“And the Fanatics and Warriors of Islam…”

Or…Why I Would Forward a Link to a Glenn Beck Video

The news and information surfacing about the complicity of the U.S. government in supporting demented terrorists in Syria, as pointed out in the above-mentioned video, once again reminds us of the unfortunately, ever-fulfilling Henoch Prophecies published by Billy Meier in 1987.

Please read the entire prophecies again, with special attention to what is said about “the fanatics and warriors of Islam”, as well as that America is creating enormous hatred against her, worldwide, in many countries.”

And just imagine how things just might have been different if the concerted effort – by intelligence agencies, governments, religions, etc. – to suppress, attack, destroy, ignore the (now shown to be impeccably accurate) prophetically accurate warnings from Billy Meier hadn’t been so successful. And it’s largely been successful because the individuals that comprise the collective mass of humanity have long been willing to abrogate their own self-responsibility, in every area of life, and allow themselves to be controlled so completely.

About that Meier also wrote quite presciently, in 1958, in numbers 40. And 127. However, read the entire document and you’ll be astounded to know all that he correctly foresaw…at age 21.

Perhaps heeding Glenn Beck’s concerns and calls for non-partisanship could, ironically, assist in our country making some positive, prophecy negating course corrections.



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  1. Dear Duke,

    You don’t “sound harsh” to me, my friend. I despise diplomacy. You just sound inadequately informed, in my considered opinion.

    With respect, I strongly disagree with a couple of your points here: https://theyflyblog.com/and-the-fanatics-and-warriors-of-islam/07/01/2013/comment-page-1#comment-12685

    This blog format denies me the opportunity to enter a reply to you where it belongs, so I’ll have to do it down here.

    It really sounds as if you haven’t read the DP witness testimonies that I took the liberty of “unlawfully” (intellectual property rights, etc.) publishing on the Internet all those years before they didn’t have to be bought.


    I’m uneasy about your overall perspective about the Meier material too sometimes, Duke, as exemplified by your wording like, “the alleged ‘Plejarans’”



    1.) asserted but not proved
    2.) supposed but doubtful

    I gotta say it, bro. Anyone sufficiently familiar with the Meier material (and simple logic and conventional English-usage) to offer informed opinions about it would never say “alleged”. I’ve argued with Michael about this word too, which smacks of well-meant but misguided diplomacy to me – at best – and snide intellectual sabotage at worst.

    I readily acknowledge that we’ve all got the same damn catch-22 operating here that also operates in every other Meier-related, English-language venue, which is: 99% of the people here don’t read enough German to go over and debate the material on the German language forums. Which means that the level of 90-something % of the debate is relatively low, and guys like me, who’ve read the 90-something % of the material that remains untranslated, generally hang around on these English forums trying to help until our informed voices are drowned out in the din of the exchange of misconceptions, misunderstandings and uninformed opinions and, all-too-often, cunning sinister agendas. Then it slowly dawns on me again that my finite time and resources are better spent advancing the renewed truth elsewhere. It’s cyclical. I’m sorry if I lack the tact to put all that across less harshly, and I don’t mean to be offensive, but that’s just the way it is. And it’s 90-something % due to the insurmountable (for some) language barrier.

    That’s why I also work full time, unpaid of course, translating the stuff.

    And did you happen to see my above comment here on this blog page Michael’s, posted almost a day before you questioned Greer’s lack of “proof”?

    Bei Menschen Beweise führen zu wollen, ist seit alters her der falsche Weg, darum soll niemals erklärt werden, dass jetzt einmal dieses und jenes bewiesen werden soll.

    Since time immemorial, wanting to prove something to someone has been the wrong way, therefore it should never be declared that now something or other will be proven.


    And may I ask if you’ve read what Billy has to say there about trying to prove things to people? And does that seems logical to you in light of web forums consisting almost entirely of people zealously trying to prove things to each other? I’m not being sarcastic here. Text removes my sincere vocal inflections.

    Greer obviously wasn’t offering “proof”. He wasn’t doing anything more than offering his line of logical reasoning – taking into account his good understanding of (Earth) human history – about this stolen/hidden ET free-energy/anti-gravity propulsion technology eventually being able to solve our overpopulation problem. This existing, black-shelf machinery (already weaponised) is not significantly like any other (Earthling-historically) previous terrestrial technology. It does offer Earth decentralised abundance. And right throughout Billy’s books – particularly the info from Arahat Athesarta and Petale, which is largely universally applicable – the problem with MOST advancing ET civilisations seems to be LESS with OVER-population than UNDER-population, as surprising as that idea may seem to us down here on our swarming, teeming, blood-drenched, prison/refugee Planet Suicide. Read about motherhood during the French Revolution, where women’s approach to motherhood – a lot of which we religiously-poisoned Earthlings (mostly men) just ignorantly take to be ineluctable, instinctive female human nature – demonstrates that simply pushing out more and more babies is not the ideal goal for the spiritual fulfilment of women collectively. Don’t forget Earth’s unique status as being “the most religiously poisoned planet” (EVER. ANYwhere.) according to the P’s.

