A recent report from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) confirms what Billy Meier published – in 2007 – regarding the Microsoft Windows 8 program and the NSA, which allows Microsoft and the NSA to secretly gain access and control over any computer running Windows 8. The Germans reported that the Chinese may also be able to exploit the “built-in backdoor”.

It’s worth pointing out that in a recent blog we referred to the information, from the 1987 Henoch Prophecies, regarding how the Germans would, at least for a time, align itself with the U.S. And now it’s the Germans who are confirming Meier’s information about Microsoft and the NSA. Are we now seeing indications of how Germany will eventually join as “many Asian, African and European states will rise up against the American hegemony “?

Oh, those tricky old laws of cause and effect.


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Special thanks to Gregory O’Brien.


August 28, 2013

4 comments on “German Government Confirms Billy Meier Right about Microsoft-NSA Connection

  • I am dying for people to ask me how I know what I know.

    So that I may point them to the Spirit teaching or the Meier Material… sign!

    No one ever asks 🙁

    When groups at work are talking I about the NSA. I say, “Yeah, I already know that, in fact I knew it years ago!”

    Nothing, I get absolutely nothing. No not even a wimpy counter argument. Such as “No you didn’t” which would leave the door open for me to say yeah this is where I read it. Not even a questioning look!


    That doesn’t mean that I cannot demonstrate indirectly my knowledge about the Spirit Teachings or the Meier Case. Helping others those that ask no matter how misguided their response maybe or even giving my opinion when appropriate.

    Most of which has to do with how to think so that you are not a prisoner of belief, prejudices, misguided interpretations, etcetera. So you may really start to blossom as a human and live free in freedom which is the order that is set forth by Creation’s laws and recommendations. From which will result fantastic growth in consciousnesses; expanding love, knowledge, wisdom, harmony so that all actions will continuously no-longer result in the unwanted degenerate thoughts and actions.

    • ‘Most of which has to do with how to think so that you are not a prisoner of belief, prejudices, misguided interpretations, etcetera.’


      Learning how to think is learning how to turn your beliefs, prejudices, and interpretations to your own (internal) advantage.

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