Obama and the Drone Dilemma: Caught between Iraq and a hard Place

Having succeeded in getting the U.S. out of Iraq, the pressure now mounts on President Obama regarding his apparently very reluctant intervention in Syria, as well as the all-invasive use of drones at home and abroad.

While the article by Peter Baker in the New York Times may serve to antidote some of the infectious, gleeful condemnatory piling on, by not only the right wingers but the often equally shallow thinking liberals and left wingers, an even fuller explanation of what was then yet to come, can be found in this presciently accurate information, published by Billy Meier in September 2012. (Search: Obama, drones)

One can also see that Meier and the Plejaren clearly recognize how the average person in America is being constantly financially exploited, which “…corresponds exactly to the opposite of Barack Obama’s ideas…” Maybe, instead of being so easily manipulated into knee-jerk, irresponsible and venomous attacks against him, people will recognize that Obama is in the very unenviable position of being scapegoated for every ill despite his truly wanting “…prosperity and the best for the people as well as for the country itself.”

So, while it seemed preposterous when, in 1987, Meier warned about two coming civil wars, the year 2020 may give new meaning to that old saying about…hindsight. Perhaps many will be rereading Meier’s words by candlelight – in their bunkers – here in the good ol’, formerly United States of America.

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  1. Maybe it’s high time for the Plejaren to finally meet with a US President. Considering it said that Obama was one of those who pledged participatory support for ‘the Mission’ all those thousands of years ago, it would seem to have a reasonable chance for success.

    Just a thought. I know it won’t be happening. But I do have a feeling someone in the White House is receiving Impulsschwingungen from old friends.

    1. Michael,

      IMO this is the key to 2020; and if I’m understanding this the USA can prevent this collapse.

      Billy: “…during my Great Trip in 1975, that, according to your probability calculations, the superpower USA could come to an end after 2020, if nothing in this country changes for the better by then, and if those who are the USA’s allies continue to dissociate from that country, or even become open enemies of that country, then could Obama perhaps be the crucial point so that this can indeed still be prevented?
      Ptaah: That could be so, but also to consider is that which the Obama followers will do next and which internal and external policies they pursue, because this will also determine that which will happen after 2020.”

      So the “Obama followers” are US allies, right? Well the whole NSA leak, for example, has got many US allies, Germany, Italy, France, Luxembourg and the EU government itself, questioning US policy and uneasy. I wonder if these “internal and external policies” P’taah is talking about have anything to do with this whole Snowden leak? This does not seem like a good development based on what Billy and P’taah are talking about when it comes to one big happy family. Hopefully President Obama can smooth things over with things like this from Der Spiegel “We should stipulate that every intelligence service — not just ours, but every European intelligence service, every Asian intelligence service, wherever there’s an intelligence service — here’s one thing that they’re going to be doing: they’re going to be trying to understand the world better and what’s going on in world capitals around the world,” he said. “If that weren’t the case, then there’d be no use for an intelligence service.

      “And I guarantee you that in European capitals, there are people who are interested in, if not what I had for breakfast, at least what my talking points might be should I end up meeting with their leaders. That’s how intelligence services operate,” Obama added.

      1. Yes and I think the “Obama followers” could also refer to those people in this country, his cabinet, supporters, etc., whose decisions about things could contribute to a better or worse outcome. It’s not just the “string pullers” who have influence n the course of things.

        1. Just another observation. Notice P’taah says “followers” and religious term and not a more neutral term like “supporters.” Perhaps this is just a translation choice thing?

          1. Followers could also mean the Presidents and their respectively chosen cabinets that follow Obama and his self-chosen and appointed cabinet.

            Obama-Nachfolger actually could & possibly should be translated in this case as ‘Obama successors’ or successors of Obama, iow the Presidents that follow Obama.

          2. Hi guys.

            If you give me chapter & verse references, etc., I’ll be happy to check the translation that produces “followers”.

