MUFON’s Director: “Meier Case Real, just…too Good”

Maddening Machinations…and why I Go Bonkers

Imagine for a moment that you belong to an organization comprised of people who are all looking for an elusive mine with a vast treasure in gold, etc. You and your fellows have searched long and hard and have followed one lead after another, one report of the shiny, shimmering stuff after another, all to no avail.  Then one day, at a meeting for all the members of the organization where the presumed best evidence for the presumably unfound treasure will be broadly discussed, the leader of the organization is asked what he think of the, let’s call it the Old XYZ Mine, reputed by some to hold the treasure but always rejected out of hand…for various, dubious reasons.

The leader says, “Oh, it’s real. But it’s too good.” And, without further ado, marches on his way to go about the business at hand, i.e. discussing everything but the existence and known location of the long sought after treasure, the authenticity of which he’s already acknowledged. How excited would you be to participate in that kind of exercise in futility and complete lack of credibility?

Let me digress but for a moment.

I know that I promised my friend Kevin to try to remain calm, kind and loving towards all and especially not to get ticked off at people, my country, etc. But I did have an experience this past weekend in Las Vegas where I had a product table at the MUFON Symposium.

Another friend, Blake, came in all the way from Austin, Texas, to assist me for the weekend. Little did we know that we were to have what I guess can best be described as a…paranormal experience.

As we entered the facility the first two people we met were the new executive director of MUFON, Jan Harzan and one of his colleagues. After a few brief words we asked Mr. Harzan what he thought about the Billy Meier case.

It took him but a brief moment to say, “Yes, I know very well that the Meier case is real, it’s just that it is too good.”

As Blake also recalls, “So then he gives us this gem, ‘Remember what Jesus said to his disciples,’ then he jumbled together some incoherent thoughts about when Jmmanuel said not to cast pearls before the swine. So we both kind of looked at each other and left bewildered, disappointed and laughing at the same time. What a joke.”

We were trapped in the twilight zone.  The director of the presumably number one organization dedicated to chasing UFOs (read: lights in the sky) and enlisting as many ordinary folks as “Field Investigators” as possible, actually knows that the Meier case is real, true, authentic, etc., but is troubled by its being…”Too good.”

Now, to anyone who may think that my feelings get in the way of more objective reporting, what does one do when once the truth is recognized and then dismissed…because it’s the truth? Talk about what is popularly called “crazy making”.

Is there any other field of study, any science, etc., where, when one finds empirical evidence, where one confirms that the target has been acquired – put it however you will – that one then dismisses it in favor of continuing to look for, to chase ephemeral, elusive substitutes for the real thing?

Perhaps you’ve figured out by now that MUFON (and other members of the “UFO industry”), actually depend on not finding the truth, since that would effectively…put them out of business.

And make no mistake about it – UFOs have become very big business. This once entirely fringe field even has some scientists cautiously popping up here and there, mainly to express their sanitized, most cautious conjecture that there must be “somebody else” out there.

So, is it really all that surprising that the adversarial role of MUFON was long foretold – even before its inception – by Asket, in 1953?

As far as the lengths to which the enemies of the truth will go to prevent it from being discovered…there is no measurement sufficient to define that yet.

Of course if you’re looking for a “career” that doubles as an exercise in futility, as well as one that keeps pushing the truth farther and farther away from people, please consider becoming a Field Investigator for MUFON. And remember their motto, “If it’s real…it’s just too good.”


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  1. I would like to simply add that Earth Humanity’s ‘ethics’ has been obfuscated by a distinct solid lack of historical perspective and direct involvment with population matters; not solely out of complete ignorance but merely an aversion to dealing with the subject of population, war, and its consequences. War is a distinct Earth Human activity and has shaped many of laws, codes, and legal definitions of latter day societies. Also, it is the source of great national foundings and profound failures. However, that does not mean that all wars are bankrupt of ethics or ethical notions. After all, the root of servi, slaves, was considered to depend on the servare, saving of lives of prisoners.

    Without this very touchy subject being dealt with, it would seem nearly impossible to ascertain how previous teachings of the spirit, according to the Meier material at least 6 other direct prophets with the same spiritual mission as Billy, would have its meanings changed and yet still have a kernal of truth in them. Also, there is a logical reason presented in the Meier case on why Billy is the only direct conscious contactee of the Plejaran. I will refrain for now to elaborate on that but merely propose a question to the audience why that is the case and what profoundly is the difference between a one-armed man in the Swiss mountains to the rest of Earth Humanity?

    1. Let us all keep up wishful thinking in hopes to have a FIGU Landesgruppe here in the USA. I am sending for passive membership on August 1st and then saving up money to make it out to Arizona. Hopefully will find Pro-FIGU room mates in the Munds Park area. My simple answer from typing onto this keyboard is, billions of years! Use your Gemüt!

