Russian Meteor a Warning to Prevent Apophis Impact

With the obvious worldwide interest in the meteor that struck in Russia’s Ural mountains, comparison is being made to the Tunguska event that occurred in 1908. The difference of course, apart from the magnitude, is that Tunguska was a manmade event…precipitated by extremely unusual circumstances.

Perhaps the meteor strike will prompt Russia, China and the European Space Agency to greatly accelerate their plans to deflect the otherwise certain impact of the Apophis asteroid, in 2036. It is encouraging that some efforts to prevent Apophis from hitting were announced after Billy Meier’s information confirming that what he described as the Red Meteor was indeed Apophis.

It is to be hoped that more scientists and concerned leaders will follow the lead of Dr. Sanford Weinstein, who recently endorsed Meier’s prophetic accuracy on another matter regarding Russia…and indications of a possible planned attack against the U.S. Dr. Weinstein recently added that, “The announcement of Russian troop disposition is consistent with dire warnings given to Meier and should be viewed in that context by military leaders.”

Of course we all have the choice whether to become passive, overly entertained observers, or active participants in preventing some otherwise tragically deadly events…as the time fulfills.


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  1. It’s nice to know that at least some nations are taking the asteroid threat more seriously than others to safe guard our future…

    What’s interesting about this article is the Russian Scientists comments about deflecting the asteroid with a nuclear explosion set off beside the object which corroborates the advice of Meier in 1989…

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