No Wiggle Room Left – Comet Wipes out the Skeptics

Once again, scientists unknowingly corroborate information from – who else? – Billy Meier

New research, published by U.S. scientists from Dartmouth, concludes that the extraterrestrial object that wiped out the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago, was a comet, not an asteroid as has been previously widely accepted. The findings once again corroborate information published by Billy Meier – in 1978. Facts published by scientific “experts” are now frequently being revised, ultimately conforming more and more to information provided to Meier, by extraterrestrial human beings*.

The new conclusions about the comet also had the effect of simultaneously wiping out the equally antiquated beliefs of the species known as skepticum ridiculum, stubborn creatures that were known for their relentless aversion to uncomfortable truths that threatened their myopic worldview.


*NASA Considers Hiring…Billy Meier to Predict Incoming Asteroids!

Scientists again Echo Meier Regarding Danger of NW Quake

NASA Corrects Apophis Information, Size Is almost exactly what Billy Meier Foretold


Our thanks again to the ever-vigilant Mahigitam for bringing this information to our attention.




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Where is the room for plausible deniability in this one!? Well, I’m sure the know-it-alls & skeptics will come up with something. 😛

Darcy Carlile

Hi Mike, how are you? I am fine. Do you know any information to whether one of the two prehistoric Earth moon’s and that one collided with the Earth?


That’s a nice headline…