Hi there, boys and girls! You may remember that, yesterday, we discussed recent revelations about what those naughty wolves were up to and how Billy Meier, that kindly, bearded gentleman in Switzerland, was already letting that cat out of the bag about all that long ago. Sure, we forgot to mention how far-reaching are the plans by the U.S. and the EU to, er…chip in and herd every single last one of the sheep into a very tightly controlled, biometric pen, as was foreseen by Mr. Meier when he was but a 21-year-old lad, back in 1958.

But I digress. Today’s tidbit, courtesy of Mr. Schantz Scott, is all about how it’s now dawning on some scientists (the ones who haven’t either been bought off or dropped on their heads) that climate change could make hurricanes stronger and more frequent. Now raise your hand if you think that you just may have possibly read something about that global warming-climate change-increased-environmental disasters connection somewhere, such as perhaps in a number of Mr. Meier’s warnings…which we’ve compiled here for your convenience.

Ah yes, it’s good to see a few hands go up…even if some are only to request permission to go to the bathroom. This is a very moving topic and, as many of you’ve now found out, it just doesn’t go away when you press “Delete”. Right, WrathfulWarrior83? I’m sorry, that’s your brother, isn’t it? I meant HairlessMonkey951X; I always have trouble telling twins apart. I guess he’s the one with the stronger bladder. My regards to the other screen names in your family too, of course.

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  • Not to mention, the Henock Prophecies also do not mention in anyway, much like the wunder-waffle UFOs or anti-gravity technology, that they would save anyone from total destruction. More unnecessary bloated money spent on things of no real value that will probably fulfill someone’s fantasy and wallet.

    • “no real value”? You really believe Zero point “free” energy is of “no real value”, Duke?

      “No real value”? How about a multi-TRILLION dollar per year change in the economy? How’s that for putting a value on it. No wonder people with vested interests in the status quo resist.

      No wonder you said, “I went through the 4 hours of (Disclosure Project) witness testimony and I don’t really remember anything …”


      Do you own a lot of oil shares* or something Duke? Have a suicide complex? Hate the planet? I really don’t get you, mate.

      “I went through the 4 hours of (Disclosure Project) witness testimony and I don’t really remember anything …”


      OK …. how is that possible?

      Try to understand, Duke, that the zero-point, anti-gravity “miracle weaponry” (Wunderwaffen) already EXISTS in the hands of the Order of Darkness and is being employed against us. Don’t you think it might be of “real value” if we could use this technology (which we already paid for with our taxes) to save our planet instead of destroying it? I do. In fact, most people I’ve spoken with who also understand the reality of the situation do too, unless they’re psychopaths.

      Have you read this yet, from Ptaah? Please do and try to remember it.

      “Für die ganzen Machenschaften der Gruppierung sind die gemeinsten Machenschaften gerade gut genug, die, wie gesagt, bereits seit den 1920er Jahren betrieben werden, und dazu gehören auch hochentwickelte elektronische Waffensysteme, futuristische Flugscheiben, hypnotisch und chirurgisch sowie bewusstseinsmässig zu Robotern umfunktionierte Erdenmenschen, wobei einige ein Aussehen haben, wie jene Wesen, die ‹Little Gray› genannt werden.”

      (For the entire machinations of the [control] group, the meanest machinations are quite good enough which, as said, were already operating since the 1920s and to that also belong highly developed electronic weapons systems, futuristic flying discs, Earth humans who are hypnotically and surgically converted, as well as converted in their consciousness, to robots, whereby some have an appearance like the being which is called the “Little Gray”.)


      “After their Kitty Hawk success, The Wrights flew their machine in open fields next to a busy rail line in Dayton Ohio for almost an entire year. American authorities refused to come to the demos, and Scientific American Magazine published stories about “The Lying Brothers.” Even the local Dayton newspapers never sent a reporter (but they did complain about all the letters they were receiving from local “crazies” who reported the many flights.) Finally the Wrights packed up and moved to Europe, where they caused an overnight sensation and sold aircraft contracts to France, Germany, Britain, etc.” – Richard P. Crandall


      “Men show their character in nothing more clearly than by what they think laughable.” – J. W. Goethe

      “Science progresses funeral by funeral.” – Max Planck


      *If so, THIS will CERTAINLY scare the pants off you:


      • I’d just like to point out from the link Dyson supplied http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/gaiaguys/meiersb34.htm

        this Billy quote – “When one thinks that, since as long as anyone can remember, never has collectively so much harm, death, murder, torture, destruction and disaster happened on the Earth as it has come about through the fault of the USA and will further come about, as it has resulted and results since the USA interferes in the interests of other countries and started and starts wars, as well as revolts and revolutions, as well as murder and other crimes through the US secret services and US military, then, regarding USAmerica, the devil incarnate can be spoken of.”


