Another Confirmation of Billy Meier’s Prophetic Scientific Accuracy

A recent, NASA funded scientific study shows – for the first time – that space travel is harmful to the…brain.

Of course, NASA’s information is – once again – superseded by Billy Meier’s very specific information on space related brain injuries, which he first published in 1981…31 years before NASA.

While the NASA study refers to “cognitive problems” andneurodegeneration”, Billy Meier’s information, reproduced below for your convenience (thanks to Mahigitam for finding this information!) are the sentences that specifically refer to the brain damage (emphasis added):

Contact Report 150, 1981

Billy: …But say again, you told me at that time, during my great journey, about a serious illness that should be revealed in connection with space flight. You then said something about the fact that the people of the Earth would, very soon through their space flight experiments, find out that they could not pursue this primitive kind of space flight that is pursued by them without taking severe damage. If I remember correctly, you then told me that through this primitive earthly kind of space flight, the danger of an incurable illness exists for the would-be astronauts and that all those who had flown in space capsules over the Earth’s ozone layer were already infected. You then explained that something will happen with the brains of these people.


274. That is correct because at that time, we explained to you the dangers of space flight because the conquering of interstellar space isn’t so simple, like the Earth people imagine.

275. Free space poses many dangers, which the Earth person is still in no way aware of.

276. In particular, the very dangerous kind of space-conquering, as is pursued by the Earth people, releases health damages in the person.

277. First and foremost, the Earth people have no knowledge in terms of the risk of body-damaging, as well as organ-damaging radiations, which prevail in all of space and pass through this.

278. On the other hand, the realization also escapes them that the human body cannot cope with weightlessness on a permanent basis, which is why after seventy hours of a weightless state, physical and organic damage already begins.

279. If the Earth person, as well as any other race to be classified as all-space controlling, wants to pursue space flight, then the spacecraft equipment must be adapted to the given conditions in all respects, as well as the space suits for the life forms themselves.

280. Space flight equipment and space suits must be supported by a special insulation shielding layer with regard to the various body-damaging and organ-damaging space radiations and space vibrations and be made resistant.

281. This is the most important factor for the preservation of life for the people in space, but it is also the most important factor for the conservation of organic and physical health of the people who travel through space with space-competent missiles or in protection suits.

282. The second and equally important factor in this regard is based on gravity and is to be observed with equally great importance as the shielding against the space radiations and space vibrations.

283. If these factors are not taken into account, and thus, the spacecraft and protective suits of the people are not prepared accordingly so that by special insulation shields, the missiles and protective suits are made resistant against the outside influences of the radiations and vibrations and that the spacecraft and protective suits are equipped with their own gravitational fields, then the body and all organs and bones of the space traveling people will take health damage.

284. Radiations, vibrations, and the like, unprotected missiles and similar protective suits, as well as the weightlessness of interstellar space lead to health damages in the brain and in the bones of humans and many other life forms.

285. These, together with many other forms of injury to health, spread to the whole body and to all organs.

286. Thus, if the human life form is not protected in space by special shields and by artificial gravitational fields against the space radiations and space vibrations and against the weightlessness, then he will suffer health damage, which in a stark case, usually leads to death.

287. The first reaction of severe brain injury that I mentioned, for example, leads to barely detectable brain swelling in very slight cases, which will, after some time, lead to thought and action uncertainty and then inevitably result in reaction loss, such as, for example, the sudden loss of control of a vehicle or aircraft or the appearance of total errors against all reason.

288. These kinds of mild cases already occur with those people who linger on the Earth in containers where weightlessness is produced, but on the other hand, they also appear in all those Earth people who leave the Earth for only a very short duration and arrive over the earthly ozone layer.

289. All of that can only truly be done if the necessary precautions are sufficient enough; otherwise, the health damages are inevitable.

290. However, if a human or any other life form lingers for a very long time, such as many months or years, unprotected in weightlessness in space, then the initially developing brain swelling of an inflamed form will suddenly develop in reverse sequence, by which brain atrophy then develops, as with weak-thinking and elderly people.

291. Even the brain substance itself suffers a loss; thus, the entire brain mass passes through this phenomenon of a pathological nature.

292. This symptom, and such an act is proven, is caused on the one hand by the unbridled influence of space vibrations and space radiations of various kinds, as well as by weightlessness.

