“…when big parts of the continents disappear”

It seems that yet another of Billy Meier’s prophecies is on its way to fulfillment and of course no one’s paying attention.

In his Warning to All the Governments of Europe, written in 1958, Meier states, in sentence number 127., “And in the Third Millennium when the time comes when big parts of the continents disappear…” While the sentence goes on to say that people would be “creating phantasmagoria, through movies and television, as well as later through a worldwide netting of computers and electronics,” which is also beyond remarkable, we should first notice that there are seven continents on Earth.

One of them is Antarctica.

Here’s what’s happening there.

The ice – and therefore “big parts” of the continent are…disappearing. As the article itself says, “…the speed at which the entire continent itself is losing mass”. And of course this is connected to the “non-existent” global warming. And it’s going to raise sea levels, kinda sorta just like Meier was told in 2006*.

So, whether you prefer disappearing, losing mass or going bye-bye – we’re in far bigger trouble now that we have even more evidence of Meier’s unfortunately impeccable accuracy.

You see, many people question whether Meier really wrote his prophecies and predictions as long ago as is claimed. The skeptics claim that he backdated and retrodicted everything to make them fit. But it’s actually easy – for the observant person – to verify the publication of the documents well prior to the events occurring. Let’s take this letter, for example. In addition to the remarkable prescience involved in effectively foretelling the internet (to say nothing of people succumbing to the fantasies and false images in movies and television) notice things like the foretelling of the two U.S. wars with Iraq and the fall of the Berlin wall, AIDS – yes, by name – and global warming, etc., etc., etc. and, oh yea… the coming biometric chipping of everyone on Earth (unless we wake up, yawn).

Well if you notice that all of these prophecies and or predictions are in the same document. And if you notice that something like the “big parts of the continents disappear” – ice melt connection is something that’s happening right now – unless you’re in complete denial – then it stands to reason (something also in extremely short supply) that everything in that document was not only written at the same time but well before the foretold events.

But I digress.

Why worry about all the rest of it since the evidence shows that you, the conscientious person who actually may worry and want to do something about it, is in the pitifully microscopic minority, drowning in a sea of totally distracted, overly entertained, superficial, non-thinking, selfish, monkey-brained knuckle-draggers who are preoccupied with texting meaningless drivel to each other and whose sole creative accomplishment is to create moronic screen names so they can post their inanities to greater numbers online?

Well, don’t worry. But do start learning how to think and how to create your personal life in a conscious, positive direction, from which all other good things can flow accordingly to, from and around you, step by step. I suggest that you read the Might of the Thoughts.

Oh yeah, consider getting a surfboard…wherever you live.


*Ptaah, November 18, 2006:

“The climate warms ever faster, whereby the snowfall is also absent ever more frequently in the deeper sites, while the Earth’s polar ice masses, as well as the glaciers melt ever faster, which leads to this: that by the year 2100, in some cases, the water of the seas will rise up to 160 centimeters (5’3″). Forceful natural changes have become unstoppable…” (Yes, I could have bolded and emphasized everything, of course…especially the word “unstoppable”.)

Verifiably published on my site in 2007. Original German publication here. Most recent translation from 2011 here.


P.S. There are…six other continents. Perhaps we should be watching those too. And more links pertaining to the glacial melt, and many more things, here.


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  1. Michael,
    I’m a big fan of you and consider you a close friend, but I also am skeptic and am diligent about reading your posts and bringing an open mind to the subject. The post concerning Global Warming by Meir was in 2006 and that year CBS, 60 minutes did a 2 part series on the dangers of Global Warming. See link below. This was public knowledge in March of 2006, eight months prior to the November posting. Would like to know when Meir wrote this in 2006, how that pre-dated the publics notification of this danger more than a half a year earlier.

    Always your friend and skeptic
    Ron Watson

    1. Check the propheices and predictions links on my site. Meier was first talking about all of this as far back as 1951,1958, 1964, etc. Search and yee shall find!

    2. Hi Ron,

      I much prefer your logical and polite scepticism to the illogical and impolite gullible dogmatism with plagues the increasing controversy deliberately engendered by Billy & Co.

      Futureofmankind.co.uk seems to be out to lunch just now, but, fortunately, Michael’s archived this: http://theyfly.com/gaia/meiersb33.htm where Ptaah provides the follow up from the sea-level rise estimate you question. And I stuck some press clippings of the day in there too.