  2. …. The Earth is flat, we know it’s round but it’s just too good.

    …. The sky is green, we know it’s blue but it’s just too good.

    How dumb to make a comment like “Yes, I know very well that the Meier case is real, it’s just that it is too good.”

    I have one that perhaps they might give some thought too. “He who hides the truth burries all the gold in the world”


  3. Just for clarification, existentialism only means ones existence precedes ones essence. Other than that, there isnt an agreed upon definition.

    With that said, I don’t think there is any question the nuts and bolts of his case are real.

  4. Thanks, Michael, for that report from the MUFON meeting, and for representing Meier there. From what I make of what Jan Harzan said, though not knowing the intonation and all about the oral exchange, I would consider giving him the benefit of the doubt. His response about the Meier case being “too good ” is one he can give to both MUFON colleagues (and thereby avoid upsetting them and having to argue) and to Meier-case supporters, too, especially if prefixed then by a rare admission of its reality. Detractors will think “too good” means too good to be true. We on the other hand know that “too good” can mean that the evidence for reality is so uniquely strong that those who are more independent minded can look into the matter and find out its truth.

    The remark about not casting pearls before swine is most easily interpreted, I think, as meaning when in your company at the meeting, that there’s no point in trying to convince certain Meier-case detractors within MUFON’s upper echelons of the numerous nuggets of non-hoaxable facts and photos associated with Billy’s experiences.
    Within the rank and file of MUFON itself there are a goodly number of Meier-case supporters, and others who are quite tolerant. That’s certainly true of the group here in Portland, OR. However the MUFON members and leaders who realize the reality of the Meier case feel powerless to do anything about it in the face of certain ridicule from certain others.

    I feel it is worth realizing that the Plejarens themselves have gone out of their way, within the Contact Reports, to give ufologists a bad name and thus to sow dissension between them and FIGU. But this has been necessary, I think, to keep Billy pretty well debunked within the realm of ufology as well as within science and much of society itself. What would have happened if the Plejarens had not done this all along, had not inserted misinformation within the Contact conversations, and not made questionable maneuvers with their beamships, etc.? (Hi, Dyson!) Then the “too good to be true” data would have had little or nothing for critics to complain about. Ufologists would have latched onto the case, and then even scientists. Meier would not then have been considered a charlatan by ufologists and just a harmless UFO nut or “kook” by Swiss citizens. By 1976 the Swiss authorities, if not U.S. authorities also, would have reined him in, if greatly enhanced assassination attempts didn’t produce a hit. So by their present two-sided strategy, the Plejarens have succeeded in preserving Meier’s life, kept their mission going, and prevented a premature UFO-ET Disclosure from creating worldwide chaos. Hence, the debunkers are needed, as long as the Plejarens and other ETs consider that our society is not well enough conditioned to the alien presence and capabilities. Hence, why be too harsh on MUFON?

    Yet, attempts to disseminate the facts and evidence of the Meier-case reality need to continue at the same time. That and ufology both must go on simultaneously until full truth manages to dominate.

    1. Hi Jim,

      So good to hear from you, thanks. And also thanks for posting the new photo analysis of the WCUFO ( as you once again have all of our thanks and the deepest appreciation for your ongoing, scholarly support for the Meier case. Your point of view regarding MUFON is also appreciated and respected.

      I think it was originally Asket who told Meier that they would become one of his biggest adversaries. But as you say – and as I found out also at the event – there indeed are people within the organization who struggle against the status quo to help bring the truth out.

      Wishing you the best as always,



    2. Hi Jim!

      I really like what you said, how you said it, and that you said it here.

      I totally agree with your incisively articulated analysis of the situation.

      Thanks so very much for being an inspiration to all of us who’re making “attempts to disseminate the facts and evidence of the Meier-case reality”.

      All the very best!

    3. I would also like to add the alleged Plejaren are the only ones to have UFOs do things contrary to what one would expect UFOs to be doing, like hug a tree, if they have been following everything else in the UFO phenomenom. One possiblity is that such decisions were based on a providing an easy way out for the general public not familiar with the Meier material to disengage from the material if it was not kosher for them. The same general public that listened and reacted to the war of the world radio broadcast in fear and terror. However, the general public does not have time to independently research and examine these things themselves which is something I find implied in the material though not immediately obvious because it is not directly said or reference but intentionally left out if one follows logically the question and answer set up of the contact notes. So naturally, the general public will spare a few moments to get a good entertaining summary from whatever ‘experts’ are out there, such as MUFON.