        I must say that I find that statement hyperbolic nonsense beyond compare, to borrow a Billy-ism.

        “….never has collectively so much harm, death, murder, torture, destruction and disaster happened on the Earth as it has come about through the fault of the USA and will further come about…”

        He does say ‘will further come about ..’, so I suppose that includes the unending future, so I have no idea what the USofA will do regarding harm, death, murder, torture, destruction and disaster but as history stands today, I find that statement utterly ridiculous and irresponsible, not too mention incorrect to the point of absurdity.

        Someone please point out where I am incorrect in this assessment because I sure don’t see what he’s talking about.


      • Hola Dyson,

        I think it may have been missed but the original response was in regards to the Henock Prophecies lack of mentioning the very said “crafts” that are techno-postured to no end as if it was the Ark of the Covenant by the UFO Community. Speaking of that, a certain religious text fails to mention just how many Israelites died prancing around with that awesome piece of equipment if you consider the instant death from simply touching the Ark. I’ll leave the sensitive subject of the building associated for some other time and simply point out the long history of techno-posturing by Earth Humanity, such as with the Excalibur and Holy Grail, even if it is more deadly to handler than it is to other folks. These items have been imported into the UFO Community not surprisingly.

        They are “wunder-waffles” because they did NOT win the war for Germany and were NOT wonderful the least bit other than demonstrating a light show and maybe disabling a handful of aircraft if it did ocurr. I thought this would be something obvious. The craft(s) did not even go save Hitler in his bunker who instead relied on Wenke. Wo ist Wenke!

        Most of my comments are based off taking the Plejaran word for it, believe it or not. Those very same folks Dyson appeared completely convinced were real. The very same folks that fail to “scare the pants off” anyone but instead have both said and demonstrated some very interesting things. Usually in stark contrast to the techno-posturing UFO Community that appear on the surface to have the answers. I’m coming off pretty hard intentionally to the ‘UFO Community’, the biggest enemy to the truth as Mike reminded me in a post. Hopefully, I can come across more clearly soon enough.

        Let’s go back to the very meaty quote from the alleged extra-terrestrial known as Ptaah that Dyson happend to have posted for contact report 441:

        To start with, why would the date “Saturday, February 3rd, 2007” be the “time ripe” to talk about that? Why not, for example, “May 9th 2001” the year of the Disclosure Project witness testimony was in DC? It’s not a bad question to ask and also essential.

        Well, maybe people are not clued in but there are a number of things that showed a cause for concern with the USG budgeting leading up to and around 2007 that would make sense to what Ptaah was stating. I’m not talking about “deep-cover” “above top secret” “black-project” budget but something more profound that caused a large amount of public controversy.

        Namely, the various scandals such as un-armored Humvees being blown up by IEDs, failed Inteceptor Body Armor that did not protect the troops as advertised, poor VA hospital quality for combat troops, and also a very large number of publically funded military projects that went way over budget and did NOT deliver combat vehicles the US Military needs for future combat that have been in development since the late 80s and in some cases the late 70s. The US military still uses the futuristic looking, from the 60s standpoint, M-16 class of weapons and never found a replacement. Spent billions upon billions of dollars on the Comanche and AAAV/EFV craft that ultimately were cancelled. And, at present, have nothing to replace the equipment in production since the 80s and instead upgraded the M1 tank literally with DU-Armor. The F-35 is still not being mass produced.

        In short, corruption and developmental incompetence ruin a lot of programs that hurt a lot of other people with very far reaching consequences. It’s not Obama’s fault, regardless of whatever fantasy military Romney believed we had, nor is his Administration crippling the military at all.