      Ptaah Da gibt es nichts mehr zu berichten, ausser dass wir nun eindeutig feststellen konnten, dass auch diverse Leute bei der UNO deine Bulletins und Sonder-Bulletins lesen, was nun zur Folge hat, dass massgebende Leute deine Warnungen und unsere Gespräche in bezug auf die Klimazerstörung und hinsichtlich der Tatsache ernst nehmen und aufgreifen, dass der Punkt überschritten ist, dass noch etwas Nutzvolles gegen die seit geraumer Zeit stattfindende und sich ausweitende Klimaerwärmung und Klimazerstörung getan werden kann.

      Ptaah There is nothing more to report except that we were able to now clearly determine that also diverse people at the UN read your bulletins and special bulletins, which now has resulted in authoritative people taking seriously your warnings and our conversations in regard to climatic destruction and in regard to the facts and grasping that the point is past that something useful can still be done against the climatic warming and climatic destruction which has been occurring and spreading out for a considerable time.

      Endlich wird deinen und unseren Warnungen und Erklärungen Beachtung geschenkt, wobei jedoch nicht zugegeben wird, dass die nun folgenden offiziellen Belange um die Klimaerwärmung und Klimazerstörung – die fortan öffentlich erörtert werden, wobei auch offen zugegeben wird, dass der Erdenmensch am Ganzen schuld ist – auf deine und unsere Warnungen und Ausführungen zurückzuführen sind.

      Finally your and our warnings and clarifications are given respect, whereby, however, it is not admitted that the now following official matters about the climate warming and climatic destruction – which from now on will publicly be discussed, whereby also it is openly admitted that the Earth human, on the whole, is to blame – lead back to your and our warnings and explanations.

      Das beruht darin, weil die Verantwortlichen vor dem Volke scheinen und gross sein wollen und nicht eingestehen können, dass nicht sie es sind, die massgebende Erkenntnisse gewonnen haben.

      That is because the responsible ones want to shine and be great before the people and cannot admit that it is not they who have gained the decisive cognitions.

      Wie die Mächtigen und Verantwortlichen der Welt im Jahre 1951 deinen Aufruf ‹An alle Verantwortlichen der Welt› und 1958 deine ‹Warnung an alle Regierungen Europas› in den Wind geschlagen und missachtet haben, so missachten und schlagen heute die Mächtigen und Verantwortlichen der Erde die Tatsache in den Wind, dass du und wir es wahrheitlich waren, die seit Jahrzehnten das voraussagten, was sich heute hinsichtlich der Klimaerwärmung und Klimazerstörung ergibt.

      As, in 1951, the mighty and responsible ones of the world threw to the wind and disregarded your appeal “To all Responsible ones of the World”, and in 1958 your “Warning to all Governments of Europe”, so today the mighty and responsible ones of the Earth disregard and throw to the wind the fact that it was truly you and us who, decades ago, predicted what results today in regard to the climatic warming and climatic destruction.

      I remember those days clearly, and I’ve always tried to keep my eye on the news, and was quite surprised to see a real flurry of activity in the corporate press, about climate change, shortly after our translation was made. Call it a complete coincidence if you want, but if you make the effort to look through the news archives, you see that it really did happen that way. What was particularly interesting to me was that I recall that Ptaah’s “160cm by 2100” was right out of the ballpark in those days, well beyond the worst estimates of the most pessimistic climatologists, but shortly thereafter, the figure of 140cm appeared, to be followed with 160cm, the exact figure Ptaah gave, shortly thereafter.


      I’m not asking you to believe anything, Ron. Far from it! But if you keep your mind open (but not TOO open!), maintain your healthy scepticism (but not irrationally so), read as much of the Meier material that you can, as well as the ancillary sources I’ve provided in my comments recently here on Michael’s blog about the cover-up, science, etc, I’m sure your application of Occam’s Razor to the Meier evidence will change your mind. Then you can join us in helping to advance the change that the world has already started to undergo.

      I’m not sure whether you’re sceptical of specifically Meier’s ET contacts or all ETs in general. Certainly it’s easier these days to advance the idea that we Earthlings might not be alone in the universe, which was considered a very crazy idea not all that long ago.

      Just let me share with you an example of how times are changing. Here’s a comment I emailed to a friend 8 days ago, while I was watching the TV news with one eye.

      NEWS FLASH! “British scientists turn their eyes to the skies in search of a real ET!” enthusiastically enunciates Le Lin Chin just now on the SBS news.

      After the commercials, she goes on, “Scientists say, ‘Alien life DOES exist in our universe'”.

      (The UK has started its OWN phoney SETI program now.)