            Not sure if Ptaah envisages what Billy & Co. tell us is “the devil incarnate” (USA) + “the fascist dictatorship/666” (EU) = the sort of “one big happy family” that would be very “people friendly”, so to speak. I sure don’t think so. You know what those men who call themSELVES the “Illuminati” say – “the slaves shall serve”.

            That’s us, BTW. (Yes. Yes. I know what Billy says about the Illuminati, Freemasonry, “Protocols of Zion”, chemtrails, crop circles, and so on. He’s still alive, isn’t he? And he had an IQ of 500 at the age of 7, and is a lot older and wiser now.)

            Speaking of current events:

            I just read George Orwell’s “1984” again for the first time since junior high school. NOW I actually understand it. I recommend it as required reading.

            It’s free. Bit depressing, but.




        2. Not only that, but it appears with religious ferver some folks believe that “string pullers” run virtually everything as if it came out of some old Soviet Propaganda manual. I have no further to look than the very same ‘UFO’ “movement” that clearly embody the religous perfervidity in the wild beliefs that someone out there is going to help. On the contrary, the Meier material in no ambiguous terms says that NO outside help is going to get us out of this mess. “Don’t call us, we’ll call you!”

          Whilst it is left to Earth Humanity to fit the bill, most of the supposed “movements” out there have a distinct lack of actually educating people on the point, purpose, and responsibility of government and what it takes to run the massive organs of society as a whole without massive disruption to the current state of affairs. And in many cases, the “solutions” provided are so out of whack and impossible to implement most folks that support it do not have any substantive proof of their new methods will work other than provide some equally dubious remedy to some mysterious “cabal” of “string pullers”. Such delusion, while grounded in the first case on delivering material in a religious twisting of words reducing the audience to sub-humans, is also heavily colored with false intelligence on military and economic power that is profoundly flawed.

          This analysis, which underlay many of the arguments of the various movements out there, are more remarkable for what they do NOT know than what they DO. Thus, numbers of ETs, various races, craft, and all things under the sun are actually not known. Figures proferred being mere guesses. Little is known of the detailed organization of source information considered as “bullet-proof evidence” that ultimately cannot be verified. Nor do any of these movements have any inkling on the profound changes being undertaking by other countries, and thus the potential of those countries to fight a prolonged war as clearly implied in the Henock Prophecies (Arkangelsk, etc.). In short, these movements that suggest the US is run by a “cabal” of “string pullers” sustained only by the unsubstantiated conviction that no other country will be able to defend itself from the most modern and able war machine in existence.

          And yet, all that happened over the last 10 years seemed to substantiate the beliefs of the various movements and hence the rise of these movements that now appear regularly on the “history” channel. However, had folks in those movements looked at the more tangible forms of information, instead of lights in the sky or who is and who is not a “contactee”, then they can see and potentially correct certain issues before losing the initiative entirely. There are more than a few indications to show a different picture:

          As the Henock Prophecies mention, “Anarchy will be the worldwide condition that will prevail and torment human beings over a long period of time …”.

          1. imo, Prophecies are in general, and the Henoch Prophecies in particular, are worse-case or worst-case scenarios, depending naturally on the various course of actions the earth-human takes collectively. At least I hope so! 🙁

          2. I just want to point out that the Henock Prophecies also suggest a certain state of being of those events. While the prophecies are not in chronological order, the logical construct of the argument themselves suggest certain things must be true in order to be fulfilled.

            Thus, the near religious fanaticism of total victory, and total annihilation, probably the longest running religious things to come from planet Earth being in the belief and destiny for certain things. Every society has it if one views it properly from ancient steles, roman victory columns, to modern day apocalyptic end of the world material that combine and twist both total defeat and total victory. This has not changed all that much like the fate of certain countries barely 80 years ago during the last global war that championed and claimed the very same things. Such ironic twisting is not unique.

            To further add, beyond the prophecies themselves, the contact notes paint a certain picture of just what they mean by religious fanaticism. And it must be stated the extreme religious nature of the such things like the ‘UFO’ “Movement”, even if they do not on the surface look at all religious, leave their members with such impotentcy by chasing and learning things of no value they would take their own lives for it. This can only profoundly mean more people will not be available to fix the problems staring Earth humanity in the face while those folks are busy going after the next phony conspiracy after another emptying their wallet and brains to it as well. Even worse still, they walked into the loving arms of dubious people that somehow sell a “fix” for them for a problem that actually does not exist.

