order to confront the stronger.
    This are the so called NATO rats. Northern Alliance in Iraq, Albanian rats prepared in NATO camps in Albania in order to invade Center of Serbian Culture Kosovo, Islamist in Bosnia, Islamist in Libya, Islamist is Syria. Since Iran is Islamic state, this scenario can not function, therefore CNN story of Nuclear bomb is invented, very similar as the story of Sadam having weapons of mass distraction. Can you imagine that in the wars in Macedonia 2001 I with my own eyes had seen NATO giving war weapons to Albanian Rats. Moreover after taking one village of Macedonian regular forces, I have witnessed American Generals leading Albanian rat army , in order to make killings in my country. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT. JUST IMAGINE.
    2. Reaction
    Every Government in the whole world will react of this type of provocations. Regular ARMY OF THE STATE IS FIGHTING THIS NATO RATS.
    AND THAN, ONLY THAN , AND NOT BEFORE, CNN, FOX, AND THEIR SISTER COMPANIES IN QATAR AL JEZEIRA ETC. are bringing News of Governmental Atrocities. Therefore Slobodan Milosevic (by the way Slobodan means Freedom in Slavic, how Ironically ha..) Saddam, or Qaddafi, or Assad or WHATEVER AND WHOEVER IS ON THE BLACK LIST OF THE CABAL, is DEMONIZED, DEMONIZED, DEMONIZED, DEMONIZED, OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I do not defend this leaders, but pity them for not understanding the whole game.
    THAN THERE IS R E A C T I O N of the manipulated brainwashed, brain-dead people all over the world, and specifically in US. Something must be done. We should fight for freedom and democracy —- TALISMANIC WORD OF THE CABAL.
    3. Solution
    Solution is presented. That is Military action of NATO. Without masks , military intervention of US forces.

    It is Unfortunate that US has become OVERTAKEN and IS IN TOTAL CONTROLS OF THE DARK CABAL.
    This means that when this DARK Cabal achieve its goals, THAN WILL — — — USE US , TO DESTROY US. And this is not very far in the future.
    OR, before that, Russia and China can military intervene in the Middle East, and do the same thing.

    I must say that today RUSSIA is the only FREE strong Power in the world. It not so developed, or military prepared. But is is only Light in the dark Tunnel of human conciseness. It is Fighting for the whole world. It is fighting this DARK CABAL, this Vampire that has overtake the western world. Russia is Fighting for Americans too. People in the Russia just as the people in the Eastern Europe has walked trough Hell in the ww2, has survived Communism (Dark Cabal invention) and are 100 times more awaken and aware of the traps that Media is serving today.

    Now it is time Americans to AWAKE. To understand that somebody is making atrocities in their name. When the word America is pronounced ALL OF HUMANITY IS GETTING NERVOUS, AND BLOOD PRESSURE IS RISING, because human spirit wants justice and freedom and revenge. This negative energy in a Karmic sense will come and return to US. This is just a UNIVERSAL LAW, what we do not understand yet, since we all are fools. This part of Billy Meier Prediction I fount true.

    Boromir, Macedonia

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