    I acknowledge that there are very strong feelings associated with this topic, so I’ll nail my colours to the mast here now. I’m a male, heterosexual feminist, who’s spent his long (63 years) life actively advancing the ideas of gender equality – long before it was fashionable. Which simply means: “equal rights and opportunities for all human beings regardless of gender or sexual orientation”. (Unless you consider rape, children, etc. legitimate “sexual orientations”, of course.) These ideas are not inconsistent with the creational laws and recommendations.

    The Goblet of Truth says @4:244, and elsewhere, ” … do NOT go forth and multiply like vermin … ”

    But the Bible of the Bafath’s patriarchal, misogynistic, planeticidal “terrorcrats” (Billy’s term*) left us with this:

    Genesis 1:22 And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.

    Genesis 9:7 And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.

    Genesis 9:1 And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.

    So if you do your history homework, you’ll surely understand Greer’s line of reasoning about how the release if this stolen technology CAN actually have a very positive – albeit slow and gentle – effect on overpopulation. The Plejaren “seven year birth prohibition” seems to me to be a knowingly unworkable ambit claim designed as an abrasive publicity initiative, like their demand that we outlaw all religions. They are NOT to be underestimated. They are neither stupid nor ignorant of our ways. Quite the contrary!


    You write, “Steven Greer’s arguments rest solely on the silver bullets to kill werewolves. If you strip away the stuff he is using to sound credible, which is the “above top secret, illegally obtained (back-engineered using taxpayers’ dollars) ET] classified energy generation and anti-gravity propulsion systems” etc., he has basically nothing to back up his claims as the rest is all generalities with no specifics. “Zero Point” is about as accuracte as to what has been delivered.”

    Frankly, Duke, writing to you now as a DP witness and former official rep, I can tell you that this is just laughable nonsense.

    I KNOW Michael hasn’t read Greer’s work (and you’re also not stupid, so I have to assume you haven’t either, nor, I think, could you have read Tom Bearden’s, or Richard P. Crandall’s astonishing books), and I can’t help thinking that if this stuff WAS read, there’d have to be less antagonism to it and more folks would be more prepared to overlook Greer’s narcissistic egomania, vile racism, and inane religiously-inspired delusions – he’s a dogmatic devotee of the (false) “Prophet Bahá’u’lláh”, of the Bahá’ religion – about the ACTUAL modern ET presence, one of the reasons he’s so incorrigibly hostile to the Plejaren. (Please don’t shoot the all-too-human messenger of the 500 insider whistleblowers.) I say “racism”, not because Greer thinks non-whites are inferior, of COURSE he doesn’t, but because he can’t tolerate the politically incorrect idea that the Errans – through no fault of their own! – just happen to be tall and blond. His stubbornly ignorant bigotry (and lack of German) means he doesn’t know that the Plejaren Federation send Billy members who are quite black and, recently, one of the ET women happened to have a wife back home waiting for her. Of course I’ve read all Greer’s books, so I know things about him most people don’t. Obviously. Try harder to ignore the medium and concentrate on the message please.


    Anyway, I’ve got other work waiting. Billy’s latest double book, The Laws and Recommendations of Relationships / Mastering Life’s Problems (a corker!) is already piling up more of my little translations over at the desperately overworked Australian FIGU group, who are the people currently responsible for making Bully’s translations official, (not to mention being just given responsibility by Ptaah for organising membership for geographically half the planet!) and only two of them speak German!

    Anyway, good things are moving slowly down the narrow pipeline, while I’m sure everybody reading this is actively learning German.



    1. Howdy Dyson.

      Whilst I cannnot account for anyone’s thinking when they read the responses on this blog, alleged simply means that, alleged. Unless you want to suggest to us you are a “contactee”, I doubt anyone could actually prove the Plejaran are “out there”. And, according to the Meier material, I’ve read a number of times the Plejarens themselves going to great lenghts to step outside of the picture frame (literally) in order to avoid the slippery slope of ET numbers, names, phone numbers, personal lives, etc. that I simply see with great fanfare in the Disclosure Project material. It suffices to say that they are indeed “alleged” and would like it that way.