        What does that have to do with the rest of Ptaah’s remarks one may ask. Well, it’s because most of this fear mongering to make the money rain from the heavens happens to coincide back to the 20s. To quote:

        Die Gruppierung ist als solche nicht organisiert, sondern nur von losem Bestand, wobei deren Interessen jedoch eine gemeinsame Form haben, die schon seit den 1920er Jahren weltweit darauf ausgelegt ist, eine andauernde, raffinierte und grossangelegte Kampagne der Desinformation in bezug auf die Frage nach ausserirdischem Leben zu betreiben.

        The group is not organized, as such, rather is only a loose collection, whereby their interests, however, have a common form, which, already since the 1920s, was designed to operate a continuous, ingenious, large-scale disinformation campaign regarding the question of extraterrestrial life.

        Gezielt werden weltweit auch Falschinformationen und gefälschte Bilder angeblicher ausserirdischer Fluggeräte in Umlauf gesetzt, wobei unseren Nachforschungen gemäss rund 98 Prozent aller falschen Bilder, Filme, Videos und Falschinformationen darauf ausgerichtet sind, die Erdenmenschen in Angst und Schrecken vor Ausserirdischen zu versetzen und um in ihnen Hass und Rachegedanken zu erzeugen.

        Also wrong information and falsified pictures of alleged extraterrestrial flying devices is strategically circulated worldwide, whereby according to our investigations, about 98% of all false pictures, films, videos and false information is directed at moving the Earth humans to angst and terror of extraterrestrials and to engender hate and thoughts of revenge in the Earth humans.

        Nur was Angst, Furcht und Schrecken hervorruft sowie Hass und Rache erzeugt, wird von der Gruppierung akzeptiert und weltweit ausgeschlachtet, um damit horrende Gewinne zu erzielen.

        Only that which evokes angst, fear and terror as well as engenders hate and revenge is accepted by the group and exploited worldwide in order to obtain enormous profit with it.

        This alleged extraterrestrial probably made clear, many times over in that contact note, the financial benefit to obtaining wealth by faking threats which should sound obvious to the 21st century reader. How Dyson would somehow think I am typing this out of oil money is a bit questionable considering a well known dictator/con artist that built the following over blown piece of technology, with an excessive title to go along with it, also burned the oil wells that lasted for weeks:

        If we follow the logic of Steven Greer’s fanciful leading of the Disclosure Project, we’ll never see this financial corruption. He literally shoots his own foot off and NEVER follows up with this “above top secret black budget” because of this self-defeating logic of it being so secret he cannot tell you. To this day, some silly ‘Sirius baby’ is more important than standing shoulder to shoulder over the massive budget loss that is actually effecting the US’s future capabilities to defend itself (see Henock Prophecies). He comes off suggesting that the Obama Administration to help him, not the other way around I should add.

        What exactly was he disclosing again?

        Oh that’s right, the techno-posturing of the craft and technology themselves, not government gold bricks, white elephants, or Rube Goldberg machines at the US Tax Payer’s expense. The Meier material/Plejarans have done that job and is the reason why the UFO techno-posturing society won’t touch it, pick it up, or discuss it.

        The ‘UFO Community’ all profit massively from it because ordinary people will dump huge sums of money just like their counter-part governments have already have done so foolishly for years! In other words, the various government agencies don’t have to go to you, the ordinary citizen of their country, for that money. The ‘UFO Community’ does however!

        Consider, if our supposedly secret black budget craft could do anything like what the alleged Plejarans have demonstrated to Billy, how come there is still only Billy Meier’s clear pictures? Why would not these same group of con artists, called ‘cabal’ in some circles which sounds excessive, not do the same for an Andromedan contactee like Collier with all the wealth and power falsly associated with it? Probably because they cannot.

        Let’s ask some more questions. How many pictures, images, and video recordings of craft stay motionless against a tree (practically hugging it) very low to the ground? How about wobbling around a tree as if being hung on a string while showing no signs of being on one? Also, did you notice none of the photography shots or videos show the Plejaran craft move much except just hover in the sky? Why?

        Steven Greer asserts he has documented and video evidence of craft going extremely fast, making right 90 degree turns without slowing down. While that may sound remarkable to Earth Humanity with no experience with craft technology, that is nothing compared to Plejaran craft that can skip to the other side of the sky without moving. By not showing much motion at all, the Meier material somehow would cause worldwide controversy is astounding to say the least in stark contrast to everything else that is ‘documented evidence’.