            1. Yes, the so-called “UFO community” is probably the biggest enemy of the truth, especially when one considers how they masquerade as those intent on finding it.

  2. Dyson, http://au.figu.org/special_bulletin_71.html

    a little less than 1/2 way down is:

    Das könnte so sein, doch zu bedenken ist auch, was dann die Obama-Nachfolger weiter tun und welche Innen- und Aussenpolitik sie betreiben, denn auch dadurch wird bestimmt, was nach 2020 sein wird.


    and Dyson, if you can squeeze it in, feel free to translate the latest CR exerpt 😀 http://www.figu.org/ch/verein/periodika/sonder-bulletin/2013/nr-72/557-kontaktgespr%C3%A4ch

    1. Bruce,

      I think you nailed it (Obama-Nachfolger) with “successors.” That makes more sense. And the “internal and external policies” are that of future presidents. Thanks. Perhaps Dyson thinks that the translation (on SB71) should be changed to “Obama-successors” to make more sense to the readers?

      1. Thanks guys,

        I think you’re right about Nachfolger. Nach=after, Folger=followers.

        If it were “followers” it would more likely simply be Anhänger. An=on, Hänger=hangers (hangers-on, more conventionally translated as followers in this context).

        This work was (inadequately!) checked by me, Vivienne, Vibka and then the entire FIGU Australia group, and I’ll send it back up the line for another consensus of opinion.

        BTW, I’ve told MH & FIGU AUS I won’t be doing #72. Maybe Benjamin? Too many irons in the fire just now.

        This book describes some of the USA’s main “string-pullers”:

        Thanks again. Be well.

        1. Hi all.

          My thinking about my translation of Nachfolger having indeed been incorrect (should be SUCCESSORS, not FOLLOWERS) in that context has been echoed by my friends Vivienne and Vibka, who have told me that the official FIGU translation has now been changed accordingly and will be uploaded “shortly” over on the FIGU Australia website http://au.figu.org/special_bulletin_71.html

          Sorry about that everybody, and special thanks to Anthony, here on Michael’s blog, for questioning it in the first place.

          Moral of the story: don’t just believe translations. Learn German.


  3. I’ve performed an alternate translation to Ptaah’s statement in question, just for the sake of it.

    “Das könnte so sein, doch zu bedenken ist auch, was dann die Obama-Nachfolger weiter tun und welche Innen- und Aussenpolitik sie betreiben, denn auch dadurch wird bestimmt, was nach 2020 sein wird.”

    That might be so, but also to consider is what the Obama-successors further do and what domestic and foreign policies they operate, because therethrough as well, will determine what will be after 2020.

  4. Once again, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Obama’s so-called “good intentions” are the same “good intentions” of many previous dictators whose methodology was church or state collectivism. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Obama is not pro individual rights or freedom and that his “good intentions” are not ideologically different than those in the financial arena who are busy manipulating the American people. I don’t really know who’s worse: Obama because he is not intelligent enough to understand even basic free market economics or the Federal Reserve who are but are manipulating everything — including Obama to a large extent– for their own self-aggrandizement. I’m sorry the Plejaren are not as advanced in praxeological understanding as they are in the physical sciences. If they were, they would not be making the statements they make about Obama’s “good intentions” and how all ya gotta do is just divvy up the capital and hesto presto, all human ills in economics are solved. Once again, try reading Human Action by Ludwig von Mises and other free market thinkers and then, if you understand it, you will know why Obama’s state collectivism can never work — and it has nothing to do with “good intentions.” Let’s not forget that the road to Hell is paved with “good intentions.” Physics, chemistry, biology, and the life and physical sciences are realtively easy, compared with qualitative econ. That’s why most Earth humans aren’t there yet. And from what I can gather, neither are the Plejaren. As they admit, they are just regular humans and let’s face it, in the same way that you and I didn’t discover electricity and other physical science reality, neither did most of the Plejaren. We learned how to dial a telephone but we didn’t invent it. Most of the Plejaren learned how to time travel, but the current crop didn’t invent it. Probably like this all over the universe. I think too many followers of BM and Plejaren are looking at the trees and making deductions, while missing the forest, the Big Picture regarding subjective exchanges in the market, the laws that govern it (universally) and how it works. We all have “good intentions” but understanding objective reality is more important, especially as it pertains to human interactions, prioritized anticipations of subjective decisions, etc. Of course Obama’s in a tight spot, but he’s also making his own Hell, too, and a lot of ours if he doesn’t stop with his ill-advised “good intentions.”

