UPDATE: Scientists Make “New Discovery”…37 Years AFTER It Was Published by Billy Meier

Earthquakes tied to oil drilling – now where have we heard that before?

UPDATE!!! News published today in the European edition of the New York Times again confirms the connection between the extraction of oil and gas and earthquakes – as specifically pointed out to Billy Meier by Semjase 37 years ago. To quote, “The quakes were caused by the extraction of natural gas from the soil deep below.” Don’t wait for the false “leaders” and “scientific experts” to tell you what you can now see and understand for yourself.

A new report* concludes that the cause of a 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma, in 2011, was oil drilling and related activities. While there are dissenting voices, the new findings echo what Billy Meier was told, and published, back in 1976…37 years earlier. Of course most scientists that hear about Billy Meier and his astounding record of prophetically accurate scientific information seem to have some kind of electro-chemical reaction to it, galvanizing themselves against the possibility that someone actually knows more than they do. And, with the ever-present threat that funding, tenure, prestige, etc., may be snatched away should they not conform to expectations and the current hierarchy, it takes courageous, objective, truly scientific individuals to acknowledge Meier’s accuracy, let alone to dig deeper into its implications for humanity. Fortunately there are those like Dr. Weinstein who courageously came forward to acknowledge the truth, because he actually puts the truth above any preconceptions, or even personal beliefs.

  *Thanks to Ron Watson for providing this information and for Thomas for the update.

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  1. My thoughts exactly, except for the last part. Do you really believe, that Dr. Weinstein would have come forward if he was younger and still had a career ahead of him? I don’t think so. Just as a constructive critique and suggestion: The video editing in the “Weinstein-Video” is what I would call an epileptics nightmare. It almost gave me physical pain when I watched it, which is a shame because the content is good. I….don’t…know…why you…have to…cut it so often. Just use the whole thing, we all make spelling mistakes and stuff, it’s normal.

    1. We had a very relaxed time with Dr. Weinstein and so the original video is full of pauses here and there. We wanted to get the essence of it out, mainly for the short attention span folks. We’ve obviously decided to risk “loosing” some people on future videos by including the whole thing (as much as possible). Of course if you get the message and understand we didn’t alter anything to make him say something that he didn’t, well, that’s getting the point across…albeit with some whiplash.

      1. I would suggest uploading the whole unedited interview as a second video titled “….full unedited version” or something, if that is possible. I have recently watched the German interviews that Jack Gerlach and you did with Billy for “The Silent Revolution Of Truth” back in 2006. They’re so much better than the “chopped up” versions in the film. Of course you had to cut it for the movie, but the complete original versions would have made a great special feature on the DVD.

  2. Great post, MH. This should also give the people of the world an explanation about those “mysterious” sink holes that are recently being reported in US media.

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