        I am also sure it is not missed that any sort of weapons technology going against a demonstrated Plejaran craft would be impotent if an enemy extraterrestrial could just skip to somewhere without being tracked and fire at a completely different and unexpected avenue. Nothing from the fantasy laiden culture of hollywood ever suggests such technology and instead techno-postures. Pretending to be tough is easier than being tough.

        Moreover, it shows years of fake ET threats can make intelligent people naive, because this ruse wasn’t going to fool actual Extra-Terrestrials with an eye for beamships. As Mike once said pretty excellently on Coast to Coast sometime back, “Century 21 does not have anything on the Plejaran”. This was in regards to the Plejaran going out of their way to allegedly save Earth humanity from a real ET-threat scenario. It should be obvious our supposed hollywood prop/rolling science lab “craft” would not be a match for the “real deal” Extra-terrestrial beamships from that scenario.

        Not only that, but they also suggest the folly in the distant future of Earth humanity fighting wars with Extra-terrestrials leading to defeat. This is probably because Earth Humanity did not obviously see beyond their techno-posturing for it to matter.

        Why take my word for it, let’s just repost what the alleged Plejaran extraterrestrial Semjase has said to Billy in CR4:

        “103. The Earth human must consider these things, when he will forge into outer space in the near future.

        104. Other cosmic races will not allow themselves to be senselessly attacked or forced into exile, enslavement or exploitation, as is usually the case among terrestrial peoples.

        105. They will defend themselves with might, and for a long time still, they will remain infinitely superior to all of the Earth humans’ technology.

        106. Wherever this is not the case, they are often under the protection of other, more highly developed intelligences whose technology has achieved the last relative perfection.”

        Long time … infinitely superior … under the protection of other advanced races; I think the picture is clearer now. It also makes sense coming from the Meier material as no other contactee, UFO documentation, or channeled entity to date has attempted to mess up the gravy train by pointing out the folly of techno-posturing.

        I would like to end by answering Mike’s original question.

        “What’s another Word for Told Ya So?”

        Answer: Henock Prophecies, because Earth humanity would rather take their ball and walk home.

      • Hello Dyson,
        Thanks for the work you do, I wonder if Duke was considering what Billy said at one point in “As The Time Fulfills”, “free energy is fantasy”, and that “if we focus on what is real we advance much more quickly”,just a thought.

        I also would say that the track record of governments on this planet, USA at the lead maybe, when it comes to any new technolgy it’s always what weapon can we make out of it first, and how much money can we make second. That considered, how the heck do the citizens overcome that,in my opinion, that is what everyone needs to find the answer to, and implement.

        • Hi Allen,

          Thank you for your kind words.

          You, Billy and I are absolutely right about the fantasy of “free” energy, which is why I put the word in quotes – because that’t the word laypeople use.

          It’s only “free” in the same colloquial way windmills, water wheels and solar cells produce “free” energy. It’s taken from the environment.

          Sunlight, wind and zero-point energy is not “free” in a strict scientific sense, but once you’ve bought your solar panels and hooked them up on your roof, you don’t have to pay any more electricity bills. That’s been my personal experience, which is why laypeople unfamiliar with the laws of conservation of energy use the word “free”. Practically – we might as well. Creation is generous. (Sunlight, like all “the best things in life” IS free!)

          Here’s what Crandall says:

          “I want to say at this point that my new theory of physics does not in any way suggest any production of or even possibility of “free-energy”. It is strictly a theory about how antigravity effects are coupled to known electromagnetic effects. There are no places in the theory where energy and momentum are NOT CONSERVED. Everything, including energy, comes from “somewhere”, even if that somewhere looks a bit mysterious at first glance. There is no “something-for-nothing”. Conservation of energy prevails.

          You may have noticed some references in this book which allude to free-energy. Note that all such references are NOT due to my theory, but come from other people’s sources.


          But, there are ways to release so-called “Zero-Point” energy, because it exists “somewhere”, and it can be tapped from that “somewhere”, just like a windmill spinning in the wind does tap energy from somewhere. There’s an unlimited supply of ZPE, too! It is a form of gravitomagnetic energy, as can be seen later.”


