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  1. I work for a place that makes components for a new technology that FAA mandates be on all aircraft soon. The TWA flight 800 “official story” is usually the first (and sometimes only) example used in describing this technology. Here are excerpts from 2 papers:

    Limiting Oxygen Concentration Required to Inert Jet Fuel Vapors Existing at Reduced Fuel Tank Pressures by Steven M. Summer 2003 –

    Aircraft fuel tank protection has become of great interest within the aviation community since the fatal accident of TWA 800, a B747, over East Moriches, NY, in July 1996. The National Transportation Safety Board determined that the “probable cause of the TWA flight 800 accident was an explosion of the center wing fuel tank (CWT), resulting from ignition of the flammable fuel-air mixture in the tank.” As a result, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is currently conducting research aimed at reducing or eliminating the flammability exposure time of high flammability fuel tanks.

    Fiber Optic Oxygen sensor using Fluorescence Quenching for aircraft inerting fuel tank applications by Allen Panahi 2009 –

    On July 18, 2008, the FAA mandated that new aircraft are to include inerting technology to significantly reduce the potential for flammable vapor spaces in center wing fuel tanks. All passenger aircraft constructed since 1991 must also be retrofitted with this technology. This ruling is the result of 18 aircraft that have experienced fuel tank flammable vapor ignition incidents since 1960. Included in these are the TWA 800 and Avianca Flight 203 incidents that resulted
    in 337 total fatalities.

    1. Good one, curlymoses.

      So the enterprising U.S. arm of the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about in 1961* has now, 52 blood-drenched years later, grown to the point where a huge cock-up by the Navy in 1996 has been profitably converted to a lucrative job-creation scheme for the technocrats. Anything for a buck, eh? Now we don’t even have to wait to capitalise on tragic ACCIDENTS. We conduct “false flag” attacks on our own innocent civilian citizens, and derive massive moneymaking spinoffs (not to mention political mileage) from THAT! Think: USA’s September 11th, 2001, Spain’s March 11th, 2004, Japan’s March 11th, 2011, etc. 🙁


    2. You write like a typical government disinformer … intentionally did not write about many other details. Or do you really have a mind just that simple?

      1. Please note that the content is from a conversation between Meier and the Plejaren. I am not the author of that information.

        And exactly…which government would I typically disinforming for?

  2. “Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped.” Edward Snowden, June 18th, 2013

    There are even heroic whistleblowers within the corrupt corporate media who are still trying to finally expose the appalling truth about the cover-up of the U.S. Navy shooting down TWA-800.

    “When that many people [230] die, you owe it to them – and the other people getting on those planes every day – to find out what really happened.” Kristina Borjesson

    “The Earth human does not want to know the truth” – Ptaah

    „Wenn man bedenkt, dass sich seit Menschengedenken gesamthaft niemals soviel Unheil, Tod, Mord, Folter, Zerstörung und Desaster auf der Erde ereignet hat, wie es sich durch die Schuld der USA zugetragen hat und weiter zuträgt, wie sich das ergab und ergibt, seit sich die USA in aller Welt in die Belange anderer Staaten einmischen und Kriege sowie Revolten und Revolutionen sowie Morde und sonstige Verbrechen durch USGeheimdienste und US-Militärs vom Zaune brachen und brechen, dann kann in bezug auf US-Amerika vom leibhaftigen Teufel gesprochen werden.“ Billy Meier, extract from the 442nd contact conversation of Saturday, February 10th, 2007
    (When one thinks that, since as long as anyone can remember, never has collectively so much harm, death, murder, torture, destruction and disaster happened on the Earth as it has come about through the fault of the USA and will further come about, as it has resulted and results since the USA interferes in the interests of other countries and started and starts wars, as well as revolts and revolutions, as well as murder and other crimes through the US secret services and US military, then, regarding USAmerica, the devil incarnate can be spoken of.”

