If You Want to Keep a Secret…Write It Out

Or: Further Consequences of the Abolishment of Handwriting

This may be considered a bit of a throw away piece but it again relates to how successfully people – especially the younger generations – are being dumbed down faster than equally dense chunks of rock hitting the Earth (like when Apophis most likely will).

Our government could have saved itself, and us, immense amounts of money, time and effort, ha it realized just how effectively people’s brains and various skills were atrophying and turning to mush. Many of the problems with espionage and security leaks could easily have been avoided if, instead of all the complex measures involving codes, secrecy, etc., the information would have simply been written out, in that nice, fancy, flowing cursive handwriting because, as we keep finding out, few people know how to write it or read it.

And with the proliferation of texting as a substitute for writing and/or other clear communication, it’s even faster and easier for people with nothing to say to clog up the world saying it. But I bet that I’ve already…spelled that out before.


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  1. You are correct about that, Michael. I often have people to ask me to read and explain written documents for them. Some college graduates have marginal writing skills. All too often, persons for whom English is a second language are more proficient writers than some Americans.

  2. Well-timed, Michael,

    The global stupidity pandemic has now marched about as far south as habitable land exists.

    As coincidence (?) would have it, I read this article in my copy of this morning’s Hobart (Tasmania, Australia) Examiner:

    “The Australian Academy of Sciences survey revealed just 59 per cent of respondents could name a year as one rotation of the sun, and 39 per cent know that 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface is under water.”


    The evil international conspiracy, well underway, to dumb us all down basically starts at the neurological level. And, as your blog suggests, handwriting – good old fashioned penmanship – does indeed play a significant role, as revealed through the emerging, revolutionary science of neuroplasticity.

    “For about 400 years, scientists saw the human brain as a machine. But psychiatrist Norman Doidge, in his new book The Brain that Changes Itself, argues brains can build new connections to compensate for injury or disease.”


    Here’s how it works. (Excerpted from a 2009 interview with Dr. Doidge)

    LEIGH SALES: “Well some of the arguments in favour of brain exercises seem to back the notion of rote learning which has gone out of vogue in recent decades?”

    NORMAN DOIDGE: “Yeah. Well, aspects of rote learning were dispensed with in the 1960s because they were thought to be boring and irrelevant. But it turns out some of these actually are very, very good for your brain. For instance, children often had to memorise long poems. Well, this really builds up the RAM, if you will, or the auditory memory, in a very significant way. People study elocution. Well, the ability to speak clearly helps you not only speak clearly but it trains a part of your brain that turns symbols or the symbols of language into motor movements and it gives you a kind of grace which carries over into other activities. So, another thing that people frequently did is they paid an almost fanatical attention to handwriting. Well it turns out that there are a lot of children who have terrible handwriting. They print instead of writing cursively, and that’s because they don’t have enough memory in the part of the brain that turns symbols into motor movements. And when they go through these exercises, they, again, improve their handwriting, but they’re also able to speak better in public because that requires turning symbols into motor movements, and their reading often improves because you have to move your eyes across the page and take in just the right size of eye gulps to read at a good speed. So a lot of these things actually gave a kind of mental grace and by dispensing with them, I think that there was a loss.”


    So all those millions and millions of little Islamic children in the Middle East enthusiastically MEMORISING (learning “by heart”) the ENTIRE Qur’an, and all those billions of little oriental children diligently practising their complex calligraphy in the Far East are doing wonderful things for their rapidly growing brains, whereas the West has got its children doing the exact opposite by poisoning their bodies and minds while ridiculing the “old ways” of teaching.

    In 1989, Quetzal consigned much of the blame to … you guessed it … the United States of America.

    443. Das aber wird nicht alles sein, denn auch die Sprache wird verkommen, denn durch die schändliche Macht US-Amerikas werden die Sprachen der Welt amerikanisiert.

    443. But that is not all, because also the language will deteriorate, because, through the shameful power of USAmerica, the languages of the world will be Americanized.

    444. Der US-amerikanische Geheimplan ist seit dem Ersten Weltkrieg darauf ausgerichtet, insbesondere die deutsche Sprache auszurotten, und zwar im Zusammenhang mit den geheimen Weltherrschaftsplänen US-Amerikas.

