An Open Letter to Thom Hartmann

Dear Thom,

It’s been a while since you interviewed me about the remarkably accurate scientific information provided by Billy Meier of Switzerland.

Perhaps after you read this information – verifiably first published on March 14, 2011 – in which Mr. Meier was specifically (and as we now know accurately) told that “the so-called super worst-possible-case-scenario has already occurred” at Fukushima you will wish to discuss this information again.

I am hopeful that something positive can now be accomplished, i.e. that with the cooperation of conscious, courageous people like you the help offered may be made available to us.

Our own internationally respected legal standard of proof of prior publication, i.e. copyrights, provide ironclad proof of authenticity. For example, Meier’s being told, in 1976, about “Mercury’s having a metal core accounting for the contraction of the planet” – decades before NASA’s “official discovery“.

My blog contains numerous recently corroborated examples of the scientific information provided to Meier. We included over 50 of them in our film “as the time fulfills” and have well over 120 here. My friends, please notice that this is specific, scientifically accurate information, spanning a wide variety of fields, and which was first published by Mr. Meier.

Since I have copied this to some of the good people at beyond, I ask them and you to please go beyond any initial prejudices and to check the solid foundation of impeccably accurate information that establishes the unique credibility of the source. Perhaps then we can demonstrate our own wisdom by availing ourselves of the advice and assistance they have offered to us.

My recent appearance on C2C with George Noory (my 15th) can be found at around 12:20 here.

Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.
Authorized American Media Representative
The Billy Meier Contacts

as the time fulfills

Michael Horn
Michael Horn & Davida Horn
Breaking the Silence


7 Replies to “An Open Letter to Thom Hartmann”

    1. Point taken, Michael, but I tend to think that those readers’ comments which are chosen to be permitted/published/promoted by the host of the blog are at least vaguely indicative of that host’s general view of things. You might not share that view of mine, Michael, which is just as well for me here. 🙂

      What I find so unfortunate about Thom Hartmann is that he remains among the Meier-deniers in spite of the way he advertises himself. Many people act as if the whole ET reality is impenetrably complex and difficult to understand, but it’s not. Sure, it goes into endless detail, but the general truth of things reveals itself after even a relatively small amount of open-minded research, which I think is something that opinion-leaders like Mr. Hartmann have a moral obligation to be much more responsible about in these avoidably dangerous times.


      1. Dyson Devine,

        He (eddie_on_drums) mentions 144,000 people which would not surprise me if he got that from the Meier material.

  1. Dear Michael,

    Why do I fear that the United States might become militarily involved in Syria? If this occurs, we all know the eventual outcome is bleak..

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