The Blackout on the Billy Meier Case

…isn’t entirely successful.

While you can be assured that the profiteers and poseurs in the (mainly U.S.) UFO “industry” who perpetuate delusions, fantasies, charlatans and utter nonsense, have decided to make the Billy Meier case – and its very inconvenient truth – “disappear”, the same attitude doesn’t extend to the rest of the world, fortunately.

Meier’s contacts with the Plejaren extraterrestrials, spanning over 70 years, continue to this day. Unfortunately for humankind – and largely because of the “UFO community”, “exopolitics”, MUFON and other mechanisms for disinformation, the long foretold and warned about events unfold unchecked…as the time fulfills.

I am the featured speaker at the Hong Kong UFO Congress next month and our new film will have its Asian premiere there. Hopefully, the audience will be hungry for the truth and decide to investigate the information without the bias and unrelenting escapism characterized by so many people here who get lost in all things paranormal, conspiratorial and, alas, UFO related.



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So even ufo hunters don’t want to seriously investigate this? They spend hours investigating a sighting that happened 70 years ago but don’t want to analyze the metal samples, films, movies, etc than really they must have a reason for not doing it.


Oh believe me, I’ve investigated the case. And I have no questions about the UFO photographic parts of it. My questions regarding meier have nothing to do with whether he actually had contacts.

With that said, I mean Plejerens are people (If they exist), so I could somewhat understand an evolving perspective. However there are some things that don’t add up for me.

With that said, I appreciate the insight on the Romney thing.:3

Aquarian Age

I agree michael .. (even though I have filmed many triangular craft like the one in belgium in the 90s, they are but flying machines and human beings terrestrial or otherwise) interest in ufology opens peoples minds to the meier case, thats how I found the meier case and id imagine most people may find their way to the case along the same channels.. so I suppose they will only take the predictions serious if they can relate some credibilty to his contact claims.


UFO Hunters spent one episode examining a hole in a ground to determine whether or not it was created by some sort of unknown craft. At the end of the show they determined it was simply a sink hole. This is apparantly show worthy for these folks to put on TV. The other shows are filled with ‘it could be true’ moments like most of what is on the “History” channel these days.

Stuff like this does not lead to Billy Meier or this site. No one expects anything intelligent out of these types of TV shows. I happen across the Meier material by chance looking over historical information. It had nothing to do with the modern UFO TV shows, MUFAIL, or New Age mumbo jumbo.

Aquarian Age

I agree Duke with your statement that most of the ufological shows out there as well as coast to coast is really a waste of time although not all of it.. whats annoying is they repeat the same old nonsense and interviews without proggressing to the meier case as you would expect they would. You would also imagine that they would follow the footsteps of a real ufologist like Col Wendell Stevens.
I also feel Shows based on factual data of sightings and film clips are good for ufology and awakening peoples minds to the reality.. but they should leave out the horror storys and approach it without judgment.
Personaly the disclosure project lead me to the Meier case as also the subject of Ufos lead wendell to the case.
Michael horn was also lead to the case by looking at an early release of Billys Ufo pictures.

I think the case could do with an army of Michael horns at each Ufo event.. not to massage anyones ego @_@


The last thing we need is another army in this world! If we did have an army of androids I think it would be more appropriate to give them a unique name such as Drozunak or something. Giving them some human names like Michael, Bob, or Bill makes no sense to me.



This is one of the few time I have to agree with Paul on this one. I love looking for lights in the sky. I love flying saucers and futuristic-like technology. I am a major Star Wars fan. One of my hobbies is building radionic time machines. And no I can’t get any of my machines to work — by I try.

Here you have the greatest flying saucer case in history, and FIGU wants to make the subject of UFOs something that only simple minded people are interested in. This is one of the main reasons I am NOT a FIGU member even though I love the Billy Meier case. Billy’s forum no longer accepts any UFO or alien talk, especially with the closure of the “ET Intervention on Earth” thread. I loved this thread.
If Figu wants to know why a lot of Americans are turned off of the Billy Meier case is because FIGU thinks they are always right. And yes Billy Meier has the Truth and he ultimately is right. But he is human and makes mistakes too. This is what you don’t get from Figu. I agree with even Methi Meier on this single point.
There are a lot of sci-fi/UFO hunters out there that really care about UFOs and filming UFOs. Please let FIGU welcome these people, instead of making fun of them and pushing them away!

Aquarian Age

Its nothing personal Anthony.. really , what you say makes sense in mentioning transportation .. but these are the smallest particles and are being transported from one place to another and not really travelling in time. Billy described how space travel will begin with long jouneys until hyper drives are created and time travel will likely come after this.
I share your enthusiasm for these great discoverys and am always excited when learning about them but real time travel of safely sending humans to a place from were they can return without fail is likely a few thousand years off.


Hi Paul,

I know it’s nothing personal. You just always makes me do a lot of work digging around looking for Figu quotes to back up what I’m saying. Paul, you can believe time travel is 1000s of years away for earth humans; you may be right. But how can you ignore the Figu quote about the discovery of time travel. It clearly says that things have their beginning in “1995.” My educated guess is that crude time travel distortion units will be available for humans in the next 20 or 30 years. And they probably will be dangerous. This is not some big mystery science. The science is basically out there how to distort time-space with gravity wells and get a quantum effect. This happens in nature with so called ‘time storms.’