293. The illness originating from these factors ignites the brain substances and the brain organs themselves, after which a new, short-termed illness factor arises, which expresses itself as a decrease of brain activity, through a kind of cerebral palsy substance, which then leads to the general shrinkage of total brain mass, which can no longer be stopped by human and medical and other similar means.

294. If the person lingers long enough unprotected and weightlessly in space, then the brain contraction ultimately leads to the point where the person loses absolute control over himself, his thinking, and actions and life.

295. The ultimate end, then, is insanity and death.


That is exactly what you explained to me at that time, but how long will it still take before the people of the Earth recognize the first of these facts?


296. It will be the time around the middle of 1982.

297. But in truth, only a few facts will be recognized initially, while the final or, at least, the further scope of the effective space threats will be detected only much later, after the initial space flights have already claimed the lives of Earth people.

NOTE: Please excuse the prolific use of bold-italics above but perhaps it will assist those who still have any doubts about the specificity and accuracy of Billy Meier’s prophetic scientific information. And, hopefully, those in a position to do so – which means anyone who really wants to help inform people about this unique source of invaluable information – will be enthusiastic to do so.


10 Replies to “Another Confirmation of Billy Meier’s Prophetic Scientific Accuracy”

  1. Michael,
    Maybe you should be cataloging these prophesies attached to the unfolding of the the information as it is corroborated by scientific, earthy proof. I find this particular post to be quite extraordinary and accurate and will lead me to want more such “proofs.” Are you compiling a book of these sort of documented proofs to answer the nay-sayers. Haven’t come over to your side as you know, but I respect your integrity and your heart and know that you’re a devoted believer.
    Thanks for your posts.
    Your friend, Ron

    1. Ron,

      We have done exactly that in our new film, as tee time fulfills.In fact we have well ovder 50 such examples that you can check out yourself!

      And, my friend, I always appreciate your comments and sincerity. THe only correction is that I’m not a “believer” now, since I know that the case/information is true and authentic, based exactly on the corroborated, prophetically accurate information. The UFOs, as I’m sure you can understand, are merely the eye-catching window dressing. The meat of the matter is in the prophetic information and, more importantly, the spiritual teaching.


  2. Quetzal speaks of containers on Earth that can produce anti-gravity. These can be of top most secret because I only know of containers/swimming pool at NASA that simulates anti-gravity to a small degree and the diving aircraft that can simulate anti-gravity to a small degree. To be able to produce anti-gravity is something I would love to experiment with. John Hutchinson can produce this effect and he used dangerous radio frequencies to get the results. I think his experiments may did the similar type conditions to him too.

  3. Yeah, I remember reading this well before anything that only recently came up in the news about it.

  4. Do the Plejaren include as harmful those forms of radiation/vibrations that are known as free energy from the vacuum (FEFTV) that inventors such as John Bedini and Nikolai Tesla have harnessed with their EFTV machines? After building an SSG FEFTV model myself that works, I noticed that even a simple EFTV machine can drain the batteries of cell phones in the immediate vicinity. Some people claim that the EFTV energy released (besides the amount released into the electrical circuit to accomplish work) helps medicinally but I have seen no proof of that. The concern — before we replace dirty fossil fuels — is whether these experimental FEFTV machines need to be shielded to protect humans. Obviously, if my SSG machine can produce over-unity output but affect cell phone batteries, it would not bode well for somebody who walked into the room wearing a heart pacemaker. Therefore, I want to be very careful.


    Harry Lear

  5. Hello from Perth Western Australia

    I too have read this contact about damaging radiation to astronauts a while ago on the future of Mankind and reading the NASA study brings a kind of de ja vu. More power to those who reads Meier predictions/ prophecies and spiritual teachings.

  6. Hi Darcy and Harry , I too like to fiddle with so called free energy machines and I have noticed that I became dizzy when I was close to and bending over a hexofila solid state energizer . It seemed to be only when I turned the machine on and that feeling eventually stated to spook me .

    The other thing that did the same thing to me was a Tesla ” coil for electromagnets ” ( bifila CW /CCW ) John Bedini put out a warning on this type of of coil winding and he said it ” can cause trouble with your insides ” . Tom Bearden has also warned that dizziness is something to be ware of .

    Darcy , anti-gravity is easy , keep looking .

    Regards Jacqui .

  7. Re shielding from scalar impulses , this is difficult to do and has been said that it can’t be done . There was something mentioned about the Philadelphia experiment and peripherally placed capacitors to provide an electric shield ( Field ) on the ship concerned . I have mentioned an idea on this in previous comments . ( Spherical capacitor ) .

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