New Canadian Military Alliance and the Henoch Prophecies: UPDATE

With the announcement of a new military alliance between Canada and Georgia, the longstanding tensions between Russia and Georgia are intensified, drawing attention again to the prophetic warnings in the Henoch Prophecies (1987) about  Russia ultimately attacking Canada:

“America and Russia will have the most terrible weapons of mass destruction at their disposal—a fact which is already the case to a certain extent today—and will clash with violent force against each other at that time of conflict, whereby Canada will also be dragged into this conflict. The source of this conflict will substantiate the Russian attack on the American State of Alaska and against Canada.” (Yes, I could have just emphasized the whole thing.)

Meier also long ago forewarned of the volatility in the region and the potential for a worldwide war arising from the conflicts there.

Ah yes, a ringside seat to yet another bit of human folly, as that which was once avoidable now becomes more certain…and a lot closer at hand for those of us in the USA – and Canada – as well.

Please feel free to translate and read the information at this link pertaining to a possible Russian attack on Sweden – as also foretold by Billy Meier in the Henoch Prophecies in 1987. As you – hopefully – start to put two and two together, as you start to understand that humanity has been handed a huge and invaluable treasure in the form of volumes of specific, impeccably prophetically accurate information that establishes a foundation of credibility for its source, perhaps you, who and wherever you may be, will choose to awaken to reality and choose to participate in correcting the dead-end course that the mass of unconscious humanity has not only chosen but has decided to inflict on you as well.

(By definition, reality does not refer to the addictive, pseudo-reality of virtual, online, onscreen, two-dimensional, false and hidden identity, entertainment-based version of life via “social media”, etc. As the time fulfills, ignorance and denial of reality are no protection against it.)

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Thanks to Michael Vanderpool for pointing out this information.


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  1. For those with open mind’s

    Russian Impulse medical machine , product name —– Scenar .
    ( Those in the know about the zapper ; here is a more sophisticated and commercially available version ,I cant say that it’s exactly the same but I think the under laying principle is similar or possibly the same .

    Russian doctors based at Sochi University led by Alexander Karasev the 1970’s produced this device .
    Professor Revenko claimed that there very few illnesses Scenar could not cure . THIS IS A WONDERFUL MEDICAL MACHINE NOT A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION . Nor is it a ray gun or is it in the hands of the terrorists !
    The new technology is out there but they are careful to not upset the idiots and as Fox Mulder said ” the truth is out there ” .

    See —– and read 97.4 SKENAR .

  2. REAL IMPULSE chargers are commercially avialable .

    See —-

    See —- html://www.teslachargers,com

    Once again these machines are using ” new technology ” I have alluded to in past comments .
    The latest machine on my work bench is based on the work and information provided by Tom Bearden ( read Tom’s book ” Energy from the vacuum ” ) and also Tom’s paper , also in booklet form ; ” The final secret of free energy ” ) , most importantly read the update 1994 part 2 page 2 . This is the way I feel to convert ” cold energy ” to ” hot energy ” ( cold to hot , cold to hot ) . See Semjase’s comment about this .

    You shall have to find it ; I feel I have done enough for now .

    1. Free energy is not enough.

      The resources problem is much, much larger.

      Oil is used in just about EVERYTHING we do, so its NOT just about energy, its not even just about free or reneweble energy, its about distributing energy, and distributing products, and building infrastructure that distribute both of these in the best possible manner.

    2. Also, ( seems to be down), why on earth do your “Free Energy” chargers come with wall outlets?

      I think a “Free Energy” charger should show its function, or at *least* offer a paragraph of explanation, and definitely not claim to provide Free Energy if there is a 12V AC Outlet attached to the box. Or, at least (I didn’t see it claiming it was free energy), you shouldn’t claim that.

  3. Perception of reality is as important as reality itself.

    Folks have the obligation to question the notions presented from a variety of movements out there, such as the UFailO movement, and determine whether or not they are presented with a case that enables them to reasonably see things for what they are.