    1. “I don’t really know who’s worse: Obama because he is not intelligent enough to understand even basic free market economics or the Federal Reserve who are but are manipulating everything — including Obama to a large extent– for their own self-aggrandizement.”

      My friend, the Fed is not “manipulating everything for their own self-aggrandizement.” No this is where you don’t understand what is going on. The Fed are manipulating everything to keep the wheels from falling off! As far as currencies and economics, we are in NO MANS LAND right now. 80 years ago we were on a gold standard, then just 40+ years ago a fiat petro dollar; and now the USA maintains hegemony by going to war and strong arming the countries to continue to price oil in dollars. The abuses that created the economic problems of 2008, and subsequent excessive money printing, has destroyed the dollar. Maybe you did not read about Billy and Ptaah talking about a possible collapse in 2020?

      The only reason the USA and her allies enjoy a high standard of living is because they are all working together, at banking, economic, policy levels. They are all printing money! The way I see how the collapse would go down is that say for example Germany says, “We don’t trust the USA anymore and we are not going to support the western money printing scheme, we want a strong currency and economy. We are going to exit the EU and work with the Chinese to create a solid currency as competition to the dollar.” When the USA loses hegemony with their currency, that is when the standard of living plummets to third world levels. Gas would cost $15/gal, bread $12/loaf, water and power plants shut down or rationing at exorbitant costs; far more than what President Obama is doing right now, with a relatively stable economy and an acceptable standard of living for your complaining ass.

    2. Dear Harry,

      Whenever I read something like, “I’m sorry the Plejaren are not as advanced in praxeological understanding as they are in the physical sciences.” I can’t help thinking, “I’ll bet this guy hasn’t read the available information, or he wouldn’t sound so very very ignorant.” (No offence intended Harry.)

      Could you please let us know if you have?

      And I don’t mean just the tiny percentage inadequately translated into English.


      And cheers!

      1. I wouldnt expect the Plejarens to know about qualitative economics because currency is foreign to them. And based off their observations, we earth humans are the only ones with a currency system. Obama does have good intentions but finance and economics are just means of exploiting our own finances and the continual enslaving of earth humans.

        One does not have to understand qualitative economics to comprehend that money is the root of all evil. Our currency system has created more hatred and war amongst earth humans. What have all our wars been about? Exploiting people for more resources.

        So in the Plejaren’s defense, they are definitely more advance than we are, and to claim they are not as advance because of a lack of understanding economics has no merit. They worry about the bigger picture than money, which most people who pay attention to this blog do the same. Harry Lear what do you care for more, money or saving mankind from its own destruction?