          Naturally, Billy is quite correct when he says, “if we focus on what is real we advance much more quickly”. But he’s not saying the zero-point energy is not real, although people ignorant of physics, and who don’t know how Billy operates, would certainly BELIEVE that. His way is safely repellent for MOST people, exactly as intended. There are many other sensitive areas Billy cunningly avoids through circumlocution and obfuscation (a lot of it linguistic in nature!) in order to try to keep assassination attempt #23 from being successful. I would to, if I were he. I mentioned several recently here on Michael’s blog.

          The answer to your closing question is direct: inform yourself – don’t expect it of others – as to the true nature of reality in the ways Billy describes and the rest will take care of itself as a inevitable consequence. No other way works.


        • There are lots of reasons why “free energy is a fantasy” and it has nothing to do with physics and more to do with the evolution of Earth Humanity that would techno-babble their audience to death. Folks out there literally treat this technology like it was the Ark of the Covenant, which was probably more dangerous to the Israelites than it was to everyone around them.

          If we’re going to revist this subject, rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ll just repost a previous discussion on the blog:

          So, quite frankly, this ‘discussion’ is no different than the days before atomic energy whereby various circles, scientific minds, and science fiction at the time was going about how it would save Earth humanity. It was a cornucopia of techno-babble and techno-posturing the likes most of the audience would never knew it existed when discussing nuclear energy. Of course, H.G. Wells wrote an interestingly titled “The World Set Free” in 1914, the year of the start of the Great War, that discussion in the realm of fiction the possibilities of a World going Atomic.

          So, quite interestingly, Earth Humanity, for all its pomp and cheerleading, appears to consistently fail to realize such democratic and “world freeing” energy around the globe. Atomic energy is more dangerous to countries that have it than it is to those that don’t.

          How exactly does anyone wonder how any technology from the UFO Community, that was implied to warp the sub-conscious of folks and great potential to be weaponized, is going to end up? Any guesses? It sounds like the UFO techno-babble technology is more dangerous to Earth humanity than it is to any extra-terrestrial threat.

          Now if that was not bad, next is the subject of explaining things to the every-day man. “Free energy”, itself a term, is a marketing ploy primarily, not something folks generally have any responsibilites with. If that was not bad enough, “Zero-point energy” ( 0. ) basically does not explain much to the audience either by just reading the phrase. Colloquially it has worse connotations than it is by reading it literally. I did not expect someone that was a director of a medical ER, who gave up his life-saving job for extraterrestrials (his experience that started it all), to be a master of the English language.

          This should be sufficient for now.

  • Hi Michael

    hope you are well,

    I just want to say thanks for enlightening my day with a bit of Truth, a bit of knowledge, and a bit of wisdom. Oh and as serious as things are a good laugh as usual !

    Thanks again

  • Totally unrelated, but I think there might be another Meier confirmation in here somewhere:


    Isn’t one of the reasons why organ transplants are not recommended – apart from burdening the recipient with unwanted psychical influences – is because over-anxious doctors may on occasion, ahem, dig in a little too soon…?

    Apologize for being so completely off topic…just came across this… perhaps someone will find it interesting…

  • Hey, you took the words right outta my mouth. Maybe back in 1958 Billy read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged? Oops, just kidding. I do think BM and the Plejaren are for real but they are just humans like us — with bigger disk packs. Which doesn’t mean we can’t out-think them in some areas.

    • Hi Harry.

      “Which doesn’t mean we can’t out-think them [BM and the Plejaren] in some areas.”

      That’s what I used to think too, but – in general – now that I’ve read all the literature and given it 10+ years of concerted thought and application, I don’t think that way any more at all. Quite the opposite. As a matter of fact, IMO, it’s almost impossible for us to overestimate their loving intelligence. I’ve read the works of a lot of brilliant people, but nothing that even comes CLOSE to Billy.

      There seems to be a universal axiom that it’s impossible to accurately conceive of an intelligence well beyond our own individual intelligence, which is one of the reason that really intelligent people, like Prof. Jim Deardorf, etc. have no doubts about the value of publicly supporting Billy’s work, and why so many obvious morons trash it.


      • Hi Dyson, I’ve just had an incident in which I think I’ve been privy to their loving intelligence…I don’t want to go into details but there has been a lot of talk about guardian angels…and all I can do is thank Billy and the Plejaren with all my heart, for their grace. I don’t believe in miracles but I do know something happened to change the outcome and I don’t think it was her own teleportation.

  • It is of key importance to rise the consciousness of all human beings so that they become aware what is really happening on planet earth.

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