      More profoundly, these contradictory UFO maneuvers demonstrates the lack of investigation and due dilligence done by people that supposed to have spent decades researching the ‘ufo phenomenon’ (such as MUFON) and automatically assume they know better on how UFOs operate than the alleged extraterrestrials themselves. Also, it makes the Meier case somewhat irreproducible given the implied relative difficulty of obtaining a large craft and then fixing it to a tree to get the proper perspectives in the pictures of all the objects, in broad daylight in an open field.

      For example, it is not missed by me that a UFO hugging a tree IS the first picture in IIG West’s section of the “Wedding Cake UFO” picture set:

      It also happens to be next to last one as well on the same article to reinforce the idea it is fake because UFOs obviously cannot hug trees which is something not directly said by IIG West but implied with the logical structure of the article and points made.

      One may ask, why is that picture of the WCUFO hugging a tree the first one presented when dicussing the WCUFO topic?

      As far as I’m aware, the Meier material is the only UFO evidence that shows “UFOs” do things contrary to one may assume what UFOs are capable of, like hug trees without showing any sort of noticeable warp, bending, fire, or otherwise damage or discomfort to the surrounding areas. Most investigative reports are done by experts and intelligent people, not casual everyday people, working over the years on the UFO subject assume to know what UFOs are capable, the technology behind such craft, and the relative operatability of such devices that they WILL automatically discount the whole WCUFOs as it does not fit within their paramaters of what they believe UFOs to be capable of doing, physically look like (which is why it’s a wedding cake), and do rudimentary things like hug a tree or otherwise looking like a model displayed in odd locations. The investigation folks betray that they are NOT looking for intelligent life but something rather fantastical, mystical, or otherwise otherworldy while sounding smart by techno-babbling about the subject rather than take the WCUFO for what it is.

      On that same token, if those very same expert UFOlogists paid attention they may have discovered errors on their own thinking to preclude such bad decision making where these ‘experts’, not the casual mass of humanity, would automatically discount a UFO hugging a tree as fake on the grounds that UFOs cannot hug trees. UFOs can make right handed turns going hundreds of miles per hour, appear and disappear, do wild maneuvers, hover over volcanoes, and do all types of fear inducing with mindless war of the worlds scenario already part of the UFO phenomenom but cannot fuction while hugging trees. This is an ‘obvious fake’ that I’ve heard experts suggest on the Meier material.

      That, as one big example, is why I believe such heavy criticism is given to the UFO experts such as MUFON from the Meier material.

  5. Of course the tragic results of the 1938 “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast – organised by (guess who) the U.S.A. to spread its state-sponsored, false-flag terrorism – were a big influence 22 years later for the Brookings Institution’s tragic conclusions that we cattle should be kept in the dark about extraterrestrials. This led to the ongoing cover-up of the planet-saving, advanced, back-engineered, ET technologies as well as to all the phoney UFO “investigative” organisations like MUFON, designed to mislead, and keep the lid on Meier at all costs by employing all kinds of wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

    Sinister coercive origins of both the 1898 “War of the Worlds” novel and its 1938 radio adaptation:

    Brookings Institution Report:

    But more recent studies about the 1930’s newspapers’ resistance to the threatening new medium of radio (sound familiar?) have shown that the corporate scribes not only mendaciously did their best to foment terror in the first place, but then they proceeded to spend decades grossly exaggerating the extent of their success, since we Earthlings are not really as terrified of people from other planets as the Order of Darkness status quo junkies very much require of us.

    Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that there were casualties in 1938, the official lies and exaggerations about the extent of the terror have been ignorantly swallowed and publicly vomited up again for the last seventy-five years, even by people who might appear to be supporting the truth behind Billy’s so-called “allegations”.


  6. MUFON EXPOSED – I just watched a Jesse Ventura episode in which MUFON is exposed as being highly paid by Bigelow Aerospace and all reported UFO sightings are forwarded to Bigelow Aerospace which has first dibs on any sightings and interestingly they also own Skinwalker Ranch. At the ranch there is already a laser perimeter to keep out unwanted guests and they are able to break through on car radios with gibberish which sounds “otherworldly” but in fact is only human. John B. Alexander is also part of these shenanigans (he admitted it was his idea) and he’s the one who recently wrote a book saying the UFO crash in 1947 in New Mexico wasn’t aliens, which is the opposite of what Billy said. Bigelow also has an orbiting module ready for him when he’s done his false flag alien invasion. So MUFON is a front for Bigelow Aerospace and almost all UFO sightings are of Bigelow’s crafts.

  7. I think it is to protect religion. I’ve heard the MUFON’s referring to their religious beliefs during presentations. Billy’s information discredits all of the religious dogma and I am sure that is considered a huge threat.

    1. You’re probably right about that. Neither the overtly religious, the UFO community, nor the skeptics want to give up their various relies beliefs in favor of the pursuit of the truth.

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