  5. So far, all of you have misunderstood my point. Qualitative econ is NOT about money or currency per se. It is about human action, praxeology, and the subjective evaluations driving each individual’s prioritized actions, whether “good” or “bad” for him/her or others. And one’s moral philosophy drives one’s actions. Moral philosophy can be thought of as one’s “spiritual” intellect, or ideology, or world view, etc. Have I read everything the Plejaren have published? Of course not. Nor would that necessarily make be a sage. It appears that none of the above commentators understand what “money” really is, especially as differentiated from a “receipt” for money. The fact that humans use a medium of econ exchange, and receipts therefor, does not change any of the praxeological principles involved. Whether the Plejaren realize it or not, they, too, use “money” in their exchanges with others although it does not manifest itself as today’s Earth money. They, too, make subjective decisions and prioritize their actions accordingly. This whole process is called qualitative econ, human action, and is what has been destroyed by the central bankers and their friends in most all governments. And our statist school systems have replaced rational thinking with church/state collectivists non-thinking, which could best be described as disconnected thought globs. That is what I see in many of the above comments, too. Back to economics, never do I hear from BM or the Plejaren about how we could stop most of the Earth madness going on (deficits and war) if we simply chopped the bad guys off from their control of the money supply. Praying won’t get it. Telling all Americans how bad their government is acting doesn’t matter if the people have lost total control of their lives, their freedoms, their values, their money. Money is not some evil thing. Money is a form of communication, free speech, representative of one’s values if it is not fiat currency.

    Of course the US is on a wrong social political economic course. Yes, the US govt is doing bad things. Yes, the climate is changing. Yes, the Plejaren can travel through time, and much more. But when they say President Obama (or other politicians of a statist persuasion) are “rational thinkers” and are good for America because they have “good intentions”, etc. etc., I have to cringe, disagree, and just wonder in amazement at how they obviously do not understand even the basics of basic free market economics and how those principles would work, if allowed. In fact, the Plejaren never — as far as I have read, which is not everything — talk much about WHY a centrally-managed govt cannot ever work (destruction of price formations) and how that act alone with control of the money supply IS THE MAIN problem driving all the rest, including OVERPOPULATION. Why do you think it is the first thing that tyrants always do: take over the money supply, which is tantamount to taking over everybody’s freedoms, which is the same as setting everybody up for all the economic dislocations and eventually war? These results didn’t just happen without a CA– — — USE. And all I am trying to tell you is that it appears that the Plejaren — for whatever evolutionary reason — have not shown me that they understand much about basic economics and an objective moral philosophy driving that action vs. altruistic state collectivism. Otherwise, I already know about climate change, and overpopulation, and false earth religions, and other ET life forms, and not Santa Claus, etc. My question to all of you is: how much Austrian free market econ have you read AND really understood? Not too much, I gather, else you would not have said many of the things you stated in your comments, such as money is the root of all evil, the Plejaren don’t use money, etc. One last thing, there is a difference between being advanced in the physical and life sciences and being advanced in the social/econ sciences. My sister, a physicist working on GPS at White Sands, knows a lot about physics but she doesn’t know Jack Shit about the difference between statist economics and free market economics. And from what I can judge from most of your comments, neither do any of you. That’s why you think that Obama’s statist “good intentions” are a great substitute for individual rights and freedoms and don’t see why it would matter. With this type of irrational Earth logic, the Henoch Prophecies most assuredly will be attained. Hint: war cannot occur if it can’t be financed. Comprendo?

    1. Harry,
      Great points, my friend. It’s tough sometimes being a libertarian who likes Billy Meier, ain’t it?) I’m in the same point. I fully agree and I have to believe that the Plejarens make this error because they’ve lived without money/currency for so long.

      But it all comes down to human beings simply having the freedom to exchange with each other in a peaceful, honest, voluntary manner. No one can be against that from a logical standpoint.

      Yes, we can get into Creational laws and the fact that we shouldn’t transact in oil. Ok, fine. But if the Plejaren believed that we should just immediately stop all oil usage, that in itself would collapse the world economy. So these things must be done slowly, and they must be accomplished through PERSUASION initially.

      So Obama’s economic actions, or the actions he does nothing to prevent, are actually quite harmful and will lead to greater pains. If the collapse would have been allowed to happen in 2008, then we would be recovering now. But by printing trillions more in fiat currency, they’re going to make the bust on this bubble far worse.

      And just to state for the record – George Bush was disastrous. He was a statist clown also who made numerous bad decisions. I’m not just trying to bash Obama here, I’m just saying that from a policy standpoint in the big picture, there appears to be little difference between the two men. Yes, I know other powers have their hands in the pie, but I don’t see any hugely courageous stands being made by Obama.

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