As the Fires Rage

The enormous fires that are raging now in the Western United States have reminded many people of the specific warnings given by Billy Meier and the Plejaren. It is still too early to know if this is the situation that Ptaah warned about, more than a decade ago.

It was pointed out by Ptaah that “a still much worse fire” will be connected to an “act of war”. Some people have theorized that these current fires, and other destruction both in the U.S. and in other countries, could be the result of attacks by otherwise undetectable secret weaponry, such as HAARP. They could, therefore, also be viewed as responses to what were also perceived as acts of war, i.e. invasion, bombings, destabilizations, espionage, etc.

It should also be no secret that for any kind of a military Goliath there may also be a proverbial David with a sling shot, meaning that very simple, yet extremely deadly means may be employed by our enemies too. Igniting a forest, insidious and hugely life-destroying act that it is, is a difficult form of terrorism to completely prevent.

And certainly, in this universe of cause and effect, the “lessons” taught by the CIA and its SOG team, have probably not been lost on those who also may been the (surviving) “students” of such actions in the past.



6 Replies to “As the Fires Rage”

  1. Ho , hum , humans amaze me in the number and varied ways to cause mayhem with technology . What’s that song ? something like ” happiness is a warm gun ” !
    In this case it might be , happiness is a scalar fireball in your backyard !

    Are the Plejaren concerned about the escalation of these technologies ?
    I’d say so , and the horse has well and truly bolted because this stuff is in the hands of the irresponsible , who lust for power , control and wealth .
    I think it’s time for this technology to be in the hands of those that will turn it into ” Free energy machines , Medical machines , Anti-gravity propulsion , all of which has been achieved to greater and lesser degrees by some people of this planet .

  2. Oh also it should be noted, whether you believe what Meier says or not is not even the point. One should find it in their conscience and common sense not to go to war.

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