Suddenly Phil Plait Echoes Billy Meier

As I recently posted, I hope it’s not too politically incorrect to point out that – in 2010 – when I tried to get astronomer Phil Plait to look at Billy Meier’s warnings about Apophis, Phil suddenly removed himself from the conversation; after all what does a so-called “one-armed Swiss farmer” know about astronomy that Phil doesn’t? Now of course Phil is very outgoing about incoming objects.

Naturally, all of the skeptics piled on as well. But now that credible, and formerly skeptical, scientists like Dr. Weinstein have had the good sense and courage to endorse Meier’s prophetic accuracy, perhaps the information here will get wider consideration.

And perhaps the know-it-all skeptics and “experts” will consider that since the Earth actually isn’t flat, if it hits “over there” it still affects us “over here”. Extend that understanding just a bit more and one can see that the ever-spreading decay and destruction in our world is fundamentally the result of our ignorance of the laws of cause and effect. We overbreed, overcrowd, over-consume, over-pollute, etc. So maybe we’re about to experience a lot of things being…over, like peace, prosperity, sanity, reason, fellowship, abundance, etc. At least until we get over ourselves and begin to under…stand.

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