47 scientific experts that were brought together by ESA and NASA warned that there’s an increase in the rate of ice sheet melting with resultant increases in the rise of sea levels.

Antarctica and Greenland are both losing ice at a rate of more than three times as much as in the 1990s.

Now, for those who are actually paying attention to just how thoroughly we’ve been warned and warned and warned again by Billy Meier, perhaps you will be motivated to find a way to speak up for…our planet, our lives, please consider doing so. Consider pointing those who share our common interests to all of the free information, all of the specific prophetic warnings about the very times we are in, in a non-missionizing way.

You can also hand them a copy of as the time fulfills so that they can see over 50 specific examples of Meier’s prophetic accuracy and maybe, just maybe some people will be awakened and motivated to actively participate in life and awaken others.


Thanks to Chris Lock for providing the information about the latest scientific warnings.



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