UPDATE: Why So Many Wildfires, America?

UPDATE: News reports finally begin to mention global warming, overpopulation.

How’s about an answer tailor made for the American mind, “Hey, don’t worry about it! Let’s catch the big game, find out what’s goin’ on with the Kardarshians and buy some lottery tickets!”

And if someone asks, “Didn’t that Swiss guy say something about this too a few years ago?”

You can be sure that most people will say, “Well, it hasn’t burned that far across the country yet. But it sure will be interesting to watch on TV when that one hits.”

Oh yeah, today, July 2, happens to be World UFO Day. Try and find any mention of Billy Meier in all the nonsense, escapism, disinformation and…entertainment connected to this, what does one call it, “special” day?



Thanks to Schantz Scott for the information.

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Dyson Devine

Hey Michael, are you starting to think they might not WANT to know?

“The Earth human being does not want to know the truth – in fact, it is taboo.” – Ptaah

In case anybody thinks/believes they have a NEED to know a bit more, James Moore has a somewhat less demolished copy of your link here: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/gaiaguys/meierv8p447-8.htm

Our Western Hemisphere cousins will be pleased that “World UFO Day” has passed without obvious incident over here on the other side of the International Date Line. Television news made nothing more than a smirking reference to it.

But nothing about any of this:

Mexican TV news shows ET craft entering active volcano

shocking video of alien autopsy in Russia in 1969

Canadian Minister for Defence spills some surprising beans by actually NAMING the “Order of Darkness” Billy warned* us about

*on page LXIX of Goblet of Truth. http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Goblet_of_Truth

Enjoy your day.



I heard about ‘UFO Day’ on NPR. I wasn’t totally listening until I heard some mention of it being UFO Day. As usual, I didn’t hear what I have long anticipated to see or hear: Billy Eduard Meier. I have told soooo many people over the years his name and of his contacts. Now the website also. I am so tired of Roswell this and skeptics that. I also think a lot of people think ET’s are for real but they don’t say a whole lot for fear of being branded as crazy. A few months before my stepdad died, I told him about the Plejaran. He asked me if I thought there was ‘others out there’ and I told him what I read so many decades ago when the first of the Meier pic books came out. He did not make fun of me or call me crazy. He listened with respect,took things into consideration. Figured he wasn’t going to be around much longer anyway so why not answer his question truly (you have to be cautious about how much you say about certain subjects to some people. You can only tell as much as you think and sense they can handle). As regards the media; I gave up on ever hearing or reading anything Righteous and Real. It’s always been about the money. It’s why people who are philosophical or who would rather barter or who have had extremely different kinds of life experieces are rarely heard from. It’s all about crap that’s immaterial to what life is Truly about. And about it’s about keeping people ignorant. I’ve heard people who would get scared just thinking and considering about basic human changes, such as altering the way one thinks about something. People get scared too easy. Y’all know all these things. You know why we don’t hear about Billy on ‘UFO day’. It would cause all manner of insanity across the planet. Then again, maybe people would suddenly stop in their tracks and decide to investigate for themselves.
About the fires in the west. Some of this fires is in places where there hasn’t been a fire in over 100 yrs. I’m talking real forest, millions of acres, variety of trees, slag on the ground, dry grasses, all that. Canyons, high elevations, places where the geography creates its own weather. Some places are so remote and the terrain so rough, it’s impossible to fight the fire. But there is little bitty towns out there left over from the gold mining days and whatnot. Working ghost towns you might say. And they aren’t particularly tourist destinations. Others like to go out into the wilderness for whatever reason, and camp for a time. There’s a lot of natural habitat to explore, meaning all sorts of flora and fauna. I don’t think there’s webcams out there yet. I ask people now and then if there’s any webcams at some of these ‘national monuments’ and stuff. Seems like people just can’t get away from those damn microwaves. Part of the problem with the forests has to do with the harvesting of the trees and cleaning up the forest so it isn’t so much of a fire hazard during drought times. I mean severe drought, which we are experiencing currently. Then you have the lightning fires…. sloppy campers… bad forest management all around. And all this has been going on for decades, so it will likely take decades to straighten the mess out. At least there is already planting and flood control going on behind the fire once it is obvious the fire is heading onward. These can be some really huge fires. And when there is plenty of urban developement, that too, alters everything. Which also comes back to over population. So you see, it’s another one of those things where everything is connected to everything else and not just on this planet, but throughout the universe. You’re probably smarter than I about all this, even so it is a concept I think humans start to understand early on but there’s so many peices to it that people get confused. Or they learn to disbelieve, even their inner self. So sad.