Billy Meier Warned about “New” Radiation Dangers…Two Years Ago

With new concerns surfacing more frequently about the real, spreading dangers of radiation from the Fukushima disaster, one only needs to read the highly specific warnings published by Billy Meier…in 2011.

Once again, Meier’s information – provided to him by the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings with whom he’s been in contact for over 70 years – is proving to be factually, and prophetically, impeccably (and painfully) accurate.

Human beings who come across this information now must decide if they will sit on the sidelines, perhaps simply lamenting the sad state of the world (in between playing video games, pretending to be their imaginary online identities and watching “reality” shows and sports, etc.) or if they will wake up and participate in correcting that which still can be corrected…as the time fulfills.


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  1. Yet ANOTHER unbelievable coincidence!

    What’s “The most (radioactively) contaminated spot on the planet”?

    Chelyabinsk, Russia – the exact same spot discussed in your LAST blog entry, Michael!

    “Chelyabinsk, the capital of the Chelyabinsk province in Russia, is located at the eastern foot of the Ural mountains and has a population of 1.3 million. The province has a land area of 90,000 sq. km and a population of 3.6 million.

    Chelyabinsk was one of the former Soviet Union’s main military production centers, which included nuclear weapons manufacturing. Accidents, nuclear waste disposal and day to day operation of the Mayak reactor and radiochemical plant contaminated a vast area of the province. In the early 1950s there were so many occurrences of death and disease from the nuclear waste dumping in the Techa river that 22 villages along the river banks in a 50 kilometers zone downstream from Mayak were evacuated. In 1957, a nuclear waste storage tank accident released radiation double the amount released by the Chernobyl accident. This accident was kept secret and 10,700 people were evacuated. The severe environmental contamination of this region led to dramatic increases in cancer rates, birth defects, and sterility. Over the past 33 years, there has been a 21% increase in the incidences of cancer, 25% increase in birth defects and 50% of the population of child bearing age are sterile.”

    “50% of the population of child bearing age are sterile”

    That’s really something. That’s 1,800,000 (one million, eight hundred thousand) people! How terrifying! No wonder it was hushed up for all those years.

    I’d never even HEARD of the place until that meteor drew it to my attention last week.


  2. I wonder how N. Korea has impacted the radiation spreading globally with their Nuclear test. I wonder if the P’s can determine the amount of additional radiation from nuclear testing.

  3. The Chernobyl accident spread radioactivity across the U.K and to this day there is a “movement of sheep”order still in place and casium c60 (a radioactive isotobe) is still detected and the U.K especially in the Lake District and parts of Wales,but we are told it’s safe,but apart from that most people have quickly forgotten about it.Chernobyl is a tourist attraction.
    The Fukushima disaster is just as much forgotten about as Chernobyl as with all other Nuclear pollution every time i mention Population,Pollution and Climate change i’m met with some very strange arguments most of it quite emotive.

    1. “very strange arguments most of it quite emotive.”

      Because they are individuals who’ve invested life and prosperity into a cause. They’re bound to be emotive and have come up with some ‘strange’ arguments to justify their cause.

  4. “Human beings who come across this information now must decide if they will sit on the sidelines, perhaps simply lamenting the sad state of the world (in between playing video games, pretending to be their imaginary online identities and watching “reality” shows and sports, etc.) or if they will wake up and participate…”

    WTF? Why Michael do you continuously insult your readership? You know that the handful of people who come to your blog are not the ‘masses.’ I want to learn about Billy Meier because of spaceships, ray guns, space beauties, time travel, warp speed, and aliens… but instead we get a constant bombardment of THE WORLD IS FALLING APART! Now it’s WW4 and America is going to collapse in a few years and of course we have known all along there could be civil wars. And the radiation is killing us too. I could go on and on, but I’m sick of it. People don’t need Billy Meier to know that Fukushima, climate change, pollution, contamination, environmental destruction and wars are happening all around us! Haven’t you ever heard of Rense? Even if most of the stuff is not Plejaren approved on Rense, the non Billy Meier supporters sure get a good idea anyway.

    I am tired of you people beating up on video gamers and sports enthusiasts, among other people! Hey I got news for you. Instead of shoving negativity in our faces all the time, why don’t you go watch some basketball. ‘Cause the ball bounces UP and Down. There is at least some fkning balance watching sports.

    “Participate?” What would you have us do? Piss off people in the UFO community? Send letters to our worthless leaders? Start a Billy Meier blog? Because given all the DISASTER that is happening to us, this is my idea of participating:

    1. Prepare your mind to lose loved ones in civil wars, WW4s and collapses. Prepare your mind for a horrible death as well.

    2. Do not have any children for the sake of overpopulation and possibly disastrous future.

    3. Recycle and not drive your vehicle as much. Walk or use public transportation when possible.

    4. Lower your standard of living to both, lower your ‘foot print’ but also to prepare yourself for living without.

    5. Prepare your mind to lose everything you ever worked for as America falls apart. No job, no savings, no food, no home.

    6. Stay healthy and learn to be medically self sufficient as possible.

    7. Learn and embrace the spirit teaching as your primary enthusiasm so that you can be comforted with it as you are suffering and the world is suffering around you. You will need this as reason to live if Billy Meier’s hellish prophecies all come true!

    8. Do your best to shed materialism, big time. Learn and prepare to survive with very little. Practice not eating, and being exposed to the elements. Practice eluding criminals. And practice being calm around gun fire and being fired upon.

    9. Do I need to go on?

    And in between all this nightmare participation, I’m gonna play some XBox. So fk you.


    1. Hi Anthony,

      “I want to learn about Billy Meier because of spaceships, ray guns, space beauties, time travel, warp speed, and aliens… but instead we get a constant bombardment of THE WORLD IS FALLING APART!”

