Formerly skeptical retired physician, professor, Dr. Sanford Weinstein, astonished – and concerned – at accurate foretelling of Russian troop movements; new military alliance between Canada and Georgia increases tensions with Russia; skeptics validate more predictions


Beverly Hills, CA – In a recent interview, Dr. Sanford Weinstein said that he found the predictive information by Billy Meier, a reclusive and controversial Swiss man, to be “astonishing”. Referring specifically to Meier’s information, published in 1987, accurately foretelling Russia’s recent movement of troops to Arkhangelsk, the formerly skeptical, retired physician and professor enumerated several specific reasons why U.S. military leaders should be “terribly upset”.

Pointing out that such strategic movements could indicate Russian plans for an invasion of the U.S., Dr. Weinstein warned that they could be accomplished in secret “before anybody were the wiser; it’s a very scary thing.”

New Military Tensions 

The recently announced new military alliance between Canada and Georgia intensified the longstanding tensions between Russia and Georgia, drawing attention again to the prophetic warnings in Meier’s Henoch Prophecies about Russia ultimately attacking Canada, as well as the U.S.

Meier also long ago forewarned that the volatility in the Eastern European region increased the potential for a worldwide war arising from the conflicts.

And current and former U.S. government officials also viewed Russia’s recent bomber flights near Guam as provocative.

Skeptics Validate Meier’s Information 

To date, more than 120 examples of Meier’s prophetic information, which he’s been publishing for more than 60 years, have been corroborated. A recent attempt by professional skeptics to debunk and discredit his scientific information resulted instead in further validation of his prophetic accuracy*.

Dr. Weinstein’s public endorsement of Meier’s prophetic accuracy may indicate that more scientists, and world leaders, will examine his information and evaluate its relevance to global concerns. (It’s been over 25 years since highly credible scientists, including David Froning and Dr. Michael Malin, examined and authenticated Meier’s evidence and information.)

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4 comments on “Scientist Astonished at Swiss Man’s Predictive Accuracy

  • I would just like to point out, quite obviously, the unique position the United States has on the world stage in being the standard for international trade via the US Dollar. The US overnight did not force anyone to use her money yet it has in a short amount of time after the Second World War become the means with which people trade and base their livelihoods directly on. Every country out there has to exercise a certain amount of judgement as they have people at the other end that rely on this for survival.

    As we crossed that bridge a long time ago, to shift mid-gear under threatening language with regards to using a different reserve currency for international trade (as some of the voices in Russia and China politely suggested to be the route they want no matter the consequences) that clearly wish to send the US and her peoples and dependents into abject and immediate poverty directly harming the interests of all can only be thought of as being senselessly warlike no matter how nice the language is delivered in or bad of an image they have of the US to justify such senselessness.

    Forcing the hands of the US to take action is not the brightest ideas those voices have suggested. The “Axis of Evil”, as Bush coined it, happens to coincide with a number of states that allow certain voices, and rumors of voices, that wish to economically challenge the prevailing order at the expense of the current balance in the world. Obama has done a lot to ensure we do not senseless move forward into the future but those same voices have been directly challenging Mr. Obama every step of the way.

    According to the Henok prophecies, not surprisingly, it is the US that plays the deciding role. However, do not lose sight in that external influences can instantly force the hands of certain people to respond in a certain way as the prophecies themselves do not suggest whether or not the ignition would be done with any intelligent decision making.

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