This is my opinion, you won’t read this from Figu, but it involves my understanding of the Meier case, that Earth has an exceptionally fast technology learning curve compared to other advancing civilizations. And I think it has to do with the melting pot of spirit forms from other parts of space. We have a lot of diversified talent compared to a planet that only has an indigenous population. We may get to things faster than the Plejaren did or the Timers. Now our spirituality is an entirely different matter. But once we get our act together, we should learn this very fast too. If we have at least super computers, robots, genetic engineering, anti-gravity spacecraft, invisibility cloaking, laser guns, space stations, weather machines, etc. today, what is this all going to look like in 1000 years? That is the real question, Paul. My guess is that the Timers will eventually be coming to us; now this may be 1000s of years away.

Allen Anderson

It is truly unfortunate that there are so few citizens in the USA that are willing to open their minds and spend the necessary time to research the information that Billy and the core group at FIGU have so carefully and willingly made available. I can hardly explain how it has positively affected my life, and continues to do so every day. It seems that the planned distractions, and emphasis on materialism that those who want to make every effort to keep people from the truth, have absolutely succeeded to such a large degree. From my personal perspective, I can’t even imagine being without the gift that Billy has brought to my attention, it astonishes me every time I am in a public place, and observe how people interact with each other, what they are missing out on. I have also realized just how bad television has become, or has always been as the case may be, there are so many falsehoods, not to mention how much mis-information is spread on the average documentary, it seems as though those that hold themselves in such high regard as knowledgable ones, really are like petulent children, rather than learned elders. I will continue to learn and follow the spirit teaching knowing the benefit that it holds for me, and continue to direct those that show interest to the Meier material.

Jacqueline Purtell

Anthony , I find you comment on time travel interesting as I have seen a devise that uses time shift to cure diseases . Thomas Bearden ( physicist ) mentions , devises to do this develop a localized negative time field and cause the disease to , as he puts it; “to un-happen” . I have seen this occur and the disease does shrink to nothing over a period of time . This is not really what most people envision as time travel but it shows that many other use full applications spring out and can be quite beneficial to human kind .

Jacqueline Purtell

Time travel huh , seems like just another way for silly humans to create more trouble somewhere else . I told my dear old Mum that if I could build a time machine , we would go back to the 1950’s and go to a chinese restaurant and have some of the delicious food they used make in those days . It now seems that you can’t find any chinese food worth eating these days . I think everything is going to hell because of unbelievable greed .


Hi Jacqueline,

I just had Chinese food for lunch today. General Tao’s Chicken with fried rice. I gave my wanton soup to my friend Lyle. I thought it was amazingly good. But I can imagine it was better years ago when our food ingredients where more natural.

I am glad you like time travel too. I’m thinking right now Michael is wondering how this thread could get so out of topic. But I’m glad I brought up the distortion. So you would get Chinese 1952. If I had a reliable time machine I would want to go back and see prehistoric beasts. Of course it would be nice to have the safely of a beamship too, considering how dangerous it would be outside.


haha totally agree.

Jacqueline Purtell

Hi Anthony , you mention that you work on radionics. I have heard of a person known as Abrams who called his work radionics but it was a medical machine which used a sample of a persons hair/skin/blood to tune a type of transmitter to, as he claimed , to cure medical conditions at a distance . Any relation to your work ? I have a partially built Rife / Bedini inspired version medical machine but that’s on the shelf for the moment as there are other projects of importance that need to be looked at .
Oh , I’m glad Michael and yourself still can enjoy Chinese epicurean delights ; here in we have diminishing delight in that area due to cutbacks and substitutions if ingredients until there is little resemblance to what was and is now only a memory of what was .
We don’t need a time machine , we need plane tickets to America . Cheers .


Something I find curious though, Meier mention the thing about apophis. Before recently that is. But then Bill and Nancy byrnes interview this guy with a book on apophis. He mentioned something like 2032.

Which makes me wonder, how many more years till the apophis thing? I wish you luck on your presentation. ^_-

Sarah Found it.:3 I just thought it was interesting.


By the way, I revise my statement a little bit, the future theater page said 2029. But Meier may have said that too.

Matthew Maguire

Trying to get your attention for a reason MH! Tweet or Facebook me. I have info you will want Billy to look at. My Father is Jmmanuel. He past in 95. He visited me in a ship and said Billy was an agent. I will give you a picture. He said I was apostle Matthew. He should recognize us both. I looked up pictures and there I was as well as the rest of my biblical family. There will not be much time so get with me quickly

Skynet Watches

Doesn t extent to the rest of the world? I have my doubts. In Brazil publications like UFO magazine, that started in 80s with some editions discussing the case, in the last years depreciates editorially and in articles the Billy Meier case based in nothing but liers, desinformation, ignorance and lack of racionality. Some alegations of Meier contribute to this, once it very difficult to believe that he is a incarnation of Jesus and various profets. But the objetive, cientific and other contents of the case are digne of consideration. I think Meier and the P s search for an alternative for the religions delusion and it is a difficult task, a great problem to the mission.

Aquarian Age

I suppose the best way for Meier to be fairly represented in Ufological magazines would be for someone who sees the Truth in the case to start up a magazine.
It would need to cover regular sightings .. and file releases/foi requests.. and then profesional statements could be added refering to the Meier case. There could be a section then for the predictions/prophecies and also vital information from contact reports could be added.