      I specifically mention proof to Greer because his assertions actually demand proof on so many levels thanks in part to all the claims he makes with the witness testimony, fund requests and donation requests, etc. Meier’s material quite distinctly are not actually about Plejarans, ET’S, or space craft in of themselvs and mentions it as I’m sure you should know. Unless you actually join Figu which requires an annual fee, everyone basically has free access to the material at no cost. There is nothing I can really criticize with proof about Figu as they never asked anyone to believe in the material or ask money from it and instead have members, like yourself, dedicate their free time to this material in a non-religious manner. That speaks volumes. Not how many ETs Steven Greer believes he knows is out there or what awesome technology awaits to save Earth Humanity. As an old Wendy’s commercial would say, Where’s the beef?

      The stark difference between the two cannot be clearer. The only persons of note that I can mention is Dyson and Vivianne that have worked on the Disclosure Project that mention anything about Billy Meier.


      I hope this clears things up.

      Though I would like to point out if Steve Greer has all this planet saving information and contacts with the government, why doesn’t he run for public office in the US? With such a reputation with the “right” people that disclosed “above top secret” (whatever that means) information to him, I’m surprised someone of his calibur does not lend himself to the most direct way to help the people even if it is a local municipality.

    2. I looked over the Disclosure Project’s page and they seem to have quoted Eisenhower at the bottom of the front page. Like the rest of the UFO Community and conspiracy community, snippets of credible people and a well respected man like Eisenhower is not immune to being quoted in this manner to support their case, cause, or arguments.

      This is the quote they use:
      President Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation, January 1961
      “In the counsels of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

      It would be using a good amount of leaping judgement to some how assume that Eisenhower solely relates to UFOs, UFO phenomenom, and UFO coverup without looking to see if there are any obvious refences in 1961 and throughout his lifetime he may actually be generally referring to. As this is 2013, the quote has been used usually out of place primarily because most of the new folks with fresh money have no actual context or knowledge of Eisenhower and cannot immediately discern the right assessment from being wrong and swindled.

      So where is the best place historically to start with understanding the “Military Industrial” Complex? Well, it ocurred in Ike’s lifetime with a subject he has direct first hand knowledge and access to with experts, leading engineers, and politicians of the time with top secret information only known to a handful of people behind closed door meetings.

      No, I don’t mean Foo Fighters, UFOs, extraterrestrials or anything of that fanciful nature. I mean those steel beasts called “tanks” or the rapid near overnight American development of Armored Warfare. There happens to be a good book on the subject by Steven Zaloga called “Armored Thunderbolt: The U.S. Army Sherman in World War II”

      This is the rocky birth of the US “military industrial complex” where Ike was at from the beginning and not some fanciful UFO conspiracy. Considering how many times Ike’s been quoted, none of those sites, or Disclosure Project’s, ever hint about it considering Ike was a Tank Commander in the WWI whose subordinate officer was none other than George S. Patton, who was called the American Rommel in some cases by the Germans in the Second World War. This would be the subject most familiar with him with actual first hand experience with the results from modern combat.

      Anyone familiar with the subject should be able to see where this is going and what Ike actually intends to come across. The M4 Sherman, while being a solid tank for the years 1941/2, could hardly be compared to some of the more nastier designs being fielded by both the Germans and Russians making their appearance on the field. Yet, this was the war winning design produced and continued to be produced while Panthers, Tiger IIs, IS-2s, T-34/85s were all being designed and fielded. The book goes through all the details but real information on the “military industrial complex” is seldom fanciful or as exciting as what the UFO folks make it out to be. How many people have the time or patience to understand the material and physical differences and effects between RHA armor and riveted steel plates?

      Zip back to 2013 and we seem to have sunken into a deeper hole than even Ike could have imagined in the 60s! Thankfully, someone has posted up a slide show of what all those billions of dollars are being spent (that the UFO Community refuse to reveal to their audience and have been hiding the whole time!):


      That’s right. Probably the best comment on the first youtube video by the author probably gives a prescient view why the Henock Prophecies suggest the Russians would attack Alaska from Archangelsk:

      “One example is (rather, was) Ted Stevens, who had the “Arctic Wolves” Brigade turned into a Stryker Brigade Combat Team in the early 2000s, to help make the Stryker Program too big to kill. That earned Ft. Wainwright (Br)asshats, Stevens, and the Alaskan state government seats on the GDLS gravy train, but damaged the US Army’s ability to fight…

      …because the US Army has lost it’s only arctic warfare brigade. Nowhey’re only a *pretend* arctic brigade.