    Further important reading/viewing:



    Shadows of Liberty (Published on May 19, 2013, duration 90 minutes) reveals the extraordinary truth behind the news media: censorship, cover-ups and corporate control. (the TWA-800 cover-up is exposed from minute 14 through 23)

    (Ms. Borjesson compiled Into the Buzzsaw, the book from which this summary as made.)
    Kristina Borjesson has been an independent producer and writer for almost 20 years. Among her many accomplishments besides editing this volume, she worked at CBS network where she won an Emmy and a Murrow Award for her investigative reporting on “CBS Reports: Legacy of Shame” with Dan Rather and Randall Pinkston.

    You don’t choose to have the kind of experience I had while trying to report on the demise of TWA Flight 800. You fall into it. At CBS, I’d recently picked up an Emmy for investigative reporting when I was assigned to investigate the crash. I had no idea that my life would be turned upside down and inside out – that I’d be assigned to walk into what I now call “the buzzsaw.” (p. 284)
    The buzzsaw is what can rip through you when you try to investigate or expose anything this country’s large institutions – be they corporate or government – want kept under wraps. The system fights back with official lies, disinformation, and stonewalling. Your phone starts acting funny. Strange people call you at strange hours to give you strange information. The FBI calls you. Your car is broken into and the thief takes your computer and your reporter’s notebook and leaves everything else behind. You feel like you’re being followed everywhere you go. (p. 284)

    Pierre Salinger announced to the world on November 8, 1996, that he’d received documents from French intelligence proving that a US Navy missile had accidentally downed [TWA Flight 800]. That same day, FBI’s Jim Kallstrom called a press conference to deny Salinger’s allegations. [At the press conference,] Kallstrom rattled off a prepared speech, and then it was time for questions. A man raised his hand and asked why the Navy was involved in the recovery and investigation while a possible suspect. Kallstrom’s response was immediate; “Remove him!” he yelled. Two men leapt over to the questioner and grabbed him by the arms. There was a momentary chill in the air after the guy had been dragged out of the room. Kallstrom acted as if nothing had happened. (pp. 290, 291)

    A few weeks after the FBI’s visit to CBS, I received my walking papers. Law enforcement consultant Paul Ragonese eventually got his walking papers, too. Ragonese was replaced by none other than the FBI’s TWA 800 task force chief, James Kallstrom. (p. 307)

    1. What part was so heroic? The gentlemen in the documentary claimed they were told they weren’t allowed to speak at the hearings if they knew it was all lies why didn’t they just scream it for the public to know?

  3. See? Like I said there are quite a bit of information in the material that isn’t far fetched.

    By the way, to qualify my statement about the group that was removed from future of mankind, it was not an official Figu group. And dare I say probably as crazy as some of those on the English board. This is why I say learn German first like Meier teaches, then go to that board.

  4. ” The earth human does not want to know the truth ” —- even when it’s laid before them ( pearls before swine ) .
    Seeing with only the intellect ; sheep are better at it than most earth humans .

    1. “I would sooner expect a goat to succeed as a gardener than expect humans to become stewards of the Earth” James Lovelock, author of the Gaia hypothesis.

  5. To further add, the alleged “Plejarans”, to my knowledge, only offered one government in the world, the USA, any sort of aid, which says a lot in of itself regardless of ones views on the USG and with a generous seven month deadline, according to Contact Report 117:

    Now interesting to note that it explains further and at some lenght just what exactly they refer to as “religious-delusional sects” and could probably elaborate specifically the Henock Prophecies “manifold problems”. It is also interesting to note that the alleged space folks also asked the USG to protect Billy Meier and FIGU across the globe as a precondition which may seem contrary given what was stated in the Contact Report if one is assuming things without looking at things from all perspectives.

    So why would the Plejarans, of all governments on the planet, offer aid the USA and the USG and at the sametime ask for protection for Billy, his relatives, and Figu members?

  6. Simple, Duke – the USA is obviously the planet’s single country which is more desperately in need of aid, and more dangerous, than any other.

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