First the Russians, now the Chinese…When Will NASA Get It?

A Chinese scientist from Tsinghua University, in Beijing, recently announced a plan to divert asteroid Apophis from colliding with the Earth. Apophis is known to people familiar with the Billy Meier information as the Red Meteor.

Meier first published his warnings about the Red Meteor/Apophis in 1981, which we have since posted in illustrated form in six languages.

First, the Russians heeded Meier’s warnings – while not “officially” admitted, his information is known and studied by various international intelligence agencies and even the…Vatican – and it appears that their open invitation to the European Space Agency and the Chinese was actually noticed, at least by the Chinese.

Of course NASA has downplayed the danger from Apophis, which is not entirely surprising considering that their priorities may be more about preserving the status quo, jobs, etc. And considering Billy Meier’s detailed explanation, in as the time fulfills, of just how NASA faked the Apollo 11 mission, perhaps relying on them for the plain truth is expecting too much.

Consistent with those who dwell in deep denial, I reflected on the anti-scientific skeptics, such as Stuart Robbins, who months ago quickly denounced Meier’s information as both retrodiction and  nonsense. In fact, Robbins’ apparently most viewed and contributed to blog reads like a perverse tennis match between the usual bunch of know-it-alls and a few of Meier supporters, including me. (I’m glad to give Robbins this bit of free promotion so that impartial, reasonable people can see the extent to which celebrity-seeking hacks  rush to put self-promotion and their prejudicial views above any real study of such voluminous, demonstrably prophetically accurate scientific information such as Meier’s.)

You may notice that there are a certain number of very confident – and of course completely anonymous – sophists who tried their best to ridicule and dismiss Meier’s information with pseudo scholarly responses – while steadfastly refusing to even acknowledge clear, easy to understand examples of his impeccably accurate scientific information to which I repeatedly linked. Most noticeable among those who have shunned accountability, who have shown no signs of integrity or scientific objectivity, is of course Robbins, who cut out to focus on easy targets who are the purveyors of New Age nonsense, ghosts, etc.

So, as the Russians and Chinese now step up to pay serious attention to the real threat to humanity, those in the U.S. like NASA, and other real and concerned scientists, are missing in action. Of course the professional skeptics are little more than a self-styled grouping of religiously pseudoscientific amateurs who approach highly controversial matters like the Meier case with their small minds already made up and their actual scientific relevance and contribution is nil.

What the heck, humanity’s had no shortage of such types but really, concerning a matter of this gravity, might we not take a lesson from the Russians and Chinese…who apparently have already taken one from Meier?

Based on my own experiences recently in Hong Kong, there is an abundance of very sharp, concerned people there who actually want to know the…truth about the Meier case, something which, I regret to have to say, is low on the list of priorities in this country as a whole, in our scientific community and, especially, in the rather pathetic, so-called “UFO community”, which has done more damage to the truth because of its focus and profit-oriented promotion of non-existent “UFO contactees” and “alien abductions” than one can imagine.

P.S. Soon after this blog came out, the following was posted by Stuart Robbins on his blog..regarding his blocking my posts there:

“It’s perhaps important at this time, several weeks later, to mention that Michael Horn has repeatedly tried to post comments here that I have blocked. Yet he makes no mention of them in the next comment he tries to post, so I’m not sure if he realizes they were blocked.

For those paying attention, The question to Michael is very simple and is all he needs to answer in order for a comment to go through: What is the evidence that the red meteor was linked to Apophis before its discovery? Or, directly answer ANY of Nereid’s posts showing that the material that you claim is positive confirmation of Meier’s predictions is actually not.

Fairly simple.”

Comment by Stuart Robbins — December 12, 2012 @ 8:52 pm | Reply

Robbins blocked the link and my challenges to have the anonymous poseurs respond to Meier’s clearly prophetically accurate scientific information. Not exactly a…courageous person.

24 Replies to “First the Russians, now the Chinese…When Will NASA Get It?”

  1. Russian Prime Minister lets go of a “clanger” , says E.T’s are coming to earth and staying . He says this is in two files handed to every incoming P.M. and President of Russia . Could this be a precursor to a main-stream disclosure lead by the Russians . Well if that’s the case ; then I say it’s about time you lot caught up with the rest of us .

    1. I wonder, if he actually said it, if he meant the lesser evolved species? it might be easier making friends. Its not like every primitive race is going to be warlike.

  2. The Russian was Dmitri Medvedev and was reported as being the victim of being caught out by an open microphone after giving an interview . How many others have been stung by that little trick , eh! Could this be just a put-up job ?

  3. On another subject from your last post , is Billy stating 911 and WTC destruction a result of just the Airplanes and the official story true? Arabs with Box cutters, no explosives or Nukes or other aids in turning them to dust? Thanks for your work and the release of more material,

    Regards David

    1. Hi David,

      if I remember correctly, the Plejaren spoke of explosives on the planes, not in the buildings, which leads to questions that have not been answered. The Plejaren don’t seem to want to speak about 9/11 much. There are no answers to the Building 7 collapse or the Pentagon impact in the Contact Notes, as far as I know.

  4. I have the funny feeling NASA doesn’t get it because if anything they idiotically likely think that it’s a free ticket to obliterate America’s competition by Russia and China in the geo political landscape. After all, you can’t blame a meteor or hold it politically responsible for killing people. win win in the eyes of an idiot. And face it, there are a LOT of idiots in the U.S. of A-holes.

    1. Or perhaps if they have to dedicate their resources to things like this, then war won’t be as high on their list because it sounds like it could be an either or situation. Either they start a war or they handle this. If they start a war then they will also have to handle this. Who knows…

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