The New War Between the States…as long Foretold by Billy Meier

After the re-election of President Obama, there’s been a sudden resurgence of a disease, previously thought to have been largely eradicated in America, with even more virulence than even the CCMED (Center for Control of Moral and Ethical Diseases) had imagined.

Yes, racism is back with a naked vengeance, or perhaps it was just festering largely noticed. Whatever the case, this new mutated strain eschews any pretense at being other than it is; so presumptuous is it of finding willing hosts for propagation.

This phenomenon has not gone entirely unnoticed though, as the re-stimulated, pounding pulse of racism in the U.S. is being detected and noted in the press. There have even been calls for sites like the  Drudgereport to clean up their act.

Racism is a peculiar thing, the equivalent of an insidious autoimmune disease whereby the human being attacks itself (in the form of other human beings) based solely on something as superficial as their skin color, to which prejudicially conceived, generalized negative traits are also attributed. Racism is arguably among the absolutely lowest levels of human consciousness, if one can even say there’s anything conscious about it.  That it hasn’t actually been eradicated but is on the rise could be an element that contributes to the coming civil wars in America, as foretold in the Henoch Prophecies.

It’s ironic that various racists and white supremacists are unaware of the true history of humanity on Earth including the fact that there were…black space traveling races that came and settled here eons ago (see: Asasel).

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  1. In the southern United States, racism still lives and it is the strongest. To end racism, it will take a lot of education and people accepting other people for whom or what they are. To add more, there are many TV shows the say being a racist is bad. But, it is not good enough. The U.S. got a long way to go to have people settle their differences. About Obama, there was a riot at Ole Miss University in Mississippi:

    The people in the Southern U.S. need to let go of the past and learn how to get along with people of different races. They really need to, because people of different races will be on this planet forever.

    1. Right, and not comments about what race should be able to breed with what race. Come on people, as long as I only have three kids, it doesn’t matter if I date a Japanese boy.

  2. Of things I’d like to put on my wishlist…

    A meter of performance; as events unfold and we few attempt to change them, it would be splendid to know how our current actions are effecting the possible eventual outcomes.

    But I suppose this is more idle wishing, as we are responsible for figuring this out ourselves.

  3. We are all one people on this planet… some with less rights than others , some poorer than others , But one Earth.. One people WE ARE !

  4. Most people of this planet live in a society of free-will that allows them to purchase material things such as homes, guns, vehicles, etc., that enables the government to know where each person lives whether it is known by a citizen or not. When this ‘free-will’ is infringed upon it causes people to take drastic measures such as, hiding themselves and/or their material things, moving to a far away place in nature or another country, even taking a stand against the unstoppable, only to maintain the lifestyle found in each individual, that is within each community. Prophecies are not like predictions, prophecies don’t have to happen, as predictions will happen regardless of circumstance. When the actual truth is learned and is accepted into society, it brings change to the prophecy and dissolves what ‘could’ have happened by the truth being applied in human life until it becomes known throughout each society. When this truth is not accepted and is considered to be a hoax it causes other people to ‘believe’ rather than ‘know’, which in turn, brings about fulfillment of a prophecy through the power of the untruth for a change in people is no longer present. Whatever happens to this country run by the Obama administration, through the laws enacted by Obama, it is what will cause people to continue in growth and truth of life, or will cause people to take drastic measures to stop racism, keep their material things such as guns, and continue to live by free-will and lifestyle, regardless of what negative consequences result from the actions of the government of the United States which truly wants to be in complete control of all people.
    “One world under truth, under peace, in all of Creation, for the life of all people of this world and the next!”

    (perhaps if it was this way, wars between nations and/or individual people would be non-existent)

  5. Dear Michael,
    I know I’ve had my positive and negative comments on your blog. I want to know if the Henoch prophecies for the civil war of 2016 in the USA still stands because I would really love to see something happen. Not my own death though. Perhaps it wont be as bad as the past civil wars obviously but my point is perhaps the leveling of the world economy if does not completely collapse. My position, I couldn’t care less what happens as the light at the end of the tunnel for me is not until July 2017. Let me know the updates of this scenario if perhaps its not going to happen. Also as what causes it? Perhaps its the eradication of weapons, I dont know. I’m to lazy to read online as once I read the online reading according to the Plajaren is not as healthy as good old fashion, physical book.

    1. Hi Willard,

      We can do a lot and we have a lot of power in our hands. With certain knowledge, we can basically lend a hand to people and they will never even recognise what a huge thing we managed to achieve – because their minds are just busy and preoccupied on other things.. too much to notice how something seemingly “small and inconsequential” as their unconscious thoughts … have actually had the most mightiest of effects than they will even grasp in this or many lifetimes after.

      You’ll figure out how to do and where to put your energies. And yeah, if it means getting “into the fray” like MH and actually getting to tango with all the illogic face-to-face … so be it. But don’t assume that the unsung heroes go unnoticed under the dome here on our planet. Even a true smile and a true greeting – perhaps the so-called “smallest contribution” – made in peace … and if they only reach ONE other person … still makes a ripple that adds up to the whole thing.

      Especially since so many people today are at least a LITTLE bit guided by the movie “Pay It Forward” ……. we are in not SUCH a dark and powerless place as before assumed or imagined, eh? : )

      Beats me as to what could stop the civil war in the US from splitting the whole nation apart, though..

  6. “Yes, racism is back with a naked vengeance, or perhaps it was just festering largely noticed.”

    Trust me when I say as a black woman that it was always alive and well. Too many times have people been wronged by institutionalized racism. Nothing have been done about the blatant disregard of justice in this country.

  7. I am dealing with racist at work right now. The people have been conditioned to believe that all Whites hate everyone else. You keep hearing about White privilege. I have experienced all the other races trying to sabotage me in every way. I have been treated hostile by Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. It is just a handful of people that don’t go along with it. I had to file racism charges against 5 people. Also, I have been helped by people in those same races who don’t like how I was treated. Therefore, there is lots of hope. That handful of people just might influence some of the others.

  8. Racism will always be present until we’re all well educated and enlightened about the many colors of this world. We must all continue to strive to see each other as one. It is not an easy as stating according to the old saying of ” I have a few black or white or asian friends, so therefore I’m not racist”.
    However slowly and surely, racism will become something of the past once we all start to tune into our higher spiritual development. Heck, it took our plejaren ancestors hundreds of thousand of years to reach that level of higher understanding and spiritual enlightenment. Not to count the multiple uprisings and bloodsheds.
    So let’s all be patient while continuing to learn to ” pay it forward” and learn to embrace one another peacefullly. If you remove the factor of racism, then we will find a way to still kill each other off based on something else entirely man-made such as ethnic cleansing or gender or ideology etc.
    The fact we are merely still spiritually underdeveloped humans, we will continue to err until we reach that level that we will all become peaceful and live in harmony regardless of race or gender or ideology. We’re only babies taking baby steps in the eyes if other higher developed worlds outside of our beautiful planet earth. Regardless, just as babies take their first steps, we’re still headed in the right direction. Unfortunately blood will always be spilled in as much as we’d love for it not to be. I know for sure the planet will not be obliterated as some are indicating because the plejarens are too much invested to let it happen. They may not want to admit it. But they aren’t here to just “open our eyes”. They are trying to correct what their forefathers have done. Call it guilty conscience or moral obligations or whatever. They know. Billy knows. Michael knows. Most of us know. The plejarens have many important tasks to attend to than to be lingering around if they weren’t already in too deep with their investment here.

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