Scientology Busted Before It Existed by Extraterrestrial…in 1953

Recent criticism of Scientology in a new book elicited a response from their spokeswoman that, “Revisionist histories are typical of apostate behavior and tabloid tales should always be taken with an enormous grain of salt.”

Of course the fact that Billy Meier was warned – in 1953 – about a “really malignant sect” that would “very strongly push for world domination” that would “lead back to a certain Ron Hubbard” can’t be called “revisionist”.

Instead, many may now agree that it should be called…“prophetically accurate”, something that Meier clearly and consistently demonstrates in abundance.


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  1. Good one, Michael.

    It’s always fascinating – and often chilling – to see the really early warnings, from Asket in the 1950’s, eventually surface in the news of the day.

    (Meanwhile, the latest news is that our suborned “scientists” are starting to speculate about the possibility that single celled organisms might have existed on Mars many millions of years ago! Arg!)

    But the reason I’m writing is this: if readers click on your 2nd link, being “in 1953”, and find my translators’ notes at the bottom of the webpage which that take them to, they’ll surely be confused by my statement, “Please refer here, regarding verse 210[*], above.” The word “here” was linked, on the original webpage, to this:

    which is on the webpage now located here:

    And there was another missing link in the preceding paragraph of my translators’ notes, originally hypertexted from the word, “Bafath”. Here it is if anybody’s interested:

    Sometimes it’s simpler to just look for the word “Source” down at the bottom of my friend James Moore’s terrific and huge collection of webpages of archived English translations at


    *210. “Es wird behauptet werden, dass diese ausserirdischen Lebensformen den Erdenmenschen dafür noch dankbar sein würden, weil sie erst durch diese den Sohn Gottes, Jesus Christus, als Erlöser und Herrn des Universums usw. erkennen würden, wozu gegen Ende des Jahrtausends auch der Papst die Hand reichen wird, zumindest in der Form der angeblich universellen Gültigkeit des Christentums.”

    (It will be asserted that these extraterrestrial life-forms will even be grateful to the Earth humans for this, because only through them will they recognize the son of god, Jesus Christ, as redeemer and lord of the universe, and so forth, and to that end, towards the end of the [2nd] millennium, even the Pope will extend the hand, at least in the form of the alleged universal validity of Christianity.)

  2. Since the winner always get to write history, revisionists are needed to write our true history. I will never forget my husband telling me that when he was in grade school that his textbook said that an American was the first man in space. Thankfully the teacher was on the ball and asked the class if they found anything wrong with that statement. My husband knew it was the Russian Yuri Gagarin. So there are still so many outright lies that haven’t been corrected yet. Piss on the Scientologists.

    1. If you said piss on Scientology instead of piss on Scientologists I could see your point. Just because someone “believes” something outside of your realm of comprehension does not make them a target to be pissed on. Unless of course you hate humans in general. Don’t disrespect humans because of what they believe. It could be you under different circumstances. I was a Scientologist before stumbling upon the Meier case. Scientology makes WAY more sense than Christianity. Jmmanuel and Billy make way more sense than both combined.

      1. Hey Mark, it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on 🙂 so you are obviously doing well. Piss on the Scientologists is a figure of speech and it stands. But because of that you think I hate people? LOL You honestly think I said that because scientology is outside my realm of comprehension? LOL There would be no scientology if people didn’t allow themselves to be sucked into it. As I said before (on another thread) being sucked into any religion or organization that will bring you favours and line your pockets with cash, really shows a person’s character. As far as I’m concerned all religions make no sense. How about a slap in the face with a wet cat? Does that sound better or does that make me a cat hater?

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