    444. The secret USAmerican plan, since the First World War, has been organized to eradicate the German language in particular, and indeed in conjunction with USAmerica’s secret, world-domination plans.


    The renewed teaching tells us that truth – in and of itself – is a powerful elemental force. This is exemplified by people like Edward Snowden. Let me explain. Suppose, through no fault of your own, you learn of some dreadful crime being perpetrated on humanity by a ruthless and powerful organised crime syndicate, like the NSA, the CIA, the FBI or some other rogue branch of the U.S. “government” or the Vatican or some other secret society. Your conscience (if you still HAVE a conscience!) naturally doesn’t let you ignore it, but you know that if you tell anyone, you’ll quickly be assassinated – or worse. So what to do? Creation works in such a (wonderful) way that the ONLY intelligent thing that you CAN do it tell the whole world. In that way, if you should suddenly become dead, etc., the secretive organised crime figures will immediately draw even MORE worldwide suspicion and attention to themselves, which is the LAST thing they want. So people like Edward Snowden, Bob Lazar, Steven Greer, etc., are probably safer than the rest of us.

    You’re far more likely to be mugged while walking down a dark ally than while standing under a bright street light.

    Wer nicht für und mit die Wahrheit ist, der ist wider sie. OM 57:31

    (Whoever is not for and with the truth is against it.)

    Die Schöpfung ist der Weg, die Wahrheit und das Leben. OM 53:378

    (Creation is the way, the truth and life.)

    Praise Creation.


    1. Hi Dyson,

      Quick question on Bob Lazar, the person you mentioned briefly at the end. Is there someone else that can corroborate Bob Lazar independently or is he a sole witness to S4? I looked at the available information online and it sounds a lot like he read the Meier material. The “sport” model craft looks like one of Semjase’s beamship after all!

      Thank you in advance.

      1. Dear Duke,

        The index in the DP briefing document which I wanted you to read, (but you didn’t, and you could remember “nothing” from the extremely abridged 4 hrs of video) which would answer a lot of your scepticism about the DP, etc. seems not to differentiate between “S4”, “Groom Lake” and “Area 51”, and I think it’s called something else now.

        Anyway, “Area 51” is mentioned on pages 36, 42, 145, 196, 281, 283, 284, 287, 289-292, 327 & 333.


        Of course the strictly enforced compartmentalisation of areas of duty and activity, plus the strictly enforced basic “need to know” rule of military security (if you don’t have a need to know, then you’re not told, regardless of your rank or standing) means that there are unlikely to be many of the 500 or so DP testifiers who would have worked with Lazar directly, but his stories are certainly broadly corroborated. Greer also says he knows Lazar.

        Are you suggesting that Lazar’s “sport model” IS a Plejaren “type 2” beamship? Like the P’s gave one to the spooks? Or what exactly is your point please, Duke?

        Do you believe, under his circumstances, that Lazar would be as unfamiliar with the Meier material as you obviously are?

        Testimony of Captain Bill Uhouse, USMC (ret.) October 2000 is typical of the corroboration you ask for. Also “Doctor B”, if you’ll accept anything from an ostensible “screen name”, Duke.

        I’m happy to help people here with the Meier material in German, etc., but I wish I wouldn’t be continually asked by you to do your homework for you, especially in areas not directly related to Billy and not in German – especially since you’re obviously laboriously grinding axes here on this blog, but I’m not sure what they represent. You seem very sceptical of the validity of Meier and the DP, among other things that your ignorance evinces.


    2. Very interesting.

      So if I simply write a letter to a friend once a day I can become a much better speaker? And hence a voice for change?

  3. Michael, you’re a fine man. However, cursive is accursed! Who can read most person’s chicken scrawl??? Peace. dick

    1. Thanks Jacqui. You too. I’m doing my best. Here’s a snip from our current book translation project (Die Art zu Leben/How to Live)- “Ein jeder wissende und weise Mensch freut sich stets, wenn er seinesgleichen findet, und zwar sowohl wenn diese aus seiner Nähe kommen, als auch wenn diese aus fernen Ländern stammen.” (Every single knowing and wise human being always rejoices when he/she finds ones of his/her kind, and, indeed, when these come from near to him as well as when they come from distant countries. ”


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