      It’s this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-23194451 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-23202054

      No giggles. (!) No speculation about them dropping in [which seems to be a given], just much speculation as to whether they’re going to be friendly (shows still of “ET the Extraterrestrial” looking harmlessly infantile), or not (shows still of “War of the Worlds”). Children’s TV is AWASH with cute ET monsters. Hold onto your hat if the fleeing rats of the press can wake the slumbering public after all those decades of administering sleeping pills. France just admitted that EVERYTHING their citizens do is recorded. (French not happy.) The US admitted yesterday that EVERY postal transaction (since 2001) is recorded and archived – billions and billions of them. People are starting to get pissed off.

      So the times are being changed. Let’s hope we can still change them fast enough.


  2. This is just horrifying to run such a beautiful, abundant, and full of life planet into the garbage heap. And the sad thing is that the destructiveness of religion has convinced the majority of earthlings that they have only one life to live. If the greater masses where aware of reincarnation and that they would be coming back to Earth for a long time to come, they would not want to trash their homeworld.

  3. Good one, Michael!

    You have a real way with words. I thought “a sea of totally distracted, overly entertained, superficial, non-thinking, selfish, monkey-brained knuckle-draggers who are preoccupied with texting meaningless drivel to each other and whose sole creative accomplishment is to create moronic screen names so they can post their inanities to greater numbers online” was an inspired and eloquent word-picture that sums up the current situation better that practically anyone. Anyone but, of course, Billy himself, who describes these unfortunate human beings so accurately that even the serious losses – which are an unavoidable aspect of trying to translate his words into English – don’t thwart the spirit of his vital information.

    Here’s my translation of how he expressed it in the Voice of the Aquarian Age, No. 142, March 2007.

    Know-it-alls, mischief-makers, critics and antagonists are not conscious of the actual facts of the argument, because, due to their own intellectual inadequacies, and as a consequence of their clueless nature, they negate principally everything which is necessary for a demonstration, indeed they are not at all conscious of the prerequisites which belong to a presentation of evidence. Poor little idiots want to offset their stupidity, their lack of recognition, lack of wisdom and deficient honesty with dishonest attacks and defamations in order to thereby iron out their damaged or weak image and their underdeveloped intelligence.*

    Billy’s characteristically straight-from-the-shoulder, tell-it-like-it-is delivery of the truth is like a breath of reviving oxygen in a room so fouled with the stale hot air of diffident sophists that breathing has become difficult, and the stench sickening. It’s well past time to throw open the windows, and breath deeply of the winds of change, being the quiet revolution of truth.

    BTW, for the sale of accuracy, Ptaah’s information about our climate catastrophe was actually provided during the 437th contact on November 18th, 2006, excerpts of which were published in the January 2007 Special Bulletin 32, and I also translated and uploaded it mid-January of that year.


    Keep up the good work, Michael!


    *(“Besserwisser, Stänkerer, Kritiker und Antagonisten sind sich den wirklichen Tatsachen der Beweisführung nicht bewusst, denn sie negieren aus eigenen intelligenzmässigen Unzulänglichkeiten und infolge ihrer Unbedarftheit prinzipiell alles, was zu einer Beweisführung notwendig ist, ja sie sind sich nicht einmal der Voraussetzungen bewusst, die zu einer Beweisführung gehören. Kleine arme Irre, die ihre Dummheit, ihre Unkenntnis, ihre Weisheitslosigkeit und fehlende Ehrlichkeit mit unlauteren Angriffen und Verleumdungen wettmachen wollen, um damit ihr angeschlagenes oder schwaches Image und ihre unterentwickelte Intelligenz aufzubügeln.”)


  4. Hopefully the clear photos, videos, and all the work done on the Meier material survives. Those are some of the rarest UFO pictures where you could lay out a blanket and have a picnic next to over the very picturesque scenary of the Swiss Alps. Then maybe folks that tried to debunk the Meier material, like Phil Langdon, could be thankful they had pleasant countryside to work with; not volcanoes, military airbases, or other less peaceful settings.

  5. Thanks Dyson, as usual Billy has demonstrated enviable accuracy, along with equally accurate and eloquent language that doesn’t suffer from being at all…flowery or pretentious. Quite an inspiration, unfortunate though because what it portends for us is no mere intellectual exercise but strictly one of…survival.

  6. Thank you once again for the update of the warnings of the prophecies and predictions in the Meier material Michael.If we could only get the mass of humanity to pay attention to this information that is so important to the world and stop playing dead end games with politics and religions just to name a couple of them being played by laim braim human beings,we may be able to prevent some of the coming disasters from occuring.The hits just keep on keeping on!

  7. when big parts of the continents disappear… overpopulation crisis will appear with a new face. Allahuakbar !

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