France Prepares to Do Its Part to Fulfill the Henoch Prophecies (UPDATE)

(UPDATE: Regarding the increase in conversions to Islam in France.)

As we previously pointed out, in 2010, Billy Meier’s warnings about the coming fall of France to Islamic extremists has long been available in the Henoch Prophecies…and equally long ignored.

Now, perhaps in order to make sure that the French don’t complain that nobody told them what was coming, Islamist fighters in northern Mali publicly pledged to launch attacks on French soil. Of course there is already a large Muslim presence in Paris, which is not to say that all Muslims are Islamist extremists, etc.

Nonetheless, it may be time for the French, Italians, British, etc.*, to take a moment or two to contemplate Meier’s prophetic information, based as it is on the immutable laws of cause and effect.


*etc., refers to, well, the rest of the inhabitants of planet Earth (that’s us) who will in one way or another be the recipients of the cumulative irresponsibility of humankind. No moralizing intended, just another attempt to point out the diminishing opportunities to avoid the worst of what is otherwise yet to come…as the time fulfills.



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