      Suggested reading: “And Yet They Fly” pages 70&71 (The Hard Language of Truth)


      Contact 238 –

      Good luck.

    2. A good start, and perhaps that’s all some people can do.

      I think perhaps MH is a little insenstive at times, but I’m prepared to forgive him a little harsh attitude.

      As for the Xbox, there is nothing wrong with entertainment as a way of staying sane, but I would recommend that you keep a log of the time you spend playing it. If its just an hour or two, once every couple days, great. If its a considerable portion of the day, e.g. 4 hours of the waking 14 (lets assume you are a well rested individual), here’s the math:

      4/14 = 28.57% of your day.

      ~30% of your day would be spent playing Xbox in this case. Or, nearly a third.

      Lets say ~2 hours are spent on personal hygeine/food. That’d be twice as much time spent doing something that isn’t that helpful, even to yourself, or a third of your daily time spent on it. Or, every three years, a whole year of your life wasted on Video Games. I think that’s the sort of waste MH is speaking out against, not so much that you may binge 4 hours on a weekend every now and then. Certainly consider mixing in some other activities (maybe organize a pep-rally to pick up trash in your neighborhood) would be great to think of, but even if VG’s aren’t an option, every now and then the mind just needs R&R.

      Some other ideas I’ve thought of:

      Clean up
      Work on that project you’ve been putting off
      Do something in your community for politics.
      Raise your own awareness on energy/political issues (I don’t mean reading MH’s blog or that Rense you mentioned).
      Learn/relearn math
      Do something nice for your sister/brother
      Help someone out.
      Hone a skill
      Make something (even a video game!)
      Draw a picture
      Do some philosophy.
      Make a really healthy meal.
      Draw up a survival plan.

      I’m sure there are more things you could do, but I’m sure you get the idea.

  5. Great article that makes neurons fire waves of info that makes us wonder. Want a better world? Look at the love that exist inside each one of us, it’s invincible and eternal, send out those waves of LOVE to all who are ready to recieve it. Imagine it as a glowing beacon that relects as well as energizing those that recieve it. KNOW that LOVE is and it is infallable. It’s time to stop playing games of ignorance and remember who we are and where we come from.

  6. Hi Anthony,

    There are still many predictions left to be fulfilled or unfilled by people at this stage. Every single day counts in this world. Therefore whilst it is good and wise to understand the warnings & be mindful of them, many people still promote the idea that Billy Meier is a fake, charlatan or fraud without any good evidence or the patience to study the readily available material. By contributing to the rebukes against the Meier information in regards to what he has written and warned us about are you not being a bit, erm, illogical and unfair? If people stopped telling lies about Billy Meier, or, even more than that, actually acknowledged the fact that many of his predictions are being realised right now before our very eyes and that he very probably is a true prophet, would we not be wise to keep this messenger rather than shoot him down, as it were, and talk to others about these things and pressure those who are surely responsible to change their ways? Do you beat up the journalist who reported on the recent rape case in India because he was associated with the reporting of the crime? Of course not. You consider the facts and act to promote the truth to others so that those in position of power witness and address these issues and understand that the message from Billy is no joking matter & cannot be lightened up. There are no level 2’s in this reality, only choices and the effects of these in this one Earth. Do we fulfill the prophecies or not? That message cannot be buttered up. There are just causes and effects. So in your…

    “fk you” comment – Will choosing this kind of behaviour help us to come to all reasonableness and sanity or will it further the worse probable aspects of the prophecies? Michael is doing you and me a service by providing these bulletins relating to information from Meier and, in my view, he is doing it proud. Why not chill the fuck out and stop acting in a reactionary way so that if you understand the implications, then think and perhaps then, erm, help others to understand too if you want to help out? If you feel it’s not worth it because it’s all just too depressing then you must like being delusional about reality and not accept it the way it is! No second lives. No New Games. No trick play or trick shots. I like this analogy of reality v’s illusions on a screen that Michael uses. Its effective and certainly no reason to get upset about, although the prophecies surely are.



  7. People ask me what can they do, outside of writing a letter to their MP or tell people what else can I advise them to do?

    1. It really is up to each individual to decide for themselves if/how to get involved. The spiritual teaching focuses on self-responmsibility, seeing things as they are, etc. Perhaps by encouraging them to study the free information they will open to their inner wisdom and find the right way to participate. Of course, if you are part of other people’s lives and can interact, discuss, etc., with them, this could be beneficial to you both/all.

      1. I have to agree.

        My responsibility (besides looking after my own life) I’ve decided is working on information organization and curation. Its what I love to do, anyways (its a very online activity, and I don’t know how you/I feel about that).

  8. Anthony, I get the sense that you are giving up. Why would I prepare for everything you wrote, you still have to try to convince leaders or whomever, it only takes one to get the ball rolling. People need to stand together, we are the true power. You are not going to change their minds over night but you have to start some where. As Billy stated you can’t change the masses but what you can do is find that small common issue that is annoying everyone. Buy page 2 of your local newspaper or use the internet and have people boycott a particular gas station for a week and watch how the gas companies scurry around. This worked in the middle east. But it has to be peaceful, IMHO people just need to be shown what they can do but in small doses at first. Anything is possible.

    1. Interesting Idea!

      I only have one or two gas stations nearby atm, but I’m sure I could think of something similar.

  9. Hi Mike, is there any way a feature could be added that would allow us to go back into our post before it is posted to edit?


      1. I’d like to see this feature added as well.

        I’m actually doing free-lance web-dev at the moment (I’ve hinted at this a number of times now), I’d be happy to help out if you need someone technical on the job.

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