      This is much like what happened to the 10th “Mountain” Division stationed at Ft. Drum, NY, which is only 300m above sea level — at least *1700m too low* to physically train for effective mountaineering. They were thought to be an ACTUAL Mountain Division with that title, and were sent to Afghanistan (~1700m ASL)… with predictable results;

      Surely the UFO community may suggest other countries can produce something as basic and simple in technology as a tank over night like the US in WW2 compared to the wonderwaffe UFOs. Even Iraq under Saddam Hussein, for a country with no history producing a tank, did have legions of well trained troops, SCUD missiles, and modern first rate local made Russian T-72 tanks called the “Lion of Babylon” (Asad Babil). But this too is a bit off the mark:

      If that is not bad, then surely a country that trains 1st rate engineers like India should be able to manage better with their ‘Arjun’:

      Surely, something as basic as armored vehicles cannot account for the massive “unaccounted for budget” sites like the Disclosure Project suggest. This cannot be happening in 2013, right? :

      Another seemingly prescient comment in the video by the author: “The Strykers will be scrap metal sooner than the vested interests in it would have you believe. They’re made of the same thin, brittle, rust-prone Bisalloy 500 Steel as the USMC’s LAV Is, half of which were retired due to uncontrollable corrosion and metal fatigue after only 15 years of service.”

      The pesky issue of metal fatigue seems to fly over the heads of the legions of UFO community reseachers. According to the Meier material, that has Marcel Vogel on record to view what an advanced metal alloy would look like, the Plejarans suggest their craft need little maitenance and can last ‘thousands’ of years without much work implying relatively little fatigue without having to state it directly. I seriously doubt the UFO Community going about chasing triangles, Honeyboos, and Vegetables ever considered metal fatigue and whether or not such craft can actually surive a nuclear war, let alone 20 years mothballed in a hangar doing virtually nothing or going after cattle organs. For all the pompt, song, and praise for such UFO technologies by the community they’re missing entirely from the Henock Prophecies to give folks here some idea what it could possibly mean.

      The Meier material even suggests such craft, while wildy being praised in UFO community circles, are hardly to bat an eyelash at compared to the “real deal”. The Bafaath craft also hardly worth mentioning too I might add according to the same material. Earth Humanity has supposedly reverse engineered such shoddy craft that can be taken down something rudimentary as radio waves implied from the Meier material on Roswell! After all, it seems that not many craft that are suggested to have living, breathing “ET’S” appear to survive a nuclear detionation if the Meier Material is correct with the Tunguska event leaving basically no traces and a crater.

      Ultimately, the whole UFO Community comes off sounding like wunderwaffles with a good method to boondoggle folks from their hard earned cash! At least for the recent Health Care issue, the majority of Americans are now getting a front row seat on budget that they have largely taken a back seat on for decades with overly expensive military hardware thanks in no small part by the very same UFO Community folks that consistently imply the opposite.

      I hope no one that managed to read through all of that was least bit bored. Thank you for your time!

  2. G’day Duke,

    Thanks for that. Too kind.

    But I think the whole point of my long rave about Greer missed it’s target.

    Here it is again, more succinctly: the beef is in the witness testimony (free of charge in those 3 .zip files) and Greer is (just) the messenger, who’s personal style and fund-raising hucksterism can (should!) be effectively ignored. The medium is NOT the message.

    All that CSETI swamp gas should not be inhaled.

    In short, DP+witnesses=YES PLEASE! CSETI+Greer=NO THANK YOU!

    I don’t want to keep going on about it here on Michael’s blog, Duke, but it would only make sense that all that explosive testimony from deep insider whistle-blowers (MIBs, MILAB dudes, NASA Moon air-brushers, etc.) would be one of the best candidates EVER for character assassination – getting it’s image debased/perverted/corrupted by an association with the ridiculous bulls–t which so characterises CSETI and all the rest of that religiously-intoxicated lunacy. Like, when the ETs come, we’ll get to meet up with our dead loved-ones again. True. Just totally insane.

    In short, I think the DP was suborned by CSETI.

    Nine years ago, when V & I were doing our DP info nights, we had people come to us wanting to join up and also be DP reps (and join the people’s movement to inform the public about the witness testimony) and the DP Head Office TURNED THEM DOWN (!), saying Australia was already sufficiently represented by V & me up in rural northern New South Wales. !@$%^&! Have you had a LOOK at the SIZE of Australia lately? Shortly after HQ told us we were their very best reps ever (in the whole world!) we suddenly got the SACK for (independently & completely separately) endorsing Meir.

    Hmmmmmmm. What does that tell you?

    And if anybody’s waiting for even MORE material proof that the P’s are the real deal, please make yourself comfortable because it’ll be a long wait. Maybe you could kill time by organising some professional psychotherapy/psychoanalysis while you’re waiting for Semjase to drop in for a cup of coffee and a chat.

    See http://www.tjresearch.info/denial.htm

    If anyone wants to get more logical proof that the P’s are the real deal, learn the language, read the material, just TRY it on yourself and see if it works.

    It works for ME, and MY skull’s about two inches thick.


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