Since the world is supposed to officially end on December 21, please take advantage – now – of this very limited time offer!

Okay, so the end of the world is not official but the end of this limited time offer is.

Free Stuff First!

The Silent Revolution of Truth, our first documentary on the Billy Meier UFO case, has now been re-mastered and reissued as a two-disk set for $25.

We will give you this $25 value free with the purchase of our newest film, as the time fulfills – or with any purchase over $25 at our site!

You know that this isn’t just a “UFO case”. In as the time fulfills there are over 50 examples of Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information! In addition to accurately foretelling dozens of scientific discoveries, Meier’s been equally accurate with world events…like Russia’s recent military movements that he foretold in…1987!

(You’re here because something about the Billy Meier UFO case caught your attention, picqued your interest and struck a familiar chord in you. Like me, you may have faced opposition from those you’ve tried to tell about Meier and his extraterrestrial contacts and maybe you don’t even try to share the information anymore. So imagine just popping a DVD of either of our two films into your player and let it – and Meier – do the talking.)

New Ebooks…and the Film Is Still Free!

We now have new ebooks available of many of the current translations of the Contact Reports, as well as Star Wisdom, so the $25 value free DVD offer applies to any $25 purchase of the ebooks too! We thought that having the Contact Reports available for your personal reading pleasure anytime you want was both convenient and a good way to preserve the contents without having to search online to get it.

If YOU Prefer!

If you already have as the time fulfills, or The Silent Revolution of Truth, pick any other product and it’s yours free!

There are also several Build Your Own Bargain offers at the site and you’ll also get The Silent Revolution of Truth free with any of these…just put a note in your order that says “Send SROT”.

Okay, I hope we covered every possible way for you to get what you want at our site…and receive a free $25 gift!

Downloads in English and with Spanish Language Subtitled Products

Please visit our online download shop also if you want to see some of the films with Spanish subtitles…as well as all downloadable English language products.


Here’s another special limited time offer! Buy four bottles of Modifilan and get one free!

And yes, there will be a December 22nd so give these gifts of invaluable information, and health enhancing products, to your friends and family to assure them of Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a…Happy New Year!

6 Replies to “DECEMBER 21, 2012…UPDATE!”

  1. December 21 2012 is when the people of Earth continue to overpopulate their planet and the consequences are primeval weather/climate change and rising sea levels in all the oceans, which also generate/produce earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Degenerations/abyss instead of evolutive/evolve to the good.

    1. Nobody cares about such nonsense, especially Billy Meier. And, for what it’s worth, I have a friend who claims to have been…Joseph Smith in his past life.

      So perhaps all you Joseph Smiths should get to know each other and not bother any of the serious seekers of truth with your delusions. It’s just a suggestion, of course.

  2. Is there any way to obtain a copy of Through Space and Time from you? Please let me know. It is very hard to find.

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