Will Russian Reflection on Meier Suggestion Result in Deflection Protection?

Are the Russians paying attention because they know we don’t?

Let’s acknowledge and consider that the Russians have started making their military moves into the Artic region, including moving their troops to Arkhangelsk, as foretold in the Henoch Prophecies. And maybe some ambitious bureaucrat pointed out to Putin, “Hey, back in 1958, this Swiss guy, Billy Meier,  foretold what we’re doing now. And if I read this correctly, our expansionist plans to dominate Scandinavia, Iran, Turkey and invade the U.S. and Canada just may be very successful. Now of course, your exalted excellency, I don’t put much stock in what soothsayers…”

Putin interrupts, “What else did he say?”

“Well,” says our nervous friend, “there is this matter of the Apophis asteroid hitting the earth in some rather critical areas, between the North Sea and the Black Sea and…”


“Well, there seem to be some very specific warnings here about how to deflect this asteroid so that it doesn’t, so that it doesn’t…ruin our neighborhood, so to speak.”

Of course the skeptics would like to believe that it’s just another “coincidence” (along with hundreds more of Meier’s specific pieces of scientifically important information) that the Russians are reportedly preparing to deflect Apophis from hitting the Earth*. It’s highly suggested that the skeptics, and others who behave like Luddites in regards to anything that has such potentially huge consequences to humanity, continue to amuse themselves by debunking ghosts and the “paranormal” and leave the serious business of survival to far more rational, competent individuals.

Lest they think that Meier’s information also about Russian ambitions doesn’t concern them, this may be true but only if they currently don’t reside somewhere on planet Earth.


*If this link works, it is an English translation of information posted in Spanish here, which you can then translate if needed.

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Dyson Devine

Hi Michael,

I thinks it’s well worth recalling what Billy and Ptaah revealed to us, about President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, during the 442nd contact, on February 10th, 2007, and the war-related roles Russia and the USA will play in the future. http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/meier/gaiaguys/meiersb34.htm

Keep up the good work!


The Americans should learn self defense/defence and forget about the offense/offence. Self defence guarantees are more valid in the creational laws, where as the offensive has a bad cause and effect or a backfire effect that can cause harm to the offenders.


there’s no profit from self defense, so the USA will play offense until it can obtain as much resources for itself at the cost of however many lives. There are weapons manufacturers that side with one political party over the other, and if right candidate is affiliated with a weapons manufacturers, you can bet money that the political candidate if elected, will use those weapons. Take away the currency and profit, then you’ll have countries waging war over religion again. It’s a matter of time till the message is clear, but we can all believe in the saying that “money is the root of all evil”. On a side note, given the destruction that these storms and earthquakes have done, i feel sympathy, but i’m not surprised. Anyone else not surprise about the destructive force of Sandy?


…and the Russian scientinst plan also this: