Choose Wisely, Choose Carefully…America

Many things have been long foretold and warned of and many have already come to pass, though their foretelling is unacknowledged by most.

Like the inevitability of death itself the truth is ignored, though that which has been foretold in prophecy need not necessarily arise if human beings heed the warnings and change to the correct course in time. Nowhere, and at no time, is this more pertinent to Americans than now, in light of the prophecies that directly foretell of the catastrophic consequences to our country of continuing on the delusional, world-conquering path that we have been forging, indeed by paving over the countries and rights of others, in clear opposition to the principles espoused even by some of the country’s earliest founders, as well as a few current day politicians.

While it is up to Americans to decide our course for ourselves, the Plejaren provided their point of view in response to a question that Billy Meier was asked about the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. We may choose to consider it and note that it’s not based on the additional considerations of his particular kind of religious delusion, which also can’t help but be a strong factor should he attain the office of the presidency.


P.S. Regarding trying to “outsmart” the prophecies.

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  1. Heartfelt condolences to our friends in North America suffering from Sandy.

    Tragically, much worse awaits the U.S.A., according to Ptaah in the 329th contact of August 3rd, 2002:


    73. Die Zeit aber, während der sich die Katastrophen noch erhalten und gar vermehren werden, läuft noch weit in die Zukunft.

    73. But the time during which the the catastrophes still keep up, and even increase, runs yet far into the future.

    74. Die in den USA wütende Feuerwalze in bezug der brennenden Wälder, die du ansprichst, entspricht tatsächlich den Aussagen der Prophetien, doch stellen sie nur einen Teil davon dar, denn in fernerer Zeit wird noch ein sehr viel schlimmeres Feuer wüten, das sich dahin quer durch die Vereinigten Staaten bewegt und auf kriegerischen Ursprung zurückführt.

    74. The raging rolling fire in the USA in regard to the burning forests you have mentioned, corresponds, as a matter of fact, to the statements of the prophecies, yet they establish only a part of that there, because, in the more distant time, a still much worse fire will rage, that will move there across the United States and leads back to an origin of an act of war.

    75. Die Unwetter auf der ganzen Welt werden zudem dermassen ausarten, dass fortan Schäden in weltweiter Form in Milliarden von Schweizerfranken entstehen und auch viele Menschen ihr leben verlieren.

    75. The storms over the entire world will degenerate to such an extent that from now on damage in billions of Swiss Francs will come about in world wide form and also many humans will lose their lives.


  2. People seem to have short memories, especially in times of exercising their freedom and right to choose. I hear so many complaining about the “past four years” in the US, and how Obama didn’t solve all or any of that nation’s most pressing issues. If Americans are looking for someone to blame, they need only look in the mirror. Because it was their previous choice, before the Obama era, that allowed a man not fit to be President run the country amok for eight straight years. That choice is what actually put America in the tough spot.
    Obama may not be perfect, but he’s really hard at work in bringing a better, safer, and brighter future for America, and he’s doing what’s humanly possible to keep the people from paying so dearly for their past neglect.
    Is Obama a good President? Yes.
    Have all the nation’s problems vanished? No.
    Are four years enough to get the country back on its feet? No.
    Can Obama do better if reelected? Of course he can! (But certainly not without the people’s help).
    Should he be held accountable for everything that is wrong in the country? No. (Not just just him, anyway).
    So, America, please consider that before casting your vote (or provide the man a magic wand if you expect him to solve all the problems you helped create in just fours years).
    Choose wisely. Choose carefully.

  3. Man is this a tight race. I hope that we can all come back here next week relieved that President Obama continues another 4 years. Notice how the rest of the world, including Russia, unanimously support President Obama. It is only a lot of the Americans that are having a hard time seeing through Romney’s empty promises. There is no way Romney can stop the spending, create a massive number of high paying jobs in 4 short years in this hyper-inflated money supply, bubble driven, zombie (buying it’s own debt) economy that is decades in the making. All any president can do right now is try to keep the wheels from falling off. And now with this flood disaster… I hope the best of all the victims. This is going to create another huge problem on the economy to recover and rebuild. But it is sad how some of the American people are suckered by Romney’s too-good-to-be-true promises. Romney doesn’t really throw a few baby negatives in to at least balance out his arguments. It is like this man is throwing handfuls of candy into the crowds and a lot of people are eating it up. And he is setting himself up to create huge disappointments for his followers.

    I wonder how these Romney supporters will feel if this madman starts a world fire? It is a given that he will do nothing for the economy other than continue to inflate and give Wall Street the last remaining scraps until the money becomes rolling papers. What will these Romney people say when the debt continues to soar and prices continue to go up and there are still not enough jobs?

    I have a good feeling about the outcome of this election. But good luck America we really need it this time.

  4. Religion is the root of all of Americas problems, as it is in the rest of the world. I feel very uncomfortable with Romney, because he believes that Israel and America will be the ruling Capitols of the world, after the return of Jesus. As a former Mormon for over 20 years, I was a high priest and councilor to a Bishopric, I feel somewhat qualified to comment on his beliefs and motivation. He will back Israel to the hilt as a religious duty, make no mistake about this. So certainly, the advent of world war 3, is highly likely under his leadership.

  5. Michael, did Billie not know that the election was fixed so that no matter what Obama would win? Also I wonder if I gave you a picture of Jmmanuel from his last incarnation, can you get it to Billie to verify. My father visited me and he is him. He past in 95. But I have pictures. He told me I was the Apostle Mmatthew. And I know a lot of the other Apostles. Let’s see if he can do this.

    1. Apostle Matthew,

      I’m very interested to learn more of what you’re saying. Is there a website that has more evidence to back up your claims or anywhere I can research this further? I’ve always wanted to meet an apostle. I’m free on Wednesdays after 5:00pm and anytime on Thursdays.

      I recently found out from a distant cousin, that until last week I didn’t even know existed from Nigeria, that I’m about to be a wealthy man, assuming he gets the check I sent to verify that I’m a real person and that I’m not trying to scam anyone. Point being is I will do what it takes to meet a real apostle and should have the funds to pay for lunch or dinner or anything else to show that I should be taken serious as well.

      I’m ready to do this but I just want to know for sure before I mail a check or wire any money that I’m guaranteed to meet a real apostle. Sorry to be so cautious, but I need to at least know a bank account or an address where to mail send the money before I proceed any further.

      I’m not dumb or stupid, so I hope you understand why I need to know where my money is being sent before I meet you or any of the other apostles.

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