    This is CRITICAL to understanding the Henok prophecies as found directly from Quetzal’s opening remarks to the Henok prophecies. I highly recommend people ponder this first rather than jump into the nitty gritty of the prophecies in general as it is centrally important to framing your reference.

    Quetzal: “Thus, provided that human beings of Earth will become reasonable, the possibility exists that by a reasonable change in the way of thinking as well as a reasonable development in feeling and an equally reasonable way of acting, everything changes for the better and positive, whereby prophecies do not have to be fulfilled.

    However, if this transformation does not occur, a very evil, wicked and negative time lies ahead for the Earth and its entire population in the coming new millennium.”

    If people become reasonable which is key to seeing things neutrally and making positive decisions for a better future for all. When I see things presented in an unreasonable manner it is generally due to the false perception of reality people do not realize they are under. If these folks simply watched themselves behave unreasonably they may be shocked as it is usually done in a completely unaware manner.

    The UFailO movement is one example which eliminates any reasonable and fruitful action by setting up a premise which can never be fulfilled. If you truely make an honest attempt to be reasonable and comprehend it fully you can see the same unreasonable behavior crop up else where from such timeless classic movements as Thrive, Ancient Astronaut theorists, Zeitgeist, Disclosure, CSeti, Truth movement, etc. There is always some sort of monolithic devil that is so totally beyond reasonable measures that future actions must be done according to which ever mantra the movement champions with feel good music or rosy pictures of a future if reality went a different way. The potential reasoning in that is ultimately sacrificed to belief-driven methods that generate massive revenue from people that would have otherwise been involved in the wheels of civilization to steer us off the path of failure. It is no wonder the biggest threat to the Meier material is directly from the UFailO movement itself.

    If you elminate all the silly conspiracy options you will find out what you need to know and can make a reasonable determination of what you can do to steer a reasonable future no matter how imperfect it may be.

    Lastly, with regards to the English language and the use of words such as ‘dark’ can suggest for example unknowing, idiotic, clouded thinking, or even unconscious madness. It does not necessarily always have to imply a supreme evil force which would obfuscate the context in which that word was used in. I bring this up as an example of perception of one word.

    1. Excellent points.

      There is no meaning in anything, not even Meier material, if we ourselves cannot act rationally and reasonably. Even if it could be proved (and I’m not saying it can) that the entire Meier case was a sham, we owe it to ourselves to act reasonably, firstly and foremostly. That alone will result in something meaningful arising from Meier’s words.

      1. The overall UFO movement in general is full of speculation and far fetched ideas that has a direct impact on public opinion. A sign of the times that shows just how far it has reached people:

        The Meier material surprisingly does do a lot of debunking to a large gamut of material present in the “UFO movement” as well as other movements such as “New Age” and “Global Conspiracy” movements. For example, the Meier material debunks various conspiracies such as the NWO, Illuminoti, shape-shifting Anu-naki, Piri Reis map, 9/11, chem trails, and ultimately a good chunk of other “UFO contactees” and “New Age Mediums” just to name a few.

        Consider, if the Meier material did not have the things that make it part of the overall UFO category, such as the pictures, evidence, or contacts, what you would have left is essentially lots of information on almost every subject out there as well as a lot of debunking material. The UFO movement in general, such as MUFAIL, won’t touch the Meier material even with all the hallmarks of a UFO case I must add because of the information present. So what is left is basically cherry picking on the Meier material as I have seen countless usage of Billy’s pictures reused in a lot of the UFO Movement as well as pop-culture.

        1. Not all of us into the ufo subject trusts mufon, thats for sure. Honestly mufon is little better than seti honestly.

          I’m one of those that reads all the UFO material, including Billy Meier when I get the chance to buy the books. I just give all the material its fair shake.

  4. This just in!!! Henok Prophecies made null and void!!! Scientist found a link between reasoning and common sense and how to percieve reality